Come On In Though

Don’t ever mistake my silence for ignorance,
my calmness for acceptance,
and my kindness for weakness.

WRONG & The Owl. Static Male Poses #7/1 @ Men Only Monthly until Dec. 15

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Rahma
Goatee: [GA.EG] Beards – O-BE09 Wisp (Omega) @ Men Only Monthly until Dec. 15
Shirt: E Clipse Design – ED. W4ST Shirt Black @ Men Only Monthly until Dec. 15
Pants: E Clipse Design – ED. W4ST Jeans Black @ Men Only Monthly until Dec. 15
Rings: Meva Roy Mens Rings Bento
Cuffs: [ hoorenbeek ] Leather Cuff – Men
Necklace: RealEvil Industries **RE** Dragon Necklace

Bike: Turlaccor Rough Craft
Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66 – Hangout – Nevada

Towards the Sun


“Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you.”
-Walt Whitman-

BAXE Poses Umbrella Men 3 (Umbrella also by BAXE)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: *ARGRACE*  Gaku
Facial Hair: VYC – Beard Style [HD] – Fate @ Men Only Hunt 8
Sweater & Scarf: American Bazaar [AB] Native Sweater SLINK @ Men Only Hunt 8
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Rebel Face Piercings Set

Out There


Brokenness…  Fragility…  Creaking sounds of what once was.

The wind blew lightly and could be heard as it whistled between the dilapidated structures.  It pushed the fragrance of the new grass and flowers across his face, and he inhaled.  The air in his lungs now traveled like a remedy to his battered soul.

Then he nodded with closed eyes, an ever-faint smile playing with his lips. Blinking his eyelids open he looked up.  “Okay….”  He nodded again… “Okay….,” and realized why he felt as different as he looked.  Brighter things.


Photo 1: ICHULY Poses – Deadpool Poses @ Pose Lover Round 9
Photo 2: ROQUAI Poses – Moon 3 @ Pose Lover Round 9

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial hair \ Embarrass – Balayage @ June 2016 Arcade
Jacket: Bakaboo – Baka Summer Coat (exclusive) – Yakuza @ Menswear Fashion Week
Pants: Bakaboo – Ferosh Pants – Dark Blue @ Menswear Fashion Week
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Allen Shoes Black w/ Sock HUD
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Watch: [ kunst ] – Sentinel cuff & watch
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Left Eye Male and Lip B Male
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape


I Don’t Want It Anymore


Clenched teeth.
Eyes closed.
Amplified pulse.
Don’t want it anymore

Reach in.
Grip tight.
Pull hard.
Don’t want it anymore.

Sneered lips.
Admire “love.”
Quiet now.
Don’t want it anymore.

POSE:  ::Axix:: LordCrow 8

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry
Pants: Kauna 2BN Casual Trousers [LONG]: Black (M)
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Left Eye Male, Lip A & B
Glasses: Gudshu Glasses – Lauer – Scripted
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Watch: [ kunst ] Sentinel cuff & watch
Heart: Tabou Irresistible:: Heart – attachement
Sylia Skeleton Parts HDR (slightly bloody)
Ama : Blood and Dirt

DRD studios set castle
Noble Creations – [NC] – Baroque Chair
Noble Creations – [NC] – Baroque Table
Noble Creations – [NC] – Rude Medieval Chandelier w/lights

Not Ready


There are so many things I have yet to tell you still.  So many things I still want to learn about you.  I want to roll my eyes at you for sticking your crazy straw in my moscato.  Shake my head at you for making me laugh when I didn’t want to.  Hug you because I love you.  There was more to do.  Oh there was so much more, sis…

Kristy Ann Danick-Bloodwyne was my sister.  Not “just” my SL sister… She was a piece of the real me.  More than I even realized.  She was opinionated, and sporadic.  CRAZY… She was crazy…. Mercy.  She loved…. Even if she made fun of you, or, especially if she made fun of you…. She loved you.


This woman… I will never know the full extent of the things she could have EASILY complained about.  She never let me ask her too many questions for very long before she switched to something to smile about and be thankful for.

She’d send me random snapshots of her various escapades in SL… God she probably spent thousands of lindens on random snapshots just to show me what she was up to.  I taught her how to use gyazo…. Her shopping budget increased from her linden savings, and I was privy to gyazo videos at that point, of her riding inflatable pool floats and dancing.

