All I Wanna Do . . .

Kenny Lattimore – Stay On Your Mind

Flashbacks of their time brought a crooked smile to his lips.  She certainly left her mark in his thoughts, filling his senses with a heady high.  It was like feeling the rumble of a human earthquake just under the surface of his skin.  The more his thoughts replayed the unmaking of their bed, the more oxygen he needed in his lungs.

Then she stirred, and he laid back over top of her languid body,  their limbs intermingling, and then he found evidence that he stayed on her mind too.

Ardent Poses – Unreleased Single Male Pose

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Necklace: [MANDALA]OKAKI necklace
Bracelets: [MANDALA]Okaki Bracelet Black
Pants: ::GB:: loose belt pants black

Let Me Tell You Somethin’

Got a real good feeling, got a real good feeling
Like there is lightning deep in my bones
Got a real good feeling, I won’t hit no ceiling
I’m going higher than I’ve ever known
Got a real good feelin’

♫ Oh The Larceny – Real Good Feeling

Custom & [Deadwool] Suede jacket

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Hair: Modulus – Pete Hair Left
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Private Home

You are Perfection – My Only Direction

An image in my head ever since this song came out months ago.
Finally got around to making the pose and photo.
Sam Smith – Fire on Fire

Their bodies slid together…. Rising in unison, until their eyes locked their souls in place, as one. Their skin and bones were nothing more than an expression of the unspeakable, not because they dared not, but because they could not…. No words were yet invented to define the spiritual upheaval of love, lust, and raging need for one another.
– B. Logan

My mother said I’m too romantic
She said, “You’re dancing in the movies”
I almost started to believe her
Then I saw you and I knew
Maybe it’s ’cause I got a little bit older
Maybe it’s all that I’ve been through
I’d like to think it’s how you lean on my shoulder
And how I see myself with you

I don’t say a word
But still, you take my breath and steal the things I know
There you go, saving me from out of the cold

Fire on fire, we’re normally killers
With this much desire, together, we’re winners
They say that we’re out of control and some say we’re sinners
But don’t let them ruin our beautiful rhythms
‘Cause when you unfold me and tell me you love me
And look in my eyes
You are perfection, my only direction
It’s fire on fire, mm
It’s fire on fire

Ardent Poses – Fire on Fire @ Zodiac March 20th – April 10th (LM to come)

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Pants: [Deadwool] Hart trousers
Shoes: [Deadwool] Oxford shoes

SEMPITERNAL [Ancestors] Lust Suite Skybox RARE

Allow Me to Let You Know

Current Mood: Eric Benet – News for You

It happened…
It is happening…
All at once, and also taking it’s sweet ass time. (But that’s okay).

I was once someone afraid of the fall.
I didn’t know it then, but now I do,
Because this feeling is so different, baby.  It’s so different with you.

Your fulfillment, my mission.
Your trust, my life.
But your every pleasure, baby… Mine.

Well listen to this
‘Cause I got news for you
I still got work to do
And you’re thinking that I’m done
That’s when love just begun
Reaching corners of your mind
That no one’s tried to find
And you think my love is through
Girl I got news for you
– Eric Benet – News for You –

Ardent Poses – Unreleased Bento pose

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Hair: Volthair. John Hair
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[ The Chamber ] (membership required)

(Added to the scene)
Apple Fall Masculine Bar
hive // potted plants . cordyline tree . pot a
.01 [ kunst ] – Wooden ashtray (a) RARE
.06 [ kunst ] – Balleys Original x2
.02 [ kunst ] – Pipe wine dispenser / classic RARE
.08 [ kunst ] – Cazador Tequila x4
.10 [ kunst ] – Globe Brandy glass #1
[ kunst ] – Cigar box / open
[ kunst ] – Brandy bottle dispenser RARE

The Last Gentle Thing I Do to You

Recommended: Maroon 5 – Lips On You

It was a special, long weekend for them.  He had given her precise instructions on everything except what to wear.  He had full confidence that she knew how to knock the wind out of him when he’d look at her, and she did not disappoint.

Earlier that evening, he had set his things up in the hotel room hours before she arrived.  Hung his other suit up beside the rest of her clothes he packed for her.  Placed his toiletries in the bathroom in his usual OCD fashion; from left to right, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, comb, hair wax, cologne.  He placed her shower necessities, and some of his own on the marble shelf inside the shower behind the glass.  Her hair straightener ready to be plugged in and her bag neatly to the side.  His journal went to the table near the window with their camera.  Lastly, he dropped a small black leather duffel bag on the bed, unzipping it and taking out what he needed to set up for now.  After inconspicuously tucking things in at each corner under the bed, he slid the leather bag under also on his side.  He looked around, checking off his mental checklist, wondering if he should close the curtains now, or later…. Then, smirked, looking out across to the other wing of the hotel windows that were visible from their suite with the L-shaped hotel wings.  His smirk turned into a wicked smile as he turned and left the room.

By the time he got downstairs, she was already poised, sitting at the bar.  He watched a moment as another man elbow in beside her, smiling.  Probably offered her a drink.  The smile she gave him was brilliant.  Absolutely gorgeous, and genuine, in fact.  Surely melted the man as he was politely declined the privilege.   He gave his own smile to the man as they walked past each other, giving him a nod.  Then he replaced the man’s spot at the bar, but adding a touch of his hand on her knee as he smiled at the woman who owned his heart.

Now, here they were, a few drinks in.  The beat of the jazz band making her bop her body in various ways.  It gave him such joy to watch her relax and let loose.  Speaking of loose, his eyes loved to catch the side of her dress where the diamond studded strap framed the delicious curve of her breasts.  She knew what she was doing, and she wore a dress like this on purpose.  God he loved her….

