You Treat . . .

“You treat a lady like a dame, and a dame like a lady.”
– Frank Sinatra –

<K&S> True feeling. 3 @ Lost & Found until July 18

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hat: Couture Chapeau – CC Essex Linen Fedora {White}
Shirt: Gabriel ::GB:: Wet shirt 2016
Shorts: RIOT / Simon Shorts @ Men Only Monthly until July 15

ROZEN is wearing: (Click here to check out her great blog!)
Dress: wet dress & pants by GABRIEL
Hair: imani hair by TRUTH
Tattoo: loving tattoo by WHITE WIDOW
Rings: aphrodite bento rings by SWALLOW

CHEZ MOI Enchanted Bridge w/ Deco(C)rate until July 7
Noble Creations [NC] – Praying lady
Noble Creations [NC] – Decoration Ruins (2LI with resizer)
Skye Wild Grass
Hayabusa Design Lotus Flower
Hayabusa Design Random Field of Grass and Flowers
E.V.E Dancing Stars Fireflies Vanilla Lights

After 5 Somewhere


There’s something to alcohol…. Haha.

The enjoyment of creating your own concoction.  The measured amounts.  The various liquors.  Then you get to make up a name for it.


The funny thing is… The results of the liquor often break down OUR measured steps.  Our various tasks and stresses truly ebb away,
and we’re only left with the more poignant of them.

Then… If we’re lucky…. We don’t make a name for ourselves out of our inebriated antics *coughs* Facebook postings *coughs*


Sometimes, inhibitions are drawn down as well.  I believe that’s where “In vino veritas,” derived from.  “In wine, truth.”  We are aided by our beverage to simply speak without thinking, or at the very least, overthinking, usually.  After sobering, we find out if we feel more unhampered, or if we regret our admissions.

You know what though?  Nothing beats an un-aided feeling.


Included with CHEZ MOI Hakuna Beach Bar @ Tres Chic (until July 10th)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile::High and Dry
Tattoo: [White~Widow – NORMAL] Zoom  – Black
Shirt: Ever For Men – EFM – Back From The Beach – Oahu @ Menswear Fashion Week
Shorts: Ever For Men – EFM – Back From The Beach Shorts @ Menswear Fashion Week

RYANNA is wearing: (Be sure to check out her blog too!)
Outfit: {POSH PIXELS} Seaside Breeze @ ReVamped
Shoes: Maci ~ Caprice Mules
Hair: Magika [01] Rewind
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Karina tattoo @ Tres Chic

CHEZ MOI Hakuna Beach Bar @ Tres Chic (until July 10th)

Volleying for Curiosity


The sailboat swayed to the right as it began to tilt from Mr. Curtis turning the ship’s wheel.  He winked at Ms. Fox before they both turned to watch the shoreline as he threw the anchor overboard.

It was getting harder and harder lately, but he tried to keep the smile off of his lips as he asked, “How’s your ball game?”  Then he disappeared below, practically skipping the few steps into the boat’s cabin as his hands held onto the rails.

He moved some things around in the closet that didn’t belong to them, spotting the volleyball in a small sports bag he saw a couple night’s before.  He heard her call out, “Better than yours!”  He rolled his eyes up in his head as he emerged back out into the sunlight.  Dropping the ladder down the boat, he made quick work of going down it, ignoring Ms. Fox as she began to speak…. “We’re not really going to….. Oh come on!”  Once he was out of her sight down the side of the boat, he grinned wickedly.

She was likely nervous.  She didn’t seem to take well sometimes to his spontaneity, and more or less appreciated the “go according to plan” type of gigs.  They both had a sense of caution against each other.  He still wasn’t sure if he could trust her.  Mr. Curtis received intel of an exact date and time a museum back in the states would be cleaning a practically priceless opal diamond necklace dating back to the early 1500’s, and possibly Queen “Bloody” Mary I.  The head curator was vacationing at the resort he just docked at.

He peeked his head up, stretching his neck some as he was walking backwards in the shallow water to smirk at her.  While doing so, his thoughts trailed off as he watched her.  In his line of work, although a score is obtained, it’s rarely gratifying for very long before the desire and longing for something else hits.  Ms. Fox had some good ideas, many times…. But the glint in her eyes of excitement over it was different than what he usually saw in con artists.  He had a plan to slowly pick that side of her apart until he understood it.


