Hell’s Satire


“Dammit!” he growled out loud to himself.  The Devil was sitting at his large desk inside of his office with the door closed.  He was blowing on his coffee, trying to cool it off.  He kept peeking his head to the left, rolling in his overly large office chair, craning his neck to see if Ky’lar was watching him.  She couldn’t find out he enjoyed cold coffee, let alone, could somehow make it cold.  It started out hot… But one day he was so busy working he forgot to drink his coffee, only to take a sip from it hours later to find the magical nectar was…. cool!   Since then, he was addicted.  Or maybe just busy…

Half an hour later, The Devil got bored and decided he needed a break from doing nothing.  Time to harass his favorite prize, Ky’lar.  He delighted in the notoriety of having his very own succubus pet.  Daily, his haters grew from jealousy.  He was very popular and admired.  Many wanted to know his secret so they could be hated as much also.  The crazy thing was, although he tricked her, the fact that it worked surprised him as much as it did Ky’lar that beautiful blazing day.

Swinging the door open, he strut right over to her desk.  Oh… He knew he looked…. Hot.  “If you could get to work, that’d be great……,” The Devil said, pausing with a short bout of déjà vu.  “I got a quota to fill!”

Oooo… There it was.  That look she gave him.  It’d melt him, if he could melt.  It was a pointed glare, just for him. “There’s nothing happening up there.  The guys are bored.”

“Bored?” The Devil snorted.  “They’ve got to raise Hell.  That’s what we do.”  She was glancing at his cup of Joe, to which he moved away  from her.  He was pretty sure she was beginning to wonder why she wasn’t allowed to make or touch his coffee mug.  “You do remember how to do that, right?  My little  docile demon?”

The look on her face… She loved his quips.  Probably because he was always right.  Ky’lar pushed back from the desk, a sly little smile working on her lips.  She swayed her hips, walking around her desk towards him.  Thankfully she couldn’t see him gulp.  “You know… Devil…”  Her voice had changed to a hypnotic melody, and he wondered if she knew it worked a little bit.  “Remove my bonds, and I can bring you a wealth of souls.”

The tattoo markings on her body are what bound her to her home there with him.  Smiling coyly at her, turning into a mocking laugh, “How many other Devils, beside THE Devil, can say they have a succubus for a pet?”  He put his cup down, out of her reach.  “No, no, darling… This arrangement is too much fun.”


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Mr. Curtis woke up, with Ms. Fox still cradled in his arms.  The sun was rising and peeking through the wooded mountains and the large, tall windows of their cabin.  He looked at her a moment and watched her sleep.  He began to feel his shoulder’s wound aching, so he let his still-sleepy mind begin to play back the events of the night before…….

……… They had arrived at the cabin in the mountains not quite a full hour ago, and were now sitting in front of a warm fire with supplies laid out to take care of Mr. Curtis’ shoulder wound; the bullet still lodged inside.  He opened the whiskey bottle, and didn’t even bother to pour a glass for himself.  He took two swigs straight from the bottle, exhaling loudly, his eyes squinting some as he looked at her.  He poured some into a glass, and slid it towards Ms. Fox.

“So…. Give it to me straight.  Who the hell are you, really?”

Ms. Fox didn’t look at him.  She picked up the liquid truth and took a swig before picking up the rubbing alcohol and some clean cloth.  She then moved along on her knees towards him, dumping some of the disinfectant onto the cloth.  Mr. Curtis was sitting shirtless on a footstool, and she came up between his legs, already aiming the cloth for his shoulder as she placed the bottle down.  She reached back, taking another swig of the whiskey for courage.  Looking him in the eyes, she applied the disinfectant to his wound, spoke at the same time it touched him.

“My Grandfather is the Marqué del Stry,” she stopped to see if that name registered.

