Now Come Here . . .

He heard her.

Almost laughing, he let out a soft chuckle.

“That’s cute, baby.  Now come here and say that again.”

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Madame Reve

-[Bayde & Ori]- Stray Voyage


Climbing up the rest of the way, Bayde slipped on a patch of ice, but caught his stance on his right knuckles, and popped back up, finishing his gait.  The snow on the hill below him now was crumbling beneath his stride, but he made it.  Grinning to himself, and sucking in a deep breath, he looked around arrogantly.

“Yeah…” Chuckled to himself.  As he turned around on his heel, he said, “I got this,” and had just enough time for his eyes to widen before he felt his feet fly up in front of him.  Landing flat on his back he looked up at the sunset sky, groaning.  Fortunately, only the shorter stems of the wings that were attached to his back stuck into his skin; only one or two piercing his skin.

Carefully, he stood up, trying not to bend the branches of the wings the druid woman gave him. The wings on his back couldn’t come off by his own doing.  Only an avariel elf could remove the wings from him safely.  Bayde’s journey was unique this time, as it wasn’t a mission doled out to him by Ori’Ziya’s father.  This voyage was lead by something deep within Bayde.

He was lead to a large oak tree which housed an old druid woman inside.  The crazy thing is she was already outside waiting for him.  Bayde began to explain how he ended up there, but the old woman smiled at him softly and turned around without a word, stepping back inside of the tree.  She was only gone a moment, but when she emerged, she was holding the wings.

“This is what you’ll need to take back,” she said.  Usually, Bayde would ask questions.  His questions were blunt and poignant; leading to pin-pointed answers to help him understand things.  However, this time, he simply nodded, already understanding, and turned around to let her affix the wings to him.  Little did he know though the powers these wings held.  Shortly after that, he was off again, to head back home.  He had no idea yet that his hair changed color.

Once Bayde was up off the ground, he looked behind and over his shoulder carefully.  The bit of blood from the wings shifting and the impact from his back landing on them was minimal, thankfully. The spot he was standing in now was warm, as the sun fully shown through the break in the trees.  Closing his eyes, he gathered the energy he needed from the wings, and as the sun’s rays caressed his skin, warming him, his thoughts drifted to Ori’Ziya back home.  He felt an urgency to get back home now.  He popped his eyes open and looked up.  The sun was setting directly in front of him so he turned right and began to run again.


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All I See Is You


I look around and everything I see is beautiful
Cause all I see is you
And I can’t deny it, and I stand by you
And I won’t hide it anymore

A crowded room anywhere
A million people around all I see is you
And everything just disappears, disappears, disappears, disappears
Yeah, a million people in a crowded room
But my camera lenses only been set to zoom
And it all becomes so clear, comes so clear, becomes so clear

I got that tunnel vision for you

-Tunnel Vision-
-Justin Timberlake-

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Bayde was looking out at the waterfall a moment… Noticing the way the water from one source merged with another.  It hit hard at first, but eventually, the water from the waterfall mixed with the water below to the point you couldn’t tell them apart.  He wondered if that would be him soon.

The war ended three months ago, and the human race he was once a part of were acting like fools.  They were threatening to redraw their treaty with the elves, after the elves had helped them win victory over the trolls.  The Elven King, Ori’Ziya’s father, had spent months trying to communicate with the humans.  What they were trying to do was not only unfair, but a massive insult to the sacrifice the elves made for them.

Ori’Ziya noticed him in thought, again, and spoke up.  “Don’t go.”

The Elven King had decided to send a convoy of his council to meet with the human leadership on his behalf.  Bayde was new to the King’s council, and was the first one volunteered by the King himself to go.  He knew one of the King’s reasons was because he was once a human, and it just made sense, but there was also another reason.  The King simply wanted Bayde to spend some time away from his daughter.

The politics of everything sometimes got to Bayde.  Originally, he met the Elven King because of a favor owed the human race. Now the humans were trying to mistreat the elves, which he disagreed with and was more than prepared to stand for the elves on this, but here he was…. Alive simply from elf magic.  The tears of Ori’Ziya not only saved his life three months ago, but turned him from human to elf.


Oftentimes, Bayde didn’t even recognize himself if he passed a mirror.  He was almost caught, once, touching his face…. And those ears!!  Mercy… His physical changes didn’t compare to the new, heightened senses he had though.  He tripped over himself countless times for a week at least.  It was like he was walking ahead of himself 5 steps and his body caught up.

Bayde reached for Ori’Ziya’s hands, closed his eyes, and placed a kiss on her forehead.  “I know these people, and they know me. I’ll be able to best assess the situation,” he said softly against her skin.

She was silent below him, her face hidden as she looked down at their hands.  He watched her shoulders rise and fall with a deep breath before she spoke again.  “And what will you do, Bayde, when your human life calls back to you?  How do you think you’ll be treated when they discover that one of their best men did not die in the war, but is now, somehow, an elf?”

He didn’t really have any good answers.  Her voice paralleled the same questions running through his own mind.  She always had a way of doing that.  He slipped his arm around her now, and pulled her close, watching the spikes of his armor.  He was wearing his human uniform, hoping to be recognized easily.

“I don’t know, Ori’Ziya,” he answered honestly. “You don’t trust them, I know. But I promise you that I will return.”  He didn’t make promises often, but for her, he’d give his life, again.  He was determined to bring honor in his task… And himself, back home.

Brushing his lips back and forth across her forehead, he looked at the waterfall thoughtfully, focusing again on the how the two waters merged.


