Volleying for Curiosity


The sailboat swayed to the right as it began to tilt from Mr. Curtis turning the ship’s wheel.  He winked at Ms. Fox before they both turned to watch the shoreline as he threw the anchor overboard.

It was getting harder and harder lately, but he tried to keep the smile off of his lips as he asked, “How’s your ball game?”  Then he disappeared below, practically skipping the few steps into the boat’s cabin as his hands held onto the rails.

He moved some things around in the closet that didn’t belong to them, spotting the volleyball in a small sports bag he saw a couple night’s before.  He heard her call out, “Better than yours!”  He rolled his eyes up in his head as he emerged back out into the sunlight.  Dropping the ladder down the boat, he made quick work of going down it, ignoring Ms. Fox as she began to speak…. “We’re not really going to….. Oh come on!”  Once he was out of her sight down the side of the boat, he grinned wickedly.

She was likely nervous.  She didn’t seem to take well sometimes to his spontaneity, and more or less appreciated the “go according to plan” type of gigs.  They both had a sense of caution against each other.  He still wasn’t sure if he could trust her.  Mr. Curtis received intel of an exact date and time a museum back in the states would be cleaning a practically priceless opal diamond necklace dating back to the early 1500’s, and possibly Queen “Bloody” Mary I.  The head curator was vacationing at the resort he just docked at.

He peeked his head up, stretching his neck some as he was walking backwards in the shallow water to smirk at her.  While doing so, his thoughts trailed off as he watched her.  In his line of work, although a score is obtained, it’s rarely gratifying for very long before the desire and longing for something else hits.  Ms. Fox had some good ideas, many times…. But the glint in her eyes of excitement over it was different than what he usually saw in con artists.  He had a plan to slowly pick that side of her apart until he understood it.


Turning, not answering her, he tossed the ball in the air to himself repeatedly.  He listened.  There it was…. The sound of water being tread.  Closer…. Closer…. It slowed down to some and lacked that sonorous tone of deeper water.  Quickly he turned, and spiked the ball towards her, yelling, “Heads up!”

She dove for the ball, up onto the beach now.  He grinned like a kid when he noticed how close she was to sand in her mouth.  He watched her stand up and brush the sand off of herself before she served the ball back at him.  She hit it pretty well, so he took that opportunity to miss the ball.  “Shit…. I got it!”


He headed behind the sand dunes, immediately on the concrete cabana area of the resort. Picking up the ball, he also grabbed a red coin purse out of the first vacant cabana he passed.  He reached into his pocket, and slid a lower level security clearance key card into the purse. Spotting the long-legged blonde he needed to find, sun hat over her man, her hand gently resting across the stomach of her black bathing suit as she sun bathed on an outstretched pool lounger…  Mr. Curtis walked towards the head curator quickly, he lightly bounced the ball and pretended to trip over a neighboring lounger next to her.  She sat up quickly, “What the….!” but he was already smiling down at her.

“My deepest….” paused, to look her dead in the eyes, “……. apologies ma’am.”  Mr. Curtis pretended to be captivated by her.  “One too many Bahama Mamas, plenty of sun and a game of volleyball that,” he gave her a mock apologetic smile now, stooping beside her to reach for the ball, “I’m obviously, not as good as I thought I was, at.”

Once he got the giggle he planned for from her, he dropped the unzipped red coin purse into her beach bag next to her.  “Ah hell… I’m so clumsy!”  He kept his eyes on her with a small smile, his face close to hers.  He watched her bite her lip just as he felt inside of her bag for the card attached to a lanyard.  Quickly, he switched the two cards.  You would’ve thought he was slipping melted butter off of his hand back into the red coin purse.  Once he zipped it halfway, he yanked it up by the zipper’s pull, pulling it closed the rest of the way, and held it up between them.  “I was just on my way to return this to lost and found.  It’s not perhaps yours, is it ma’am?”

“Mmmm no, but I wish it was, so I could give you a proper reward.”  Standing, he grinned devilishly at her.