He winced at the touch of the disinfectant.  Growling also, but not so loud as he listened to Ms. Fox and tried to swallow what she just said. “As in, the Stry’s that founded, and made money, off of the Spanish wars?  The same Stry who’s the head of the Spanish cartel?”  He inhaled and let out a “Fuck!”  That suddenly explained the photos that Ms. Burke had passed him in an envelope over a month ago.  It’s why he was packing heat anywhere Ms. Fox and him went lately.

The photos that Ms. Burke gave him were obviously taken by a private eye, and the card inside confirmed the mark was Ms. Fox.  Mr. Curtis hadn’t slept well since he received those photos.  It all flashed in his memory quickly as she cleaned the sight of his wound, preparing to dislodge the bullet inside.  “That means the man we stole from… The men I just killed back there…..” He just nodded. It all made sense.  Thank God he trusted his instincts when he came around the corner in that castle and stepped back quickly.  He watched three men nod to each other and begin to head for the room Ms. Fox was in, but that’s when he turned the corner and shot two succinct kill shots.  The third man was hit, but managed to shoot at Mr. Curtis as he went down, just before another round was fired by Mr. Curtis’ gun.

Ms. Fox had turned her eyes away, rinsing the cloth while he took another few swigs of whiskey, and continued. “My father died when I was 15, and my uncle, Eleuterio Mînguez, thought that he would be next in line to inherit the family fortune, but my grandfather has always liked me and, even though I am the only child of my fathers, and a female.  My grandfather declared that I would have the inheritance. It made my uncle very upset that he was delegated to the end the line.  If I was gone, with no more heirs in my fathers line, then the money would be his. Attempts were made on my life and my mothers that caused a war between the two. My father had trusted friends in the States and my mother sent me over there to keep me safe.”

Mr. Curtis yelled as she used tweezers to pull the bullet out.  It was lodged pretty deep.  The whiskey helped but it wasn’t enough.  Nearly 8 shots and he still felt it as if he were sober.  However, once she held the bullet between the tweezers, he looked at her, feeling the whiskey, the pain, the adrenaline, the exhaustion and the loss of blood since being shot… All of it hitting him and he passed out.

Ms. Fox grabbed him quickly and laid him as gently as she could on the floor. She sighed and went to work stitching up the wound. Mr. Curtis wasn’t out long, because suddenly his hand was over hers.  He looked up at her, his expression soft, and simply said, “Mason.”

He shivered and she felt his chest and then forehead.  He felt cold.  “What?”  She looked slightly confused after her obvious concern.

“My name…. My name is Mason.”  He winced as she knotted the last stitch, closing the wound up completely.  She looked down at him, watching his complexion wane some and worry etched her face.

“Noa .” She smiled quickly as she began to unzip the back of her dress.  His manners kicked in like a reflex, and he turned his face away.

“That’s pretty.”  He felt very still… He didn’t want to move.  The pain was finally ebbing and he took in a deep breath, realizing he was cold for the first time. Suddenly, he felt her…. He felt her move her body over his and lay down over him carefully, not wanting to cause any strain or pull on the wound site.  “What are you doing?”

“Shhh… You need warmth.  This is the best way.”

“I’ll say….” She was laying over him, but she had at least grabbed the sheet off of the bed to put between them.  He felt her smile, and his arm instinctively went around her back, stroking up and down.  They stay there in silence for a time, taking in the heat from the fire and their bodies.  His mind was thinking of a bunch of questions though. “How did you become a thief?  With what’s going on in your family wouldn’t it had been wiser to stay away?”

“It just happened,” Noa answered. “The family I was with was attacked a few years after I got there and I ran.” She felt a tad uneasy as she recalled the old memories. She drew in a slightly shaky breath. Fear was etched into her voice. “And now I’ve got you into this mess. They’ll be coming after you too. I’m such a —”

Mason cupped her cheek in his hand, and carefully rolled them over, leaning on his good shoulder.  He cut her off with the sudden move and looked down at her.  “Don’t talk like that.”


