About Broderick Logan


About me… For one, I dislike typing up an ‘about me’ or any sort of profile. I’m an ENTJ Scorpio male if that tells you anything. *grins* I’m an OCD guy that likes spontaneity. I am a southern gentleman with a sense of humor and a knack for being stubborn. I welcome life in any way that it comes at me; usually with a grin… Although that grin can turn into a smirk and an apologetic shrug… I’m just another perfectionist with perfect flaws.

Photography in Second Life for me is about what I can tell people, by looking at my photos.  I operate a successful studio in world, and I appreciate clients that take the time to tell me what they see, so I can bring their visions to fruition on their screens.  I’m passionate about capturing not just high quality photographs, but the emotion that can come from them.



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