Turning, not answering her, he tossed the ball in the air to himself repeatedly.  He listened.  There it was…. The sound of water being tread.  Closer…. Closer…. It slowed down to some and lacked that sonorous tone of deeper water.  Quickly he turned, and spiked the ball towards her, yelling, “Heads up!”

She dove for the ball, up onto the beach now.  He grinned like a kid when he noticed how close she was to sand in her mouth.  He watched her stand up and brush the sand off of herself before she served the ball back at him.  She hit it pretty well, so he took that opportunity to miss the ball.  “Shit…. I got it!”


He headed behind the sand dunes, immediately on the concrete cabana area of the resort. Picking up the ball, he also grabbed a red coin purse out of the first vacant cabana he passed.  He reached into his pocket, and slid a lower level security clearance key card into the purse. Spotting the long-legged blonde he needed to find, sun hat over her man, her hand gently resting across the stomach of her black bathing suit as she sun bathed on an outstretched pool lounger…  Mr. Curtis walked towards the head curator quickly, he lightly bounced the ball and pretended to trip over a neighboring lounger next to her.  She sat up quickly, “What the….!” but he was already smiling down at her.

“My deepest….” paused, to look her dead in the eyes, “……. apologies ma’am.”  Mr. Curtis pretended to be captivated by her.  “One too many Bahama Mamas, plenty of sun and a game of volleyball that,” he gave her a mock apologetic smile now, stooping beside her to reach for the ball, “I’m obviously, not as good as I thought I was, at.”

Once he got the giggle he planned for from her, he dropped the unzipped red coin purse into her beach bag next to her.  “Ah hell… I’m so clumsy!”  He kept his eyes on her with a small smile, his face close to hers.  He watched her bite her lip just as he felt inside of her bag for the card attached to a lanyard.  Quickly, he switched the two cards.  You would’ve thought he was slipping melted butter off of his hand back into the red coin purse.  Once he zipped it halfway, he yanked it up by the zipper’s pull, pulling it closed the rest of the way, and held it up between them.  “I was just on my way to return this to lost and found.  It’s not perhaps yours, is it ma’am?”

“Mmmm no, but I wish it was, so I could give you a proper reward.”  Standing, he grinned devilishly at her.

“Perhaps there’s still time to lose something, ma’am.”  With that he grinned at her and winked, then turned to head back to the beach where Ms. Fox was waiting.  Walking away he turned into the cabana he took the red coin purse from, trading the volley ball for a bottle of sangria that was chilling in a bucket and two wine glasses.

He couldn’t help the look of satisfaction on his face.  It was two-fold.  His plan worked effortlessly, AND now he had something serious in his hand that would illicit Ms. Fox’s curiosity fully.  “That’s enough games for today,” he said, offering Ms. Fox the bottle as he returned.

Mr. Curtis watched her eye the purse hanging off his wrist as he went to sit next to her in the sand.  Then, to his surprise, she gave in way too quickly, “What’s that?”

Offering his glass out to her to fill, “Don’t you like pretty things?” He smiled, as he thought about what the key card inside would lead to, while he looked down at her…

She simply smiled back at him, and him at her, as she replied her answer… “Cheers.”


Click here to read Ms. Fox’s side of the story.

Photo 1: Ryanna (boat pose) Broderick Baxe Urban FemaleB @ Pose Lover Round 9
Photo 2: {.::SkyPose::.} Beach – Block @ Pose Lover Round 9
Photo 3: {.::SkyPose::.} Beach – Block @ Pose Lover Round 9
Photo 4: .:Picture Perfect:. Couples Pose – You Had Me at Merlot! @ Pose Lover Round 9

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile::High and Dry
Top: F.A.T. Katsuo Tank Top @ Menswear Fashion Week June 10-19th 
Bottoms: F.A.T. Katsuo Rolled Cuff Pant Slink @ Menswear Fashion Week June 10-19th
Necklace: Gabriel – ::GB::Angel wings necklace( Male) / Silver
Tattoo: [White~Widow – NORMAL] Zoom – Black @ Shiny Shabby
Coin Pouch: [UrbnW. Unisex Coin Pouch] Red @ Menswear Fashion Week June 10-19th