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Shoes: Gabriel – ::GB::Gladiator Boots GOLD (gacha)
Belt: Gabriel – ::GB::Gladiator Belt Black
Cloak & Pauldrons: Noble Creations – [NC] Cloak & [NC] Pauldrons
Arm Band: [BODY FACTORY] Illusion Knife Bracelet (Brown) – overlayed with [BODY FACTORY] Illusion Bracelet (Black)
Tattoo: Taox Tattoo – Cillian

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Daily Ride


She was a city girl.  He was a country boy.  They both had an appreciation for both styles of living but today, she was on his turf.

They had spent the day outdoors; mostly riding one of his horses named Outlaw. The weather was changing around them though, and he felt the air shift.  Rain was on the way.

“We better head back, or we’ll be caught in it.”

“Being caught out here on the mountain, with you, in the rain… Doesn’t sound so bad to me.”  She bit her bottom lip and grinned shyly at him from behind.  They were both on the horse already, having finished their lunch.  He had stopped by , and he turned his strong friend around in a tight circle on the narrow trail.

Smirking back at her, he grabbed the reigns and kicked his heels into Outlaw, speeding up their ride again.  She squealed, holding onto him tighter.  ‘Not enjoying that at all…. No….,’ he thought, knowing full well he was lying to himself.  Her strong thighs gripped his hips, and he could feel her body bouncing behind him as they took the trail back down to his barn.


Once they reached the barn, he dismounted and grabbed the reigns, walking Outlaw and his lady back in.  He grumbled, his damn truck having stalled in the most annoying spots.  Carefully leading his horse in past the old truck, he put Outlaw back in his area of barn, and reached up to help her down off of the horse.  Her body slid down the front of his, and his breath caught a moment, then he growled some.  “Damn, you feel good,” he exhaled.

She grinned at him again, holding back a whine as he let go of her and walked over to grab them something to drink from his bar area.  He frowned some when he turned back around, seeing she was leaning against a post to hold herself up.  “Feeling okay?” he asked as he handed her the cup.

Giggling some, “Yes… I’m fine. I think I need to learn to walk again though.”

Smiling, he put his hand around her waist, “Well let’s sit you on the back of the truck for a min….”  Suddenly, she began to fall.  Her knees went wobbly some, but he caught her when he cut off his sentence.  His arm around her waist brought her to the front of his chest, quickly catching her.  However, she wasn’t as quick with the cup she was holding, and it spilled all over his shirt.

Wide-eyed, she looked up at him, checking his expression before she burst out laughing.  He rolled his eyes, then picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, spanking her ass.  She squealed and swatted at his as well, having a tougher time reaching as she was partially shaken around by his stride.

Plopping her down over the side of the truck, he asked sarcastically, “Can you manage sitting there okay, ma’am?”  He slowly took some steps back, holding his hands out in mock gesture to test her balance carefully.  Once he did genuinely realize she was okay up there, he began to unbutton his shirt.


She pulled up her knees and dangled her half empty cup from her finger tips, watching him undress.   Maybe she spilled the drink by accident, that’s what she would tell herself, even if it wasn’t true.  Once he was done, she handed him her cup. ” I likely don’t need this now.”

“Oh?  Why’s that?  Need your hands free for something in particular?”  He felt her gaze on him, and remained casual; relaxed, while his hat covered his eyes for the moment.  Walking back up to her, he draped his shirt on one side of her, took her cup, turned, and leaned back against the truck on the other side.  After setting the cup down on the tailgate, he reached for his hat. His lips were ready to twitch into a smirk as he said, “Oddest feeling… Like hands are all over me, yet there aren’t any.”  He turned his head to his left, looking at her out of the corner of his eyes now.

“Just the caress of the wind…” said as she tried to play it off and looked away from him.  She took a bit of straw to replace the one she already had, and stuck it between her teeth.  She chewed on that for a bit before she spoke again.  “Might be a while before your shirt is dry.”

He turned around abruptly, grabbing her jean clad ass in his hands and squeezed hard, yanking her towards him.  She pressed up with her legs as he lifted her off of the truck. “I don’t know if I can stand yet.”

“Who said I wanted you to be able to walk?”  His mouth was parted and he tilted his head, brushing his lips across hers.  He didn’t kiss her yet, but he kept teasing her with his lips and his shallow breaths .  Her arms went around his neck as she pushed up again in his hands, her hips pressing forward and at the same time, her ass pushing into his hands.  Instinctively, his hand swung back and smacked her cheek, held inside of her tight jean shorts.


He had walked them over to the tailgate and sat down on the edge.  He let her knees down gently, sitting her down on his lap.  Keeping her gaze, locking onto hers; lust between them charging the air around them, he scooted back twice…. Leaning against the back of his old truck slowly with a hidden grin.  He watched her crawl over him, and said,  “Ya know… There’s a saying out here in the country….”

Her hands and knees crawled slowly… Cat-like. He swore he heard her purring.  The peripherals of his vision caught the sway of her hips and the dip of her shoulders as he continued to look her straight in her eyes.  She reached his chest, and went to lick him, but didn’t…. Just let him feel her warm breath as her face traveled up towards his ear where she whispered, “Tell me…. Tell me what it is.”

His fingers dug and scraped upwards into her thighs, making their way to her shorts.  He latched his fingers into the waist of her shorts, gripping them firmly in his palms.  He tilted his head opposite hers, turned his face closer, and dragged his bottom teeth across her neck until he couldn’t anymore, at which he closed his mouth over her skin, sucking lightly.  Then he replied, “Save a horse…… Ride a cowboy.”

With that, he yanked at her jean shorts, ripping them…


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