They were standing together about 20 feet away from the stage now, him behind her.  She kept moving against him, dancing and grazing.  God, she fucking knew it too, and it only fueled him.  She swished her ass across the front of him, her arms up and bent, flexing her dress so it flashed the sides of her breasts off and on.  Between all of that, and her soft giggle and breathtaking smile….

Fuck her.  What a relentless tease.  He kept up the charade of pretending to be unphased beyond the fact that he was completely enamored with her, until…

The music enveloped them, then threaded straight through their bodies.  Moving, together…. Tight.  So close… Literally breathing in the heat that came off of her body.  Tasting it too.  God.  That.  There was no stopping what was happening now as he felt his body rise in every way, inducing a low growl from his throat.

He took her elbow, firmly and with grace.  The thin layer of her hair separating his hot breath from her flesh was probably a good thing.  He was ready to fucking devour her right there.  Instead, gruffly he told her, “We’re leaving.  Now.”

They reached the elevator, the tension tight and tangible, surely.  His hand on the skin of her lower back seemed gentlemanly enough, until the elevator door opened and he had to resist shoving her in.  The inertia of the elevator gliding up at such speed added to the thickness of their lust.  He was pressing her against the mirror, fully aware of the camera over his left shoulder.  It was why he chose that leg of hers to hoist up beside his hip and roll his hips into, looking her dead in the eyes and eliciting that whimper he so wanted.  When the door opened, he grinned at her, then straightened his jacket.  Turning and pulling her in front of him tenderly without a care of how she looked slightly used to the other couple that replaced them in the elevator.  That made him smirk, because he knew that would both annoy her and push her mind right where he wanted her.  Needed her.

“I’m not waiting any longer.  When I put my lips on you, that may be the last gentle thing I do to you all night.”

Ardent Poses – Wanted @ On9 until February 28th

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FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Flutter (Black) @ Collabor88 until March 6th
[ keke ] glitter chandelier . silver .

On Second Thought . . .

It had been a long ass week, that week.  He had just stepped into the same barbershop he had been going to since he was a boy.  Every other week he came here for a straight edge shave.  He could almost already feel the invigorating warmth of the towel that was about to be placed on the lower half of his face, and smell the specially blended warm shave cream, that always hit his core as soon as he inhaled, practically infusing him with energy to tackle anything.

He nodded a greeting to his barber who was finishing with another gentleman, while he unbuttoned his suit jacket and walked over to the coat rack.  He had just shrugged it off of his shoulders, when he froze and his gaze caught her in the mirror.  She had just walked into the shop, and simply looked him in the eyes in that glass.  She wore a slender, off the shoulder, knee-length black dress with black pointed stilettos that lightly clacked against the tile, each click like a bullet wounding the veneer of strength he wore through his stressful week….  God…. dammit, she was dressed to kill.  Kill, or bring to life.  Yeah…  More like the latter.  Definitely the latter.

He turned, looking right in her eyes once he was facing her just as she pivoted slowly away from him, beginning to teasingly make her way back to the door of the shop, still looking at him with that coy smirk.

Fucking A….

“On second thought, Sam,” he spoke up, lifting his shoulders and shrugging his jacket back on, “I won’t be needing that hot shave today.”  Buttoning his suit jacket back up and adjusting his cuffs and links, “I’ll be back Monday.  My wife has other plans for me.”

Ardent Poses – Gent I – Pose 5 & in mirror, Dame I Pose 5 @ The Chapter Four Feb. 4 – 28th

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Deadwool Hart Suit

The Chamber

When You’re Done, I’ll Still Be Here

His eyes traveled up her long legs from the red stilettos to the perfect rounds that sat atop those gorgeous stems.  They were only the first course to the banquet of this woman.  He wanted to torture her with his wickedly slow pace as he savored every dish she served him, too.

The fun part was, she had no idea she was going to crave every bite he took of her.

“Just let me know when you’re done pretending you don’t need me, sweetheart.  I’ll be right here.”

Mood: Friends in Tokyo – Call Me Devil

Ardent Poses – (Broderick) Unreleased Bento Pose (Ena) Unreleased Pose

MotoDesign – Razor – EVO
hive // ranger rick’s truck RARE

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He Never . . .

She doesn’t, nor needs to, stand behind him, for protection or hiding, or even shame.
She could walk ahead of him, if she desired, so he could catch her if she fell,
or just to admire the beauty that consumed him.
She chose to walk beside him, in stride with his step.

He never felt so empowered.
He never needed this wholeness until now.
He never stood taller.

-B. Logan-

♫ Union Moon – This Is How You Know 

When my storm is raging
And she’s my sunny day
Oh she lights me up when I’m in the shade
When I’m feelin’ bitter
And she’s my sugar cane
Fills me up when I get a taste

This is how it feels when you love someone
This is how it feels when they love you too
Whenever you get it back
Whenever your hurt don’t run
This is how you know when you love someone

Ardent Poses – Stride (coming soon)

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Hair: TRUTH Aislin
Stole: PLASTIX Starlet Stole
Dress: JustBECAUSE Mavis Gown


I’ll Have You Beggin’ for Mercy

He had no qualms aiming where he did.  So much so, that he aimed, shot, and nonchalantly turned to walk away simultaneously.  He didn’t care to watch the mayhem erupt behind him.  He could hear it just fine.  Even felt the heat.

But here’s the thing…. He just didn’t care.

Royal Deluxe – Dangerous

Ardent Poses – No Mercy 1

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Hair & Base: Volthair. John Hair
Goatee: Volkstone Raiser Goatee – V2
Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop [Wild Nature]
Shirt: //Ascend// Enzo Denim Shirt
Rifle: :BAMSE: WW2 Memento – Rifle RARE

Urban Jungle – CITY FILLER 4 & 5
NAI Italia GT
Anna Erotica – Road