RYANNA is wearing: (And click here to read Ms. Fox’s side of this story) Thank you Ms. Fox
Outfit: GizzA – Racquel Outfit [Pink & Lilac] @ On9 – June
Tattoo: .::Nanika::.Anika @ On9 – June
Shoes: {Reverie} Soho Sandals – Taupe
Hair: Analog Dog – sarah – dark browns
Bangs: TRUTH HAIR Solace – browns

Noble Creations – [NC] – Tropical Palm Trees @ Cosmopolitan (June 6-18th)
DaD DESIGN Mediterranean Palm Trees @ LTD The Event (June 12-26th)

Photo 1 on location at The Keys

Smooth Sailing


Mr. Curtis climbed the ladder up to the lighthouse.  He was bored at the moment, and decided to explore the public cabin Ms. Fox and him were lounging in, in Cancun.  Ms. Fox was being lazy, and reading a magazine or something out on the dock, getting some sun.  Whatever… His options to take more than his share were still in the back of his mind.

Mr. Curtis had trouble trusting people.  Or maybe it wasn’t ‘trouble’ but just that he had been burned so many times when he thought he could trust someone.  Experience.  Wisdom.  He never closed doors or windows.  Options were options.

He reached the top of the lighthouse and stepped outside onto the circular balcony.  The sun was beginning to set, and it was almost time to put his plan into action.  Turning around, he hunched over and leaned his elbows on the railing.  He was right above the boat that him and Ms. Fox were about to board and crack a safe on.  They were just waiting out the senator and his family to head to the boardwalk for dinner.

Mr. Curtis’ eyes dropped down, seeing Ms. Fox still laying on the dock with her feet propped up.  Time to wake her up.  He quickly headed back down the ladder of the lighthouse, stepped outside of the cabin and walked over to her.  She didn’t seem to notice his presence so, he took his eye glasses off and quietly sat them down next to her, and…….


Mr. Curtis had leaped over her body, and cannonball’d as close to the dock as he could.  As he came back up to the surface of the water and wiped the water from his face and pushed his hair back, he grinned at her.  Swimming back to the dock to retrieve his eye glasses.  Ms. Fox uncrossed her legs calmly, setting her feet down and sat up.  She was obviously a victim of his cannonball.  He went to reach for his glasses but she snatched them up in her hand as she crossed her legs under her.  He looked up at her angrily, “Hey…. You know I’ll need those for this.”

“Afraid you’ll miss out on seeing something?  Don’t trust me to be your eyes?” she asked.

“You know damn well I need those to….unlock…. the…..,” he slowed down because she actually began to hand them back.  That was not like her to give up so easily.  He followed her gaze slowly though, as she was looking above him.  Ah…. Time to get to work.  She saw the senator and his family making their way to the boardwalk now.  Their time window was small, so he took the glasses and carefully put them back on.  Turning in the water, he motioned for her to hop on his shoulders.  “Giddy up.”


Photo 1: Glitter Poses – GP Portrait 5 @ Pose Lover Round 9
Photo 2: Studio 15 – With You @ Pose Lover Round 9

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry
Shorts: ~*Es Stylez*~ MESH – Male Beach Shorts_grey plaid_XL
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Watch: [ kunst ] – Sentinel cuff & watch
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Left Eye Male and Lip B Male
Necklace: Gabriel – ::GB::Angel wings necklace( Male) / Silver
Glasses: Gudshu Glasses – Lauer – Scripted
Tattoo: [White~Widow – NORMAL] Zoom  – Black @ Shiny Shabby

RYANNA is wearing: (Click here for Ms. Fox’s side of the story)
Hair: Analog Dog – pi – dark browns
Shorts: Addams // Electra Denim Short // Night Blue
Top: Blueberry – Georgina – Yoga Tops – Maitreya
Shoes: Apple May Designs – Aria Jewels
Tattoo:  -Endless Pain Tattoos- Elowen @ Totally Top Shelf

The Keys

Don’t Forget to Survive


“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes….
Including you.”
– Anne Lamott –


Even as I travel amongst the light, and those that are lit up,
I struggle to shed the tint that blurs my vision.
The sounds, the smells, and the sights that provide beauty,
Remind me of the clarity of my own dark soul.

Performing along for my own survival,
I accept the vision around me, but barely embrace it.
When the sun goes down, there I am again.
Face to face with the mirror of my soul.