I’ll try, Sis…. To be more like you.  Thank you, for showing me how to be hopeful, and loving.  A pillar and backbone to your family.  God I miss you.  I’ve been working on this post for nearly 24 hours now, not sure still that I’m ready to post it.  When I received the news of you, I was setting up this scene to blog, not realizing at the time what it would turn into.  It’s still not perfect enough. I’ve added this tree, planted for you, Kristy, and have out some of the gifts you’ve given me, like the waterfalls and the ducks.

I’m just not ready…. Sis.  I’m sorry for taking for granted the days you were here.
I love you, Kristy.  I’m not ready though.



In Memory of My Sister: Kristy Ann Danick-Bloodwyne

“Although the sun will never shine the same
I’ll always look to a brighter day
Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep
You will always listen as I pray

And I know you’re shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we’ve lost along the way
And I know eventually we’ll be together
One sweet day”

-One Sweet Day-
Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men


Photo 1: Pose provided by CHEZ MOI – Shadow Pergola BirdHouses @ The Chapter Four
Photo 2: Pose provided by CHEZ MOI – Iron Garden Bridge Nature @ Lost And Found
Photo 3: F*cking Ninjas *FN* Found it Right Here Pose (modified)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry
Shirt: [Deadwool] Henley shirt – teal @ ULTRA Event
Pants: Redgrave Classic Cut LQM Jeans – navy
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots (black)
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Left Eye Male, Lip A & B

(From my sister)
Ducks: TLC Mallard Female, Male, and ducklings Swimming
Waterfall: DC Designs – Twin Sister Falls (L)(Off-Sim)
(Specially made by my Aunt Deva Westland)
Crazy straw
Rocks along the creek
(Other pieces)
Tree: Deelish-ous Designs – Sakura Sapling Tree2
House: DaD DESIGN “Birch Cottage” @ Shiny Shabby
CHEZ MOI – Iron Garden Bridge Nature @ Lost And Found
CHEZ MOI – Shadow Pergola BirdHouses @ The Chapter Four

Smooth Sailing


Mr. Curtis climbed the ladder up to the lighthouse.  He was bored at the moment, and decided to explore the public cabin Ms. Fox and him were lounging in, in Cancun.  Ms. Fox was being lazy, and reading a magazine or something out on the dock, getting some sun.  Whatever… His options to take more than his share were still in the back of his mind.

Mr. Curtis had trouble trusting people.  Or maybe it wasn’t ‘trouble’ but just that he had been burned so many times when he thought he could trust someone.  Experience.  Wisdom.  He never closed doors or windows.  Options were options.

He reached the top of the lighthouse and stepped outside onto the circular balcony.  The sun was beginning to set, and it was almost time to put his plan into action.  Turning around, he hunched over and leaned his elbows on the railing.  He was right above the boat that him and Ms. Fox were about to board and crack a safe on.  They were just waiting out the senator and his family to head to the boardwalk for dinner.

Mr. Curtis’ eyes dropped down, seeing Ms. Fox still laying on the dock with her feet propped up.  Time to wake her up.  He quickly headed back down the ladder of the lighthouse, stepped outside of the cabin and walked over to her.  She didn’t seem to notice his presence so, he took his eye glasses off and quietly sat them down next to her, and…….


Mr. Curtis had leaped over her body, and cannonball’d as close to the dock as he could.  As he came back up to the surface of the water and wiped the water from his face and pushed his hair back, he grinned at her.  Swimming back to the dock to retrieve his eye glasses.  Ms. Fox uncrossed her legs calmly, setting her feet down and sat up.  She was obviously a victim of his cannonball.  He went to reach for his glasses but she snatched them up in her hand as she crossed her legs under her.  He looked up at her angrily, “Hey…. You know I’ll need those for this.”

“Afraid you’ll miss out on seeing something?  Don’t trust me to be your eyes?” she asked.

“You know damn well I need those to….unlock…. the…..,” he slowed down because she actually began to hand them back.  That was not like her to give up so easily.  He followed her gaze slowly though, as she was looking above him.  Ah…. Time to get to work.  She saw the senator and his family making their way to the boardwalk now.  Their time window was small, so he took the glasses and carefully put them back on.  Turning in the water, he motioned for her to hop on his shoulders.  “Giddy up.”


