The Last Gentle Thing I Do to You

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It was a special, long weekend for them.  He had given her precise instructions on everything except what to wear.  He had full confidence that she knew how to knock the wind out of him when he’d look at her, and she did not disappoint.

Earlier that evening, he had set his things up in the hotel room hours before she arrived.  Hung his other suit up beside the rest of her clothes he packed for her.  Placed his toiletries in the bathroom in his usual OCD fashion; from left to right, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, comb, hair wax, cologne.  He placed her shower necessities, and some of his own on the marble shelf inside the shower behind the glass.  Her hair straightener ready to be plugged in and her bag neatly to the side.  His journal went to the table near the window with their camera.  Lastly, he dropped a small black leather duffel bag on the bed, unzipping it and taking out what he needed to set up for now.  After inconspicuously tucking things in at each corner under the bed, he slid the leather bag under also on his side.  He looked around, checking off his mental checklist, wondering if he should close the curtains now, or later…. Then, smirked, looking out across to the other wing of the hotel windows that were visible from their suite with the L-shaped hotel wings.  His smirk turned into a wicked smile as he turned and left the room.

By the time he got downstairs, she was already poised, sitting at the bar.  He watched a moment as another man elbow in beside her, smiling.  Probably offered her a drink.  The smile she gave him was brilliant.  Absolutely gorgeous, and genuine, in fact.  Surely melted the man as he was politely declined the privilege.   He gave his own smile to the man as they walked past each other, giving him a nod.  Then he replaced the man’s spot at the bar, but adding a touch of his hand on her knee as he smiled at the woman who owned his heart.

Now, here they were, a few drinks in.  The beat of the jazz band making her bop her body in various ways.  It gave him such joy to watch her relax and let loose.  Speaking of loose, his eyes loved to catch the side of her dress where the diamond studded strap framed the delicious curve of her breasts.  She knew what she was doing, and she wore a dress like this on purpose.  God he loved her….

They were standing together about 20 feet away from the stage now, him behind her.  She kept moving against him, dancing and grazing.  God, she fucking knew it too, and it only fueled him.  She swished her ass across the front of him, her arms up and bent, flexing her dress so it flashed the sides of her breasts off and on.  Between all of that, and her soft giggle and breathtaking smile….

Fuck her.  What a relentless tease.  He kept up the charade of pretending to be unphased beyond the fact that he was completely enamored with her, until…

The music enveloped them, then threaded straight through their bodies.  Moving, together…. Tight.  So close… Literally breathing in the heat that came off of her body.  Tasting it too.  God.  That.  There was no stopping what was happening now as he felt his body rise in every way, inducing a low growl from his throat.

He took her elbow, firmly and with grace.  The thin layer of her hair separating his hot breath from her flesh was probably a good thing.  He was ready to fucking devour her right there.  Instead, gruffly he told her, “We’re leaving.  Now.”

They reached the elevator, the tension tight and tangible, surely.  His hand on the skin of her lower back seemed gentlemanly enough, until the elevator door opened and he had to resist shoving her in.  The inertia of the elevator gliding up at such speed added to the thickness of their lust.  He was pressing her against the mirror, fully aware of the camera over his left shoulder.  It was why he chose that leg of hers to hoist up beside his hip and roll his hips into, looking her dead in the eyes and eliciting that whimper he so wanted.  When the door opened, he grinned at her, then straightened his jacket.  Turning and pulling her in front of him tenderly without a care of how she looked slightly used to the other couple that replaced them in the elevator.  That made him smirk, because he knew that would both annoy her and push her mind right where he wanted her.  Needed her.

“I’m not waiting any longer.  When I put my lips on you, that may be the last gentle thing I do to you all night.”

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On Second Thought . . .

It had been a long ass week, that week.  He had just stepped into the same barbershop he had been going to since he was a boy.  Every other week he came here for a straight edge shave.  He could almost already feel the invigorating warmth of the towel that was about to be placed on the lower half of his face, and smell the specially blended warm shave cream, that always hit his core as soon as he inhaled, practically infusing him with energy to tackle anything.

