Tomorrow’s sunrise will not depend on tonight’s sunset.

Animation inside Wooden Fall Couch CHEZ MOI @ The Gacha Garden Nov. 1 – 28

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[Deadwool] Ernst Sweater – cerulean
[Deadwool] Broberry Jeans – washed lapis

The following are items by CHEZ MOI @ The Gacha Garden Nov. 1 – 28
Iron Pumpkin Candle CHEZ MOI
Big Pumpkin Basket CHEZ MOI
Outdoor Fireplace CHEZ MOI
Small Pumpkins Basket CHEZ MOI
Wooden Fall Armchair CHEZ MOI
Wooden Fall Couch CHEZ MOI
Wooden Shed CHEZ MOI
Wooden Table CHEZ MOI
Wrought Tricycle Decor CHEZ MOI
Other items by these fine creators:
Anna Erotica – Tiki Torch – 1 Prim!
dust bunny . wanderlust . branch chandelier
+Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Various)
HPMD* Jack-o’-Lantern (Various)
HPMD* Garden Tree09 with Lights – green c
[we’re CLOSED] grass field green 01 – random
{what next} Pumpkin Party Cooler



When you find a man who is wise in the ways of love,
understand he wasn’t born with that intuition.
He was taught.
– JM Storm –

<K&S> ~Leonard~ Pose 3

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[Deadwool] Peak Tux (black)

CHEZ MOI Gazebo Fall  @ Deco(c)rate until Nov. 7
CHEZ MOI Fall Picnic Table  @ Deco(c)rate until Nov. 7
+Half-Deer+ Stringlights – Ceiling – Criss Cross
Bazar Stockholm-Bottle candles
[ keke ] champagne bubblissimo bucket – silver
[New Age Industries] R-Four “Revive”
Various trees by 3D Trees
*alirium* ItchyGrass


Walking in, his fingers slid the switch down on the wall, lowering the lights in the room.  When it was near dark, he walked the well-tread path to a table, lighting a dozen or so candles.  Placing the lighter back down on the table, he rubbed his hands together as he looked over the preparations, mentally checking off a list.  That’s how he was.  That’s how he ticked.  Even last minute.

He had just gotten off the phone with her.  Through the phone, he physically felt her tension as she shared about her day.  He listened to her exasperated list of what she thought she needed to relax, but he was already walking down the hallway, reaching behind his head and pulling the t-shirt he was wearing up and off.  Suddenly, the tone in his voice changed.  To anyone else, he may have sounded the same, but she knew that tone… If anything, she knew that tone by the way it changed her breathing.  Her heartbeat.  Her demeanor.  It shifted her spirit and the only thing she could say now, not out of discipline, but out of an inner out-of-control he alone controlled, was, “Yes Sir.”

He turned his attention towards the camera now.  It was actually a camcorder set in a creative vintage camera casing, set up on a tripod.  As he turned it on, and the red light began to blink, he smiled softly to himself a moment, unsure if the turn on for him was that she was going to be watched, or that she would know she was being watched.

Charlie Puth – Suffer (Vince Staples & Andrealo Remix)

<K&S> ~Aizen~ Pose 2

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Tattoo: [bellvi] Tattoo Daniel @ Men Only Monthly until Nov. 15
Pants: [Deadwool] Broberry jeans – Gianni – washed peacock


Versace On the Floor

The anticipation that they purposely prolonged between them was almost audible.  Well, it was… In the way they breathed, and the way they didn’t.  It was palpable in the the slight touches and gentle caresses.  His hand brushing her bare back as he led her up the stairs, and the way her manicured hand grazed his jaw while red lips curled into an invitation as she took the first few steps upstairs.

When they reached the landing, she simply pulled her hair up, turning her face to look at him over her slender shoulder.  No words were spoken…. They were both too afraid to utter a sound… The air may break if they did.

His hands boldly took hold of the zipper, pulling it taught with one hand and slowly lowering it with the other.  Inch by inch, her porcelain complexion displayed itself all the more.  The gown hit the floor and she wasted no time stepping out of it.  The piece she was left in, formally a clever part of the gown she wore tonight, now transformed into a lure to worship the flesh it held.

And that’s what he did, as he slid his hands around her from behind, and they sank to the floor.

STREAMING: Bruno Mars – Versace On the Floor

<K&S> U want me. 5

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Hair: Exile::Vindicated
[Deadwool] Peak suit (tux) – midnight

ROZEN is wearing:  (Click here to check out her beautiful blog)
Hair: *Athena Hair -vip gift- by TRUTH
Lingerie: *Quinn Tuxedo by NARCISSE
Shoes: *Sweet Bliss Heels by REIGN now @ COLLABOR88

Back Room

[– adult content –]

The loud bass from the party’s speakers made it hard for anyone to hear, which is why when he stepped behind her, cupping her round ass in his hands, he pressed his face in close to her ear before speaking.  Squeezing her voluptuous curves in his palms…  “Meet me in the back room.”  Now she practically heard his grin.  “The walls are see-through.  Slip out of that tight cocktail dress.  Wait for me.  You know what position I want you in.” Before he left her, leaving her with just the scent of his cologne, his fingertips dug in and raked her flesh through her beautiful dress as his teeth sank into her neck, sucking on her supple skin until his lips finally parted with her body.

She was dressed to please him, as his plus one to this business function. As she turned the corner and stepped into the back room, her hands were already bent behind her reaching for her zipper and pulling, pushing her dress down the lingerie he also requested for tonight.  She hadn’t even seen his face yet tonight, so this certainly took her by surprise.  Smirking to herself, she thought, “Then again…. Not really.”

Mood: Beyoncé – Partition (Explicit Video)

<K&S> U want me. 3 @ Mainstore Burning Desire Room

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[Deadwool] Peak suit (royal) – black pin

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erratic / christina lingerie



It’s not about impression.
It’s not about sacrifice.
It’s everything to do with being compelled.
Would you do anything?
– B. Logan –

Mood: MKTO Afraid of the Dark

Broderick – Sam Poses Guy Pack 1-1
Leylah – <K&S> Standing poses ~4 4

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Hair: Stealthic – Psycho @ The Men’s Department until August 31
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape
Scarf: Apple May Designs – Bundle Scarf – Black
Coat: Deadwool Corto Coat – Black
Pants: [Deadwool] Broberry jeans – washed peacock

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Hair: Magika – Excuse Me
Coat: !APHORISM! Winter Coat – White
Sweater: LeCastle – Maxi Sweet Sweater Lara
Jeans: Blueberry – Mia Jeans – Regular – Maitreya
Boots: Steelhead Huggs Winter Boots

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DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter @ Thereafter: the SL Post Apocalypse until August 27
Second Spaces – Supply Shelf – outlook: bleak @ Thereafter: the SL Post Apocalypse until August 27
Soy. Snow Covered Woods Set
Soy. Snow Covered Cliff and Rock Set