“Perhaps there’s still time to lose something, ma’am.”  With that he grinned at her and winked, then turned to head back to the beach where Ms. Fox was waiting.  Walking away he turned into the cabana he took the red coin purse from, trading the volley ball for a bottle of sangria that was chilling in a bucket and two wine glasses.

He couldn’t help the look of satisfaction on his face.  It was two-fold.  His plan worked effortlessly, AND now he had something serious in his hand that would illicit Ms. Fox’s curiosity fully.  “That’s enough games for today,” he said, offering Ms. Fox the bottle as he returned.

Mr. Curtis watched her eye the purse hanging off his wrist as he went to sit next to her in the sand.  Then, to his surprise, she gave in way too quickly, “What’s that?”

Offering his glass out to her to fill, “Don’t you like pretty things?” He smiled, as he thought about what the key card inside would lead to, while he looked down at her…

She simply smiled back at him, and him at her, as she replied her answer… “Cheers.”


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Noble Creations – [NC] – Tropical Palm Trees @ Cosmopolitan (June 6-18th)
DaD DESIGN Mediterranean Palm Trees @ LTD The Event (June 12-26th)

Photo 1 on location at The Keys

Out There


Brokenness…  Fragility…  Creaking sounds of what once was.

The wind blew lightly and could be heard as it whistled between the dilapidated structures.  It pushed the fragrance of the new grass and flowers across his face, and he inhaled.  The air in his lungs now traveled like a remedy to his battered soul.

Then he nodded with closed eyes, an ever-faint smile playing with his lips. Blinking his eyelids open he looked up.  “Okay….”  He nodded again… “Okay….,” and realized why he felt as different as he looked.  Brighter things.


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Smooth Sailing


Mr. Curtis climbed the ladder up to the lighthouse.  He was bored at the moment, and decided to explore the public cabin Ms. Fox and him were lounging in, in Cancun.  Ms. Fox was being lazy, and reading a magazine or something out on the dock, getting some sun.  Whatever… His options to take more than his share were still in the back of his mind.

Mr. Curtis had trouble trusting people.  Or maybe it wasn’t ‘trouble’ but just that he had been burned so many times when he thought he could trust someone.  Experience.  Wisdom.  He never closed doors or windows.  Options were options.

He reached the top of the lighthouse and stepped outside onto the circular balcony.  The sun was beginning to set, and it was almost time to put his plan into action.  Turning around, he hunched over and leaned his elbows on the railing.  He was right above the boat that him and Ms. Fox were about to board and crack a safe on.  They were just waiting out the senator and his family to head to the boardwalk for dinner.

Mr. Curtis’ eyes dropped down, seeing Ms. Fox still laying on the dock with her feet propped up.  Time to wake her up.  He quickly headed back down the ladder of the lighthouse, stepped outside of the cabin and walked over to her.  She didn’t seem to notice his presence so, he took his eye glasses off and quietly sat them down next to her, and…….


Mr. Curtis had leaped over her body, and cannonball’d as close to the dock as he could.  As he came back up to the surface of the water and wiped the water from his face and pushed his hair back, he grinned at her.  Swimming back to the dock to retrieve his eye glasses.  Ms. Fox uncrossed her legs calmly, setting her feet down and sat up.  She was obviously a victim of his cannonball.  He went to reach for his glasses but she snatched them up in her hand as she crossed her legs under her.  He looked up at her angrily, “Hey…. You know I’ll need those for this.”

“Afraid you’ll miss out on seeing something?  Don’t trust me to be your eyes?” she asked.

“You know damn well I need those to….unlock…. the…..,” he slowed down because she actually began to hand them back.  That was not like her to give up so easily.  He followed her gaze slowly though, as she was looking above him.  Ah…. Time to get to work.  She saw the senator and his family making their way to the boardwalk now.  Their time window was small, so he took the glasses and carefully put them back on.  Turning in the water, he motioned for her to hop on his shoulders.  “Giddy up.”


