The Way She Sins


No touching yet.
Just taste the air around us.
Look at me.

That’s it…
You feel it don’t you?
Easy…. Slow….

Now move for me baby.
Gentle meets resistance.
Look at me again.
……… Now.

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Hair: Exile::Vindicated
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Watch: Kunst Sentinel Cuff & Watch


Act Natural – [Fox & Curtis] –


Walking into the lounge of the mansion, Mr. Curtis looked around and began to approach Ms. Fox with purpose.  His stride was confident, but he did try to act as nonchalant as he could; nodding and smiling at a few faces as he picked up a peppermint from a crystal bowl sitting on the credenza behind one of the many couches in the room.  Popping it in his mouth, he sucked on it quickly and moved his jaw around before he stepped behind Ms. Fox.

Ms. Fox knew his touch so well that she was hardly ever startled by it.  Mr. Curtis raised his left hand to her shoulder and gently took her waist in  his other.  She brought her own left hand up, displaying the large rock they affixed to her wedding finger for their access onto the party’s guest list. He smiled and nodded at more guests as he greeted her.

Speaking over her shoulder, “Mrs. Jones.  How are you enjoying yourself this evening so far my love?”  As soon as she began to reply, he spoke lower, trying not to move his lips in a ventriloquist fashion, “Keep talking. Act natural. Play it cool.  I found her.” When Ms. Fox answered his question fully he beamed and brought her hand up to his lips, kissing her knuckles tenderly, keeping the charade of husband and wife up.  Ms. Fox smiled beautifully, giving a small nod to show she copied what he said while she answered him.

After a few couples made small talk with ‘Mr. & Mrs. Jones,’ they began to make their way into the main foyer where various activities were set up such as a dance floor,  photo booth and the main buffet.  Mr. Curtis escorted Ms. Fox through the crowd to the first landing of the circular stairwell, when suddenly, a two-person’d commotion came from the upper landing.

Coming down the stairs, escorted by three police officers and her husband, was Mrs. Minguez, with her hands behind her back in cuffs.  Mr. Curtis only understood bits of what they were yelling back and forth, but he thought quickly and grabbed Ms. Fox by the waist.  Everyone at the party was gaping up at the couple coming down, so to blend in, he led them backwards like they were getting out of the way, but moved them just on the other side of a wall next to the stairwell and pinned Ms. Fox against it like they were there for the privacy.

Ms. Fox turned her head to look out the doorway.  Mr. Curtis watched her eyes begin to blaze as her gaze fell on her uncle, Eleuterio Minguez.  “Shhh baby.  We’ll get our chance.”

As his wife was escorted out of their mansion, Eleuterio began to yell at his guests and swing his arms in a wide circle over and over.  “Vete de aqui!  Vete de aqui!”  Mr. Curtis began to move them both with the crowd, but made more of a sideways route than straight for the door.  By the time he had tucked them into the photobooth unseen, Eleuterio was slamming the front door shut and barking at one of his six guards in the room still.

Mr. Curtis moved his hands from Ms. Fox’s body now, reaching inside his blazer to draw his colt out of his holster.  Suddenly, he groaned when Ms. Fox bent down, pushing her ass into him to pull hers from it’s own strapping.  “For fuck’s sake Noa…. ”  He caught the way her cheek was raised once she stood back up, even though he couldn’t see her face completely.  She was grinning.  Son of a….. NOW?!  She was going to tease him… now?

“Just making sure you were loaded, Mason,” she quipped, turning her head to look at him over her shoulder a moment.

Mason whispered, “You always get like this when you hold that thing.”

Giggling softly, trying to not be heard, “Do I?  I didn’t notice.”

Mr. Curtis squeezed her ass hard in  his other hand, keeping an eye on the end of her gun, then froze once he heard her uncle and his guards were getting closer.  Leaning into the back of her,  his lips brushed against her ear as he spoke low.  “Ready?”