“And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains,
within the sound of silence”
– Simon and Garfunkel –


Chez Moi poses and animations included with Rustic Love Cave from Tres Chic Event
.:String Me Up:. Dance With Me from Round 3 of Pose Lover Event (Jan. 23rd-Feb 5th.)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shape: Custom
Body: SLink Physique Male Mesh Body
Ears: [Mandala] Simple Ears
Skin: Redgrave Chris DeepTan w/ SLink appliers
Hair: Argrace KAIRI – Blacks
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord
Tattoo: White Widow Gladiator w/ SLink appliers

Pants: Apple May Designs – Jessie’s Pants *Male* – Black
Shirt: Addams – Open Shirt Rolled Up w/ T-Shirt – Grey
Shoes: Deadwool – Sculpted Boots – Black
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant (L) and Magnus (R) Rings
Glasses: Gudshu Glasses Lauer
Watch: Real Evil Industries – ReVoX MVX Watch A Male

ADDALYNE is wearing:
Her Blog – Visit it!
Head: Genesis Head Emily 2.0 Blinker Rare.. Kustom9 August 2015 Round
Skin: Genesis Lab Milk
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes- Forest
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sakina – gingers
Body: Maitreya Lara v3.4
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Steppin’

Bracelet: JCNY – “Womens, Delicate Heart Bracelet
Sweater: TRUTH Lush Sweater [Maitreya] [Greyscale]
Jeans: Blueberry – Mia – Maitreya – Midnight
Boots: fri. – Emily.Boots (Coal)

Chez Moi Rustic Love at current round of Tres Chic


Take a Breath



“Turn your demons into art, your shadow into a friend, your fear into fuel, your failures into teachers, your weaknesses into reasons to keep fighting.  Don’t waste your pain.  Recycle your heart.”
-Andréa Balt-


F*cking Ninjas Set and Match

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shape: Custom
Body: SLink Physique Male Mesh Body
Ears: [Mandala] Simple Ears
Skin: Redgrave Chris DeepTan w/ SLink appliers
Hair: Argrace KAIRI – Blacks
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord
Tattoo: White Widow Gladiator w/ SLink appliers
Beard: Holt Beard MUSCHI Black

Pants: Hoorenbeek – Mesh Cargo Pants (tucked) Black
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Mesh Military Boots Black
Cuffs: Hoorenbeek Leather Cuffs – Current round of TMD
Rings: Formanails Punk for Male SLink Relax
Vest: (epia) Tactical Combat Vest
Gun: Okari IMI Desert Eagle

On Location: Just Another Tequila Sunrise

Battle Within


“Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.”
-Sun Tzu-


“It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.”
-Norman Schwarzkopf-


“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it’s best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”
-e.e. cummings-



Photos 1-2 included in RoLu Poses – Romanum @ this round of  {Pose Lover} (Jan 2 – 15th)
(weapons and shield included!)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shape: Custom
Body: SLink Physique Male Mesh Body
Ears: [Mandala] Simple Ears
Skin: Redgrave Chris DeepTan w/ SLink appliers
Hair: Argrace Ryo – Dark Brown
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord
Tattoo: White Widow Gladiator w/ SLink appliers
Face Tattoo: Riske – Trap Tintable Tattoo

Pants: Body Factory – Stark Leather Pants & Boots – Black @ We ❤ RP Event (current round)
Bottom: Body Factory Kizaru Bottom – Red @ We ❤ RP Event (current round)
Cuffs: Hoorenbeek Leather Cuffs – Current round of TMD

RYANNA is wearing:  (Her Blog! Check it out!)
Outfit: [EvelineInTheBox] Vioreta Red @ Fair Play – January
Hair: Exile::Memory Bliss Natural Fusion
Accessories: *~*HopScotch*~* Warpaint


Amidst Chaos


Ever get caught in one of those situations where a little bit (or maybe a lot) of chaos surrounds you, yet for once, you feel nonchalant about it all?  It’s a damn good place to be.  Usually, I need to be a few glasses in to reach this point (like now… hiccup).


I’ve had quite a many things, both SL and RL, taking and wanting, if not downright demanding my time lately.  Motorcycles needing to be put back together, vehicles needing maintenance, work clients and meetings, emails to answer and portfolios to put together.  And then…. There’s my SECOND life! 😉  My photography business, blogging, friends, family, SL work and my newest bit of fun… Role-playing a dirty no good scoundrel.

Dammit, just drink some wine! That’ll help.  It’s where I’m at… Emptied my cup from dinner, poured some moscato in it, and even stuck the straw and lid back on it.  Sit down in  your chaos and show it who’s boss.