He nodded a greeting to his barber who was finishing with another gentleman, while he unbuttoned his suit jacket and walked over to the coat rack.  He had just shrugged it off of his shoulders, when he froze and his gaze caught her in the mirror.  She had just walked into the shop, and simply looked him in the eyes in that glass.  She wore a slender, off the shoulder, knee-length black dress with black pointed stilettos that lightly clacked against the tile, each click like a bullet wounding the veneer of strength he wore through his stressful week….  God…. dammit, she was dressed to kill.  Kill, or bring to life.  Yeah…  More like the latter.  Definitely the latter.

He turned, looking right in her eyes once he was facing her just as she pivoted slowly away from him, beginning to teasingly make her way back to the door of the shop, still looking at him with that coy smirk.

Fucking A….

“On second thought, Sam,” he spoke up, lifting his shoulders and shrugging his jacket back on, “I won’t be needing that hot shave today.”  Buttoning his suit jacket back up and adjusting his cuffs and links, “I’ll be back Monday.  My wife has other plans for me.”

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The Chamber

When You’re Done, I’ll Still Be Here

His eyes traveled up her long legs from the red stilettos to the perfect rounds that sat atop those gorgeous stems.  They were only the first course to the banquet of this woman.  He wanted to torture her with his wickedly slow pace as he savored every dish she served him, too.

The fun part was, she had no idea she was going to crave every bite he took of her.

“Just let me know when you’re done pretending you don’t need me, sweetheart.  I’ll be right here.”

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Private Home

I’ll Have You Beggin’ for Mercy

He had no qualms aiming where he did.  So much so, that he aimed, shot, and nonchalantly turned to walk away simultaneously.  He didn’t care to watch the mayhem erupt behind him.  He could hear it just fine.  Even felt the heat.

But here’s the thing…. He just didn’t care.

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Trading Places

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Their lips were locked, hating to ever be apart. Always needing to touch and be touched. Their bodies bumped the door frame on either side at least once in their attempt to touch while removing clothes.  They had just arrived home.  The house was quiet.  Faint sounds of the water hitting the shore could be heard if they’d quit breathing heavily.

The remaining sunlight poured into the bedroom in either thick blankets of light or shadow.  He had just pulled his tshirt up over his head, and his eyes caught the lust shining in hers right before she yanked his belt buckle apart and began pushing him back, down onto the bed.

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Time Flies

He didn’t know what to expect.  All he knew was he was called out to the hangar to accommodate a private hop.  It wasn’t on the flight schedule anywhere that he could see, which meant it was probably someone with more money than sense.

Rolling his toothpick around between his teeth, he went out to his plane to kick the tires and light fires.  He was hunched over, leaning into the cockpit, checking gauges when the woman’s voice caught his attention.  Closing the panel, he slid back down around the side, and saw who appeared to be his passenger.

Leaning against his bird, the tip of his tongue played with his toothpick as she approached.  Before he could ask her any questions, she handed him her small bag and began to climb into the plane, simply saying, “I don’t care where we go.  Just fly me there.”

“The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.”
– Michael Althsuler –

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 [ – Adult Content – ]

Usher: Lil’ Freak (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Standing up in the dark room, he found his pants on the floor with the belt still through the loops.  He sat on the edge of the bed, stepping into his pants one leg at a time, then stood up to pull them up lazily.  He didn’t even bother to zip the fly.

She was watching him, propped up on her side, her head in her hand.  Her gaze traced the outline of his silhouette… The way the neon lights from outside stuck to certain curves on his strong, lean body.  She bit her lip, moving her teeth across until it popped back into place, but he was ignoring her.  He was still feeling numb, thanks to the drinks he consumed all night.

His plan was to stay that way too, if he could help it.  It made things easier for him.  Simpler.  Walking slowly to the chair near the patio door, he picked up his coat and slipped his arms into the interior of the silk sleeves.  Pushing the french doors open, he stuck the filter end of his cigarette between his lips, and cupped his hand over the end to light it.  Once the cigarette was lit, he took a long drag… Holding it down at the back of his throat as opened his lungs, feeling his body reach that smooth layer of relaxation from inside out.