“Shh…” Mason said, his thumb caressing her cheek. He felt more for this woman than he imagined. His eyes traveled along her body and he shook his head slowly. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” Before he knew it, he was leaning into her and crushed his lips to hers.  He felt her arms go around him; her fingers sliding up into his hair as he pressed his body down onto her, letting a low growl escape his lips and into their kiss.  The hand that was cupping her cheek was on the back of her neck now, holding her as he pulled back and looked down into her eyes.

They were both breathing harder, eyes searching each other’s before Noa pulled him back down to her lips and slid her tongue between  his teeth.  Mason bit down on her lip before he moved lower, kissing under her chin and down her neck towards her collar bone.  The sheet began to slide down as he moved lower……


……………… Mason turned to look at her as she stirred next to him, which made him smile softly.  “Good morning ma’am.”

Noa stretched, opening her eyes slowly and smiled up at him.  “Good morning.  How is your shoulder?”

“It’s there….,” he replied.  He had a wicked thought and sat them both up, rolling over her and grinning as she squealed and caught the sheet, pulling it back up on her.  He leaned in behind her, kissing her shoulder and nipped at her ear, growling…. “I better….. Mmmm We need coffee.  And we need to leave.  If I stay here…..,” he trailed off and snatched his robe up, carefully pulling it around him and went to make coffee.

Mason was standing on the back deck of the cabin when he heard her call him.  “Mason?”  He turned to walk in, but stopped in the doorway, leaning gently against the doorframe, struck by the way the light was hitting her.

She was looking down at the book in her hand.  “We have the book.  What do you suppose we do now?”  When Noa looked up at him, she blushed.  Mason had a small smile on his lips, and the way he was looking at her…. “I just…. I want to be careful.”  She watched him set his coffee mug down and moved to close the distance between them.  She kept her eyes on his, and eventually grinned up at him, “I thought we needed to get ready to leave?”

His hands went around her waist as he walked her backwards until she hit the bed and fell backwards.  “We’ll leave soon… ,” he said as he moved over her body again.

Noa couldn’t stop the mirth that escaped past her lips as she scrambled to keep a hold of the sheet that fell from her hand when she hit the bed.  “They will come after us,” though she wasn’t being discouraging, as she pushed back on the bed.

Mason crawled over her again, yanking the sheet away from her grip and tossing it beside them.  “Then maybe the moans and screaming you make will need to sound more like torture than……,” he trailed off with a grin on his lips.  He moved down on her neck again, and reached for her arms.  He pushed them up above her head and held her down as he pushed his body against her, biting her neck.  She’d need to work on sounding more convincing.


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Worth It


After he slid his wallet back into his jacket’s inside pocket, he picked up his coffee the barista had just set down.  Holding his left wrist up, he checked the time as he turned around and slowly walked towards the front doors of the cafe that someone just opened up.  Without moving his head he, looked up and out the window.

“Mr. Logan?”  He picked his head up and turned around again, smiling back at the barista who just put another coffee on the counter with some cookies.

“Thank you so much for doing this.”

“Oh, it’s no trouble to open up a little early for ya.  I do hope she’s okay though?”

“Oh….”  Broderick winked at that lady, “She is.  I’d feel it otherwise.”  He picked up Ryanna’s coffee mug he ordered, and tried to balance the two mugs and the plate of cookies until the barista chuckled at him and helped carry them to a table outside.  He took another sip of his coffee as he set hers down and looked down the street in both directions for her.  Surely she’d be here soon.  He put his mug next to hers and leaned over the chair back, making note of the minutes.


Just then, he heard the barista ask someone inside if they needed help.  Squinting, he peered inside, and smiled, but decided to sound stern.  “You’re late.”

He heard Ryanna quietly answer, “I’m with him.”

Standing, he smiled softly, happy to see her late or not.  He held his arms out for her, “Did you get lost?”

She slid her arms around him, chuckling, “Only a little. At least I’m not too late for coffee.”