Disclaimer: I know when I read this tomorrow morning I may realize, like you may be now, that this blog post makes no sense.  Hiccup.


Photo 1  – House of Zion Danny 4 @ this round of  {Pose Lover} (Jan 2 – 15th)
Photo 2 – Klubwerk Attitude 023 @ this round of  {Pose Lover} (Jan 2 – 15th)
Photo 3 – Rose & Thorn Smokebreak (cigarette included) @ this round of  {Pose Lover} (Jan 2 – 15th)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shape: Custom
Body: SLink Physique Male Mesh Body
Ears: [Mandala] Simple Ears
Skin: Redgrave Chris DeepTan w/ SLink appliers
Hair: Mina Hair – Josef
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord
Tattoo: White Widow Gladiator w/ SLink appliers

Pants: Hoorenbeek Cargo Pants – Tan
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries – Left Eye Male, Lip B
Rings: Formanails – Design – PUNK
Cuffs: Hoorenbeek Leather Cuffs – Current round of TMD
Guns: Okari CZ Skorpion and IMI Desert Eagle 1.2
Boots: Hoorenbeek Mesh Military Boots – Black

Shot on Location at Southern Paradise

Tiny Insight


He slowly exhaled as his boots crunched through the remaining woods before the field clearing.  Pausing, he looked around.  “Said it was one of these…..,” he muttered to himself.  He began looking from tree to tree before taking strides to look around better.  As soon as he reached the middle of the field, he paused again, tilting his head at the sounds of…. a jingling of some sort.  He waited to hear the sound again, looked around cautiously, then went about finding the tree he needed again.

A couple steps later, he heard the same jingling sound, and turned quickly, looking about.  “Hello?”  His eyes looked around for signs of movement…. Grass rustling.  Tree leaves moving more than others… He took his time searching the area about 10 yards in front of him, when he finally shook his head, turned around quickly, and suddenly was pushed down….. Followed by… giggling?


His face immediately wrinkling with rage, looking quickly for his offender.  As soon as his head reached above the meadow grass, he was face to face with….. He tilted his head, his face no longer enraged, but rather, perplexed.  He raised an eyebrow and found his voice.  “Hell….o…… Who…… What are you?”  The figure giggled again, and he wanted to be mad… He really did… But before he could even realize it, he was smiling… genuinely.


He thinks quickly, remembering his reason for traveling to this place, “Hey!  Perhaps you can help me…. If you can even understand me….” He trails off, realizing perhaps the fairy figure may not understand him.  He tries anyway.  “I’m looking for a tree.  It has wisdom… It… is…wisdom?  I’m not completely sure, but I MUST ask it something important.”

The fae never stopped smiling at him.  Her eyes twinkled, her very aura glittered and her smile eased the stress he was feeling from his day.  She was beginning to fly away, and he panicked.  Shuffling to his feet, he fell again as he reached for her.  She giggled at him again, and instead of his usual scowl he’d give someone for laughing at his plight, he found himself grinning.  She was moving higher again, and he went to grab her, easing his grip as soon as he realized how strongly he grasped for her.


She simply smiled, and poked him on his forehead gently with the tip of her forefinger.  “You need to let it go.”  She nodded at him, her face as serious as he had seen in their short meeting, and he found himself nodding in agreement.  As soon as his mind arrived at the conclusion of what she told him, she had slipped fully out of his grasp, and was fluttering away… giggling.


A very special thank you to my dear friend, Ryanna Foxclaw for inviting me to pose with her.  Please be sure to check out her amazing blog, Trappings of a SecondLife, for some more amazing photography and wonderful writing.


Shape – Custom
Skin – Redgrave Chris DeepTan
Hands – SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair – Truth Jon – Black&Whites05
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

(Clothes and Accessories)

Costume – Yasum Vintage Suit Size 2*Male*EPIC
Piercings – RealEvil Industries Male Box
Rings – [ kunst ] Allegiant Ring (on left hand) Magnus Ring (on right hand)


Dress: !gO! Meera dress
Hair : ””D!va“” Hair “Nene”
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Steel Blue


Wings: –AZUL– Pepeke Wing
[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Mellow Silver w/eyeshadows @ On9
Violent Seduction – Unicorn Shoes (White)


KaTink: Lifting You up