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BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Vindicated
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RYANNA is wearing:
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Wait a Minute


They had already traveled about a hundred miles, and the time now was about 4pm.  It was a lazy weekend day and they took their time waking up, making breakfast, and getting back out of the bed.  She had been hinting to the little list of things she enjoyed doing with him.  Riding with him was one.

He took her to the middle of nowhere, showing her random sights that they didn’t normally see in their city life.  The quiet stillness of an old barn and the stories that once upon a time ran through the deserted gas station, to name a few.

As they sat on the warm dirt road they talked.  No agenda.  Nothing and no one pursuing their time at that moment.  He asked her questions she would normally be too tense to answer, making her blush.  She shared random stories about herself and he divulged those small secrets about himself to her that he figured were insignificant to anyone.

It wasn’t until they realized how hungry they were; their stomachs seeming to start their own conversation, that they rose up off the ground and brushed themselves off to head back into town.

“Wait a minute,” she said from behind him.  He was about to swing his leg over the bike but he turned around and leaned against the bike instead.  She moved closer to him, her hand raising to run her fingers into his hair.  His right hand slid around her waist without a thought and he looked up at her.  No more words were exchanged.   They simply looked into each other’s eyes and said everything they needed to for that moment, last week, and later that day.


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When It Comes Down To It. . .


The holidays are here!  Time to give and receive gifts!!  Wait… What?

You know it’s true though.  It’s not even a bad thing, but… What are you giving?  I’m not going to lie.  I do love gifts. *grins!*  BUT – as lovely as the unwrapped tangible item may be, what really means the most to me is that someone spent time to think about me and select something specifically.

Time… I think it comes down to time.  It’s the most expensive gift you can give someone. You can’t purchase more.  You can’t get a refund.  It can come in the form of a prayer or good thought sent out for you.  Physically spending time with you.
Listening to you.  Even putting thought into a gift for you to unwrap.

Time is precious my friends.  Waste it wisely.

Happy holidays to you and yours!!

“We have so much time and so little to do.  Strike that, reverse it.” – Roald Dahl –


Photo 1 Ryanna: BAXE Poses Casual Chic Female8
Photo 1 Broderick: Q Poses The Blues (store relocating inworld)
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BRODERICK is wearing:
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But First, After . . .


She had done exactly what he asked.  When they finally decided they had stuff to do that day, and responsibilities to acknowledge, she got out of bed and sauntered into the kitchen to make him some coffee.  He hated it when she had to go, but he loved to watch her leave.

Now he was sitting at the table, sipping his, for now, hot coffee while he went over his to-do list and quotas to meet.  Suddenly, he noticed an extra shadow appear on the table next to his.

“Like what you see, ma’am?”

She was peering over the bench, trying to sneak up behind him, but ended up giggling when he obviously noticed her presence.  Walking around to the end of the bench, she crawled over the arm and up towards him like a cat.  His eyes widened and he set his coffee mug down, turning his body to face her.

Grinning now, his hands making their way around her waistline to hold her, he asked, “We already disobeyed the sign my love.  Coffee was indeed, not first this morning.”

She purred at him as her hands made their way up his chest, reaching his face.  She held him tenderly, and replied, “But first, coffee….. after…”


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BRODERICK is wearing:
…… well

Thank you to my beautiful wife, Ryanna, for posing with me.  Check out her blog here!

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Breathless Dance


Standing there, having just picked up his saxophone five minutes ago, he was merely running scales and simple warm-up melodies.  His own music lately seemed flat in spirit.  Since he was a young man he had come to this garden, and for some reason, good fortune, inspiration, or even clarity on life decisions came his way when he visited that spot.

After playing for over an hour, he felt the same.  No change.  Dropping his sax abruptly, he growled a moment into the space around him.  Trying not to grit his teeth at his frustration, he stared hard at his case on the ground near his feet, ready to throw his saxophone into it and pack up for home.  His thoughts, however, kept getting pulled, and in his anger he didn’t recognize what was happening.