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Glasses: Gudshu Glasses – Lauer – Scripted
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RYANNA is wearing: (Click here for Ms. Fox’s side of the story)
Hair: Analog Dog – pi – dark browns
Shorts: Addams // Electra Denim Short // Night Blue
Top: Blueberry – Georgina – Yoga Tops – Maitreya
Shoes: Apple May Designs – Aria Jewels
Tattoo:  -Endless Pain Tattoos- Elowen @ Totally Top Shelf

The Keys



Hot, coarse sand
Blowing mildly across the wreckage
He visited daily.
Each time may be different.

What was hidden?
What value could there possibly be?
Something worthwhile.
Something irreplaceable.

Which was real?
Him, or the wreckage?
What was felt…
What was felt…

POSE: KlubWerk Poses Homme 01 @ Current Round of Pose Lover

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Arm Bands: [BODY FACTORY] Hazard Bracelets

Mystical Falls

Will Return


Bayde slipped into darkness off and on.  The last time he did, he had swallowed hard; or what felt like he had swallowed hard.  His eyes were closed.  Still.  Even he was wondering if he was breathing… He was so still.  Every piece of his body was weighted, and he laid there in excruciating pain across the rubble.  Suddenly, he felt his body moving, but he couldn’t do anything in response.  Perhaps he just thought he was moving.  He couldn’t see.  He could barely feel.  He couldn’t even really hear, but he sensed….Oh yes… She was there.  He even inhaled the soft smell of her as his mind unwillingly floated off to memories prior.

The Humans and the Trolls were at war.  Something that should’ve been a simple misunderstanding escalated into full blown war.  Bayde was the commander of the Human forces, and had traveled to see the elvish King to seek his support.  The King was an honorable man, and owed Bayde for aid that the Humans had given him in the past.  That’s when he met Ori’Ziya, the King’s youngest daughter.  She was the General of her father’s army, so Bayde naturally had immediate admiration for her.  The fact that she was beauty wrapped in armor may have been a small factor as well.  She had an air of self-respect about her too.  The kind that made men stand taller when she was around.  Bayde had overheard her opinion of not meddling in with Human affairs – especially with such high stakes, but she honored her father with obedience.  Bayde proved to her that Humans were not so bad though whenever they worked together.  On the battlefield, they both proved effortlessly and countlessly that they could depend on one another, which in turn, resulted in trust and closeness.


One day, Bayde sent word for Ori’Ziya to meet him in a stone clearing a few miles outside of the elven city.  He paced inside of an old wooden gazebo until she arrived.  She walked up and stopped short of the structure, just looking at him.  His eyes took all of her in, shaking his head to himself for a moment, as he reminded himself of his grim reality.

That very morning, he was the target for an assassin who had slipped poison into his drink.  He hadn’t drank much, but he knew immediately something was inside of his body because of the drink.  His throat had tightened and he knew, but it would come and go… Fade in and out softly.  To him, that only meant it would be slow acting.  He didn’t have much time left then if the plan he had just come up with was going to work, leaving immediately to call for Ori’Ziya.

“Bayde?” Ori’Ziya asked as she appraoched.  “What’s wrong?  What’s the matter?”  He could hear her voice rise, expressing an alarm that she was trying to hide.


He stayed silent a moment, but reached for her hand with his armored glove.  He allowed himself the luxury of taking her in with his gaze, his nose inhaling her scent, as a small smile played the corner of his lips as he often gave her.  He even played off a painful wince as part of his smile.  He didn’t want her to remember him weak.

Taking a deep breath, he informed her, “I’m leading a group of my men along to a mountain path to the West.  It’s risky, but if we can traverse the path we’ll be able to flank the trolls and gain a huge advantage.” Bayde spoke calmly, watching her face intently. “It will bring a quick end to the war, Ori’Ziya.”

“That mountain is dangerous! No one has been able to go that way since the rock slide a few years ago.”

