The Last Gentle Thing I Do to You

Recommended: Maroon 5 – Lips On You

It was a special, long weekend for them.  He had given her precise instructions on everything except what to wear.  He had full confidence that she knew how to knock the wind out of him when he’d look at her, and she did not disappoint.

Earlier that evening, he had set his things up in the hotel room hours before she arrived.  Hung his other suit up beside the rest of her clothes he packed for her.  Placed his toiletries in the bathroom in his usual OCD fashion; from left to right, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, comb, hair wax, cologne.  He placed her shower necessities, and some of his own on the marble shelf inside the shower behind the glass.  Her hair straightener ready to be plugged in and her bag neatly to the side.  His journal went to the table near the window with their camera.  Lastly, he dropped a small black leather duffel bag on the bed, unzipping it and taking out what he needed to set up for now.  After inconspicuously tucking things in at each corner under the bed, he slid the leather bag under also on his side.  He looked around, checking off his mental checklist, wondering if he should close the curtains now, or later…. Then, smirked, looking out across to the other wing of the hotel windows that were visible from their suite with the L-shaped hotel wings.  His smirk turned into a wicked smile as he turned and left the room.

By the time he got downstairs, she was already poised, sitting at the bar.  He watched a moment as another man elbow in beside her, smiling.  Probably offered her a drink.  The smile she gave him was brilliant.  Absolutely gorgeous, and genuine, in fact.  Surely melted the man as he was politely declined the privilege.   He gave his own smile to the man as they walked past each other, giving him a nod.  Then he replaced the man’s spot at the bar, but adding a touch of his hand on her knee as he smiled at the woman who owned his heart.

Now, here they were, a few drinks in.  The beat of the jazz band making her bop her body in various ways.  It gave him such joy to watch her relax and let loose.  Speaking of loose, his eyes loved to catch the side of her dress where the diamond studded strap framed the delicious curve of her breasts.  She knew what she was doing, and she wore a dress like this on purpose.  God he loved her….

They were standing together about 20 feet away from the stage now, him behind her.  She kept moving against him, dancing and grazing.  God, she fucking knew it too, and it only fueled him.  She swished her ass across the front of him, her arms up and bent, flexing her dress so it flashed the sides of her breasts off and on.  Between all of that, and her soft giggle and breathtaking smile….

Fuck her.  What a relentless tease.  He kept up the charade of pretending to be unphased beyond the fact that he was completely enamored with her, until…

The music enveloped them, then threaded straight through their bodies.  Moving, together…. Tight.  So close… Literally breathing in the heat that came off of her body.  Tasting it too.  God.  That.  There was no stopping what was happening now as he felt his body rise in every way, inducing a low growl from his throat.

He took her elbow, firmly and with grace.  The thin layer of her hair separating his hot breath from her flesh was probably a good thing.  He was ready to fucking devour her right there.  Instead, gruffly he told her, “We’re leaving.  Now.”

They reached the elevator, the tension tight and tangible, surely.  His hand on the skin of her lower back seemed gentlemanly enough, until the elevator door opened and he had to resist shoving her in.  The inertia of the elevator gliding up at such speed added to the thickness of their lust.  He was pressing her against the mirror, fully aware of the camera over his left shoulder.  It was why he chose that leg of hers to hoist up beside his hip and roll his hips into, looking her dead in the eyes and eliciting that whimper he so wanted.  When the door opened, he grinned at her, then straightened his jacket.  Turning and pulling her in front of him tenderly without a care of how she looked slightly used to the other couple that replaced them in the elevator.  That made him smirk, because he knew that would both annoy her and push her mind right where he wanted her.  Needed her.

“I’m not waiting any longer.  When I put my lips on you, that may be the last gentle thing I do to you all night.”

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