Photo 1: Glitter Poses – GP Portrait 5 @ Pose Lover Round 9
Photo 2: Studio 15 – With You @ Pose Lover Round 9

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry
Shorts: ~*Es Stylez*~ MESH – Male Beach Shorts_grey plaid_XL
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Watch: [ kunst ] – Sentinel cuff & watch
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Left Eye Male and Lip B Male
Necklace: Gabriel – ::GB::Angel wings necklace( Male) / Silver
Glasses: Gudshu Glasses – Lauer – Scripted
Tattoo: [White~Widow – NORMAL] Zoom  – Black @ Shiny Shabby

RYANNA is wearing: (Click here for Ms. Fox’s side of the story)
Hair: Analog Dog – pi – dark browns
Shorts: Addams // Electra Denim Short // Night Blue
Top: Blueberry – Georgina – Yoga Tops – Maitreya
Shoes: Apple May Designs – Aria Jewels
Tattoo:  -Endless Pain Tattoos- Elowen @ Totally Top Shelf

The Keys



The deep frown on his brow gave away the fact that his thoughts had weight.  The kind that begins to weigh on you physically despite no amount of sleep that you get.

It was like he was a branch on a Christmas tree… One by one an ornament was being hung on his stem.  Eventually, each ornament made the branch sag.  Some of the ornaments were older ones with history and memories.  Some needed repair.  Some were brand new and shiny.  Others were heavier than others.  It was like being adorned with baggage.  It was supposed to look beautiful, but the branch couldn’t hold it all up.

He pressed the dial button on his phone and got the voicemail again.  Same greeting message, and he left pretty much the same message as well.  Each one he tried to word differently.  Say it differently.  Sound different.  Maybe being different would get through this time.

Closing his eyes, he saw himself.  He saw himself as all the words that echoed in his head.  Stimulants smoothed the image out if he let it, but he could still always feel what the image had to say like a branding on his soul.  Can’t he just try again?  Would his soul let him?

His conscience was laced with regret and longing.  The unspoken of his heart thumping on his brain.  Being misunderstood was beginning to feel like his sealed fate.


Photo 1: .Swirl Poses – Dude 2 @ Sir Monthly (May)
Photo 2: .Swirl Poses – Dude 1 @ Sir Monthly (May)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry
Shirt: American Bazaar [AB] Mike Polo Plum @ Sir Monthly (May)
Pants: Redgrave Classic Cut LQM Jeans – navy
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots (black)
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Watch: [ kunst ] – Sentinel cuff & watch
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Left Eye Male
Phone: [Studio 15] iPhone6s

Mystical Falls


Have a Drink


“I hate when people say you don’t need alcohol to have fun.
You don’t need running shoes to run but it fuckin’ helps.”
— Unknown —

Come Soon Poses *CS* The Club – FullScene @ Sir Monthly (May)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jon – Black&Whites05
Shirt: [Deadwool] Henley shirt – teal @ ULTRA Event
Pants: Redgrave Classic Cut LQM Jeans – navy
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots (black)
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Left Eye Male, Lip A & B

PROPH is wearing: (Thank you for posing with me my friend! Check out his Flickr here.  Amazing artist!)
Hair: *Drot* -Avery- Charcoal
Shirt: [Deadwool] Henley shirt – beige @ ULTRA Event
Pants: [Pumpkin] TMP.- Skintight pants- Blk leather

Come Soon Poses *CS* The Club – FullScene @ Sir Monthly (May)
Turlaccor Rough Craft Gold
Turlaccor Forty Eight Black

Practice Makes Perfect


He exhaled, letting out a low growl only he’d hear before he quipped, “You said this was important.”  He looked around at the empty streets… Not a damn soul in sight.  No one to pick pocket.  No real expensive stores nearby.  He could think of a thousand and one ways to use his time better.

“Oh, it is,” said Ms. Fox.  She kept walking in front of him but she was strolling… Mr. Curtis pressed his lip together and let out some air between them, shoving his hands in his pockets.  He looked down at his feet, making exaggerated steps as he would swing his feet out to the side before planting it again.

Suddenly she snapped around and gave him an icy stare. She raised an eyebrow at him but her pretty grin was playing with a corner of her lips.  Stopping, Mr. Curtis held his hands up, rocked back and spun around on his heels, completing a full 360 degree turn.  “The importance of empty streets?”  He quirked an eyebrow right back at her… and raised her one.