He heard it…. A sound he couldn’t recognize and without thinking the reed touched his lips again.  Wetting it first, he felt a melody rise from deep inside of him.  He even began to sway and rock back and forth, his dance partner in his hands.  His fingers fluttered the keys, unlocking a rhythm that began to climb.  He opened his eyes, and that’s the first time he saw her, ever, but he wasn’t surprised.  She had already picked up on his cadence, and her body shivered and flowed with the song.  She was the closest she could be to his saxophone when their eyes locked.  The finale of the tune resonated in the air around them until all they were left with was the heavy breathing of their eminent longing.

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Moving In


The weekend was a long one, as far as things to do.  They both had their own lists, and then one they shared, of things to get done.  Collapsing on the couch, she swung her legs into his lap and he pulled one of her feet up to massage.

Kneading her foot, he looked over at her and watched her grimace and moan with relieved pain.  He imagined pulling the aches from her body with each movement of his hand.  Pulling it’s aura straight out of her body.  Looking back up at her, he could see her begin to relax.

Noticing her drift off, “Oh no.  Come on.  Let’s get to the bed.”  He stood up and went to hold his hand out to her, but she began to melt right off of the couch onto the floor.

Chuckling, he pleaded with her and held his hand out again, but she tugged him down to her, a genuine smile on her lips as he hit his knees to hold her.  Closing her eyes and moving into his arms, against his chest, she closed her eyes again.  “I forgot where we were.  Which city,” she said.  “We’ve moved so much but it never matters where we are.  As long as I can do this.”

Smiling at the right corner of his mouth, he kissed the top of her head.  That’s what it was about for him.  Her comfort.  Her smile.


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Fancy a Refill?


Late nights.
We can’t help ourselves on the early mornings.
There are things to do.
A to-do list to tackle.

Fancy a refill, darling?

Broderick: [evoLove] Just Wake Up No1
Ryanna: Q Poses Alone Without You

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: *ARGRACE* SHUN – Ebony
Shorts: Legal Insanity Rocco briefs plain
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RYANNA is wearing: (Click here to check out her great blog too!)
Top : #2 Blueberry – Mykonos / RARE / Satin Robe
Bottoms: #13 Blueberry  – Mykonos / COMMON / Panties
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Helen”

Was and Anyway


She was a sweet girl.  The kind you didn’t want to corrupt… But you did anyway.

(Check out Ryanna’s short story version of this post here!).


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RYANNA is wearing: (Click here to read the short story she wrote for this piece!)
Outfit: [Kenny Rolands] INNA @ Haus of Swag Fair 2016 {Until Nov. 4
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Kora

SET DESIGN (second photo):
Razor Bird Pile of Junk 1
Razor Bird Pile of Junk 2
Razor Bird Bonfire of Broken Chairs
Urban Jungle Newspaper box blue
Urban Jungle Streetlamp
Urban Jungle Brickpile
Urban Jungle Brickwall Broken (various)
Urban Jungle City Filler 4
*Come Soon Poses* Two zombies on left from Apocoalipse Zombie set

Kiss the Steel


Trudging through as long as he could, he finally felt his body give out from inside first.  He hit his knees, feeling the the rotting wood of the old tracks give under the impact.  Inhaling deeply, he let his next breath out slowly and leaned back on his heels some.

He was holding the .45 in his right hand still; clutching it tightly.  As his gaze fell down on it, he took in the cold steel and rigid frame… Moments ago, shot off, targeting his mark.

Closing his eyes, he envisioned it all again….  How his arm rose as he turned on his heel… Locking his elbow for impact as he lined the sight up; subject centered.

With his eyes still closed, reliving…  His eyes quickly flashed with anger, and he squeezed the trigger.  In his mind, he watched the bullet shoot out and almost stall in the air.  On the tracks, he felt the cold steel rub slowly across his lips.  Then…. He kissed the forty-five just as the memory tinked the glass of his own reflection, shattering it slowly into the air, for good.

Q Poses – Kiss of Death 2  (Thanks for creating the pose, Rood!!)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Traveler
Gun Holster: SAYO Loaded Holster Onyx
Pants: [BODY FACTORY] Cargo Pants (Black)
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos – Don’t Cry @ Men Only Hunt 8