Turning, he leaned against the doorframe onto his left shoulder and finally looked at her.  “When are you leaving?” he slurred out, before taking another drag from his cigarette.  Normally he wouldn’t be so rude, but this is what he needed, and apparently what she needed tonight as well.  She rolled onto her stomach, lithe like an expert kitty.  He nonchalantly worked on his smoke while he watched her draw her knees and elbows together underneath her, forcing her back to arch before she moved her upper body back forward, her ass sticking up in the air by it’s lonesome now.  Her fingers dug into the sheets on the bed while her eyes brazenly matched the desire of her pouty, parted lips.

While her body paced the soft sheets on all fours, he took one more long drag, before he flicked the butt over the railing of the balcony.  His left hand reached for his right collar, dragging his silk scarf off of his coat.  Walking towards her now, shrugging back out of his coat and letting it fall right on the floor, he bent his right knee, pressing it into the mattress as he mounted up behind her.  His free hand grabbed her hip, pulling her body back against his, then reached around her, leaning over her back as he pressed himself against her backside.

Her body was rolling back against him greedily as she looked straight up at him, her head nearly sinking between her shoulder blades.  “The numbness never helps for long darling… ”  Suddenly, she felt the silk scarf slide across her lips…. and eventually between them.  Pulling the silk hard and taut, tying it securely, then he shifted his hips enough against her to make his pants fall back down to his knees and onto the bed.

“You’ll wish you were numb when I’m done with you.”

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Want Me to Take Care of You

[ – Adult Content – ]

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“If you want me to take care of you tonight, you must understand…. Everything will take place in front of this window.”

He had been edging her for days.  Part of his sadistic ways.  He watched her body; the way she pressed her thighs together when he mentioned taking care of her.  Back up to her eyes, intentionally using his stare to solidify his offer.  It was that or nothing.  She wasn’t even shy, but something about the intensity surrounding them both made her breathe harder and her body long for his touch…. His mercy.  If he so wished to grant it.

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Cityscape Surround


Streaming: Gladiator – Original Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer

The sound of the assorted metals, their varying thicknesses… Metal penetrating flesh and bone, bodies falling to the ground one-by-one.  Grunts.  Groans.  Deep breaths and cries of agony.

That’s what he heard as he walked back into the empty coliseum.  He heard the vivid memory, and almost saw it as he walked out into the arena’s sunlight.

He came prepared to end his own agony.  He tried. He tried. He couldn’t save his brother that heinous day, despite the bargain he struck with the emperor.  Now, he himself walked the streets with a winning smile, all the glory and fame, but when his mind would go quiet, the instant replay would begin, again.

He watched his axe swinging.  It started off lazily, but as those thoughts began to swirl around in his head, the swinging got faster…. Stronger…. His breathing changed… Heavily panting now as his body began to sway with the force of his motions….


He looked up, and around.  Chasing with his eyes the echo that resonated between his ears.  Looking between columns everywhere, he yelled out, “Who goes there?”

Suddenly, the voice was in front of him.  An unseen presence.  No trace of another body, but a soul… Yes.  Then clearly he heard, “It is I… Your brother.  Live.  Live for us both.  You did everything you could.  Live, my brother.”

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.”
– Maximus of The Gladiator –

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Coliseum – Estrange Coliseum 


Walking in, his fingers slid the switch down on the wall, lowering the lights in the room.  When it was near dark, he walked the well-tread path to a table, lighting a dozen or so candles.  Placing the lighter back down on the table, he rubbed his hands together as he looked over the preparations, mentally checking off a list.  That’s how he was.  That’s how he ticked.  Even last minute.

He had just gotten off the phone with her.  Through the phone, he physically felt her tension as she shared about her day.  He listened to her exasperated list of what she thought she needed to relax, but he was already walking down the hallway, reaching behind his head and pulling the t-shirt he was wearing up and off.  Suddenly, the tone in his voice changed.  To anyone else, he may have sounded the same, but she knew that tone… If anything, she knew that tone by the way it changed her breathing.  Her heartbeat.  Her demeanor.  It shifted her spirit and the only thing she could say now, not out of discipline, but out of an inner out-of-control he alone controlled, was, “Yes Sir.”

He turned his attention towards the camera now.  It was actually a camcorder set in a creative vintage camera casing, set up on a tripod.  As he turned it on, and the red light began to blink, he smiled softly to himself a moment, unsure if the turn on for him was that she was going to be watched, or that she would know she was being watched.

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