“The businesses here are closed today,” Ms. Fox replied softly, while turning back, still trying to give him the stank eye.  She was being serious.

Rolling his eyes, exaggerating again, “I couldn’t tell by the lack of activity around us,” he smartassed back at her.  She knew he didn’t like surprises too often.  At least not the kind where he had to trail behind and wait for information to be released to him.  He was a patient man, but he was a doer and a planner, as well.  Sighing, he went back to enjoying the view, mindlessly asking, “So why are we here then, Ms. Fox?”

Suddenly she stopped, and he looked up quickly as not to bump into her, and to make sure she wasn’t giving him a dirty look, again.  He looked side to side, and she said, “On our last score you were not as light on your feet as you could have been.”

He dropped his jaw and furrowed his brows at her.  Stepping up behind her, he asked, “Excuse me?”

“I know you’re able to move with much more grace than you had,” she began to explain.  The sad thing is she was really being serious.  “We’re here to work on your groove.”  Ah…. That was it… She had some ‘creative’ way to help them fine tune a skill they’d need for another job.


He stepped forward again, now behind her, just as she turned her head and looked up at him.  Gently taking her waist in his hand, she raised a hand to pat his cheek.  He kept his eye roll that time… What was with her and patting his cheek?  Then, he leaned down as if anyone could hear him if he didn’t, and delivered a line he was sure would rock him back into the driver’s seat. “I’ve never gotten complaints about my groove before.”

Yep.  He won that round.  She blushed.  He kept his matter-of-fact face and let a light smirk settle on his face as she smiled up at him.  She cleared her throat and took a step away from him.  Now he grinned.  He made her feel flustered.

“So, we’re going to dance,” she said quickly.  “Separately.  Traipsing about the cobblestones with such languid movements, each step melds together and seems to be one.”  He watched her move gracefully between stones that made the old walkway.  At first he just enjoyed watching her with a soft smile on his lips, until his eyes focused, and he saw what she was doing.  The darker stones outlined the path that would need to be taken to get down the hallway of one of their jobs.  The hallway had high dollar artifacts and invisible lasers flanking towards a piece worth more than almost all the jobs they’ve done together, to date.  His thoughts were broken up as he heard her say, “Get it down, and you’ll be able to move in and out, among the crowds, the small places, without notice.”

Before Mr. Curtis joined her, he glanced up at the mansion on the hill with that very score.  Looking at her a moment before he joined in, he slowly slid his hands out of his pockets and smiled at her. “At least nobody’s watching.”


Photo 1: .Zuli Poses – Couples Poses – Sweet Nothins @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 2: .Zuli Poses – Couples Poses – Over The Moon @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 3: KaTink Poses & More – Dance To Your Own Beat

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hat: [Deadwool] Flat cap – grey – Gacha RARE
Jacket: Gabriel Drape Shirt and Jacket – White
Pants: Hoorenbeek Leather Pants – Black
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoes
Necklace: Gabriel Angel Wings Necklace (male) – Silver
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape

Thank you to my dear friend Ryanna, for posing with me! Click here for her awesome blog!
RYANNA is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Dream of Paradise
Dress: N-Uno – Vika Dress @ Uber
Shoes: R.icielli – LEXIE High Heels
Accessories: **RealEvil Industries**LUX  Kitty Watch

Beaumont Grove

Just… Rock & Roll


Just take those old records off the shelf
I’ll sit and listen to ’em by myself
Today’s music ain’t got the same soul
I like that old time rock ‘n’ roll
Don’t try to take me to a disco
You’ll never even get me out on the floor
In ten minutes I’ll be late for the door
I like that old time rock ‘n’ roll

Still like that old time rock ‘n’ roll
That kind of music just soothes the soul
I reminisce about the days of old
With that old time rock ‘n’ roll

Come Soon Poses – The BluesMan (includes mic and guitar!) @ SirMonthly Current Round (Ends April 30th)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hat: Couture Chapeau CC Essex Fedora {White}
Tattoo: Taox Tattoo – CillianSLink Applier
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries – Left Eye Male, Lip A and Lip B
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant (L) and Magnus (R) Rings
Cuffs: Hoorenbeek Leather Cuffs
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape
Scarf: Apple May Designs – Bundle Scarf – Black