About Broderick Logan

About me… For one, I dislike typing up an ‘about me’ or any sort of profile. I’m an ENTJ Scorpio male if that tells you anything.  I’m an OCD guy that likes spontaneity. I am a southern, and what some may deem a gentleman, with a sense of humor of the sarcasm variety, with a healthy habit of being stubborn. I welcome life in any way that it comes at me; usually with a grin… I’m just another perfectionist with perfect flaws.

Photography in Second Life for me is about what I can tell people, by looking at my photos.  I operated a successful studio in world, and I appreciated the clients I had that took the time to tell me what they saw, so I could bring their visions to fruition on their screens.  My personal photography is quite often inspired from music.  I’m passionate about capturing emotion – either what I want the photo to say, how I want to make the viewer feel, or even sometimes, what I’ve personally gone through.

My Second Life is very diverse.  I started out as a guy who had no idea a WORLD existed here; that I’d be privileged to life experiences, amazing friendships and memories, and a platform for my creativity and insatiable desire to learn new skill sets.  I owned and operated a prosperous photo studio, Logan Studios, for four years, until I decided to shift and focus the majority of my energy into my current business venture.  Now, at present, I co-own and operate a successful pose store, Ardent Poses, with the supplier of the air I breathe, my partner and wife, Ena Roane Logan.  We can be found doing any number of things, from creating new poses and photos, spending time with friends and family, to going to live shows and dipping into our endeavors, such as a live music venue coming soon, and landscaping/decorating projects we like to share with the public on an ongoing basis.

And…. That’s about it.  Well… That’s about all I’ll share here.  Thanks for stopping by my creative space!  I hope you enjoy it here.


I like this photo here, as it’s the first photo I ever really took besides practicing how to use the SL camera.  With this photo, I was encouraged by friends to pursue photography in Second Life, and almost five years later, here I am, loving it, growing from it, and learning new things all the time.  I didn’t even know there were static poses at the time of this photo…. I just used my AO. :\

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