It’s okay, he thought to himself as this siren of a woman went for his neck.  She was worth waiting for.


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Elysium City of Templemore

A Simple Switcheroo


Ms. Fox and Mr. Curtis were taking a casual stroll through a downtown street, with no ulterior motives that day.  She had just mentioned how hungry she suddenly was and Mr. Curtis gulped.  He left his wallet at home, and he was adamant about her leaving her purse behind.  Didn’t want some petty thief to accost her.

As they walked down a set of stone steps into a busier section of town, he was surprised that the square was rather empty.  Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, he saw his opportunity.  Nonchalantly, he slipped her arm that was tucked under his out and slid over to a stool where a musician must have taken a quick break.  He had no idea how long the street musician would be gone, so he needed to act quickly.

Ms. Fox had already rolled her eyes at him and gone to peek into a window of a nearby store, but she turned, with a crazed and utterly embarrassed expression.  Mr. Curtis was…. singing.  Singing badly.  Oh she had to stop him.

Loudly, she whispered, “What are you DOING?!”

“What?  No good?” he asked.

Ms. Fox rolled her eyes, and turned her head over her left shoulder.  Her attention was stolen by the smells of the nearby cafe.  That’s when Mr. Curtis rolled his fedora down his arm, switching it with the one on the musician’s stool.  He flipped it up on top of his head quickly, keeping all of the dollars inside, and now, on his head, under his new hat.  His right hand on the front; left hand on the back brim of the hat, he adjusted it on his head and walked back to her, offering her his arm again.  “I’m hungry.  Let’s eat.”


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Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kasimire [Light Browns]

Playa Flamingo

I Work Alone


Landing on the rooftop; stealth, the only sound the folding of his cape as gravity pulled it back down.  His eyes scanned the area in an instant, and although he didn’t see her yet, he knew she was already there and could see him.  “I told you I didn’t need your help,” he bellowed to the darkness.

Suddenly, the darkness moved gracefully, eventually forming the outline of a lithe cat-like woman.  “Who said you needed to ask?” she sung back to him as she revealed herself next to him.  The duo sized each other up a moment, before his jaw unclenched some finally, and she gave a swing of her hips, resting her hand on top as she smiled at him.


“I’ve told you before… I work alone,” he growled at her.  He began to move past her but she caught his arm.  His eyes sharply cut over to look at her sternly, but softened as soon as he saw her expression.  “Sometimes, you have to realize the hero needs help too.”  His gaze saddened, and she could feel his stance wane under her hand too.  She didn’t want to let go of his arm.  She marveled in the fact that he was still letting her.  They both knew he could quite easily brush her off.

“There’s no reason for you to endanger yourself too.  Leave me be,” he replied as he moved again, jumping on top of the ledge and perched himself on atop a gargoyle statue.  He hunched over, surveying the city he protected.

She knew his mind could not be changed with further words, and she slinked back into shadows.  She also knew that he knew she would always be there for him, whether he wanted her to be or not.  Sometimes, the hero needed a hero.

“There cannot be true despair without hope.”
– The Dark Knight Rises –


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Body Suit, guns and shoes are from [ADN] CATWOMAN 2 (MESH OUTFIT)
Hair: *ARGRACE* TAMAKI – Dark Browns

Lights, Camera, Focus.

To The Beat of Your Heart

The photographer was ready to catch their dance in motion, into a still image.  The music they put into motion was sought for by their fans each night.  Their stage was a shorter, confined area this time, but they used what they had to work with.  They kept their dance closer than normal.  Her body was always against his; her legs wrapping and twisting. Hips and backside grazing.  Her fingers were feather-like each time she touched him.  His hands were strong and assured her he had her.  His strength resulted in her being held high and caught securely.  She could rely on his graceful movements and fluidity to her own body.  They worked as one.  The lights came on, and they were ready.  The camera flashed, and they showed everything they had to give.  They focused, on each other.


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