“Which is what makes this plan so good. They will not be expecting us from that direction.”  He couldn’t hold back anymore, bringing up his hand beside her cheek to calm her as best he could.  He saw her eyes were wet, and he pleaded her with his own, to be strong.  He knew she understood the benefits, let alone the risks of being a soldier.  Peace for the land was the most important.

Ori’Ziya watched him for a little bit before she nodded.  “Those trolls will never know what hit them.”

Bayde lingered as long as he could, until he felt like he wouldn’t be able to hide his feelings and physical pain any longer.  He looked down at her hand holding onto his metal glove, lifting it to his lips, and kissed her.  He let go quickly, or he may not have at all.  Descending the steps on the gazebo, he mounted his horse, looking back at her as he slapped the horse’s hind leg to take off.


Bayde organized his troops and implemented his plan.  When the time was right, his army hit the Trolls until they retreated, but not until the back end of the army took a heavy loss, losing some of their higher ranks in the process.  His men were celebrating back at their camp, but Bayde had wandered off to some ruins to get away.

He was feeling weaker and weaker.  Stumbling, he worked hard to get to at least a clearing in the rubble.  Once he reached the top of the hill, his entire body was numb from the pain, but his right arm lifted towards a crow coming at him in slow motion like it held a message.  Bayde stared at the bird intently….. Hearing nothing. Feeling nothing.  All he heard was his heart beating.  Then, in front of the stairs he wavered, his eyes focusing on the bird landing on the tip of his metal-clad hand.  His body began to move like a flag moving in the breeze.  His head slowly looked down…. and from the top of his body to the bottom, he collapsed, no longer feeling…  His body had gone completely numb, and a deafening silence filled his ears.

In and out of consciousness, he heard the rubble being moved… Like it was being stepped on… His body was moved and he knew he was laying against something much softer than rocks.  It was her.  He knew immediately and suddenly he could hear again.  He didn’t hear around him, but he heard his heart beating again.  He was listening to the sound of his heartbeat when he felt his cheek wet…. His cheek was wet?  He felt his cheek wet.  What was happening?  If he could just see her….


Photo 1:  KlubWerk Poses Homme 05 @ Current Round of Pose Lover
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Helmet: Noble Creations – [NC] – War Helmet – RED

(For Ori’Ziya’s side of the story, click here ;))
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* PREFABRICA * ruins 03

A Simple Switcheroo


Ms. Fox and Mr. Curtis were taking a casual stroll through a downtown street, with no ulterior motives that day.  She had just mentioned how hungry she suddenly was and Mr. Curtis gulped.  He left his wallet at home, and he was adamant about her leaving her purse behind.  Didn’t want some petty thief to accost her.

As they walked down a set of stone steps into a busier section of town, he was surprised that the square was rather empty.  Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, he saw his opportunity.  Nonchalantly, he slipped her arm that was tucked under his out and slid over to a stool where a musician must have taken a quick break.  He had no idea how long the street musician would be gone, so he needed to act quickly.

Ms. Fox had already rolled her eyes at him and gone to peek into a window of a nearby store, but she turned, with a crazed and utterly embarrassed expression.  Mr. Curtis was…. singing.  Singing badly.  Oh she had to stop him.

Loudly, she whispered, “What are you DOING?!”

“What?  No good?” he asked.

Ms. Fox rolled her eyes, and turned her head over her left shoulder.  Her attention was stolen by the smells of the nearby cafe.  That’s when Mr. Curtis rolled his fedora down his arm, switching it with the one on the musician’s stool.  He flipped it up on top of his head quickly, keeping all of the dollars inside, and now, on his head, under his new hat.  His right hand on the front; left hand on the back brim of the hat, he adjusted it on his head and walked back to her, offering her his arm again.  “I’m hungry.  Let’s eat.”


POSES (left to right):
Photo 1: Poseidon Poses – Crooner M5 @ Current Round of Pose Lover
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(Ryanna) Glitter Poses Back Series 2 #5 @ Current Round of Pose Lover

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Shirt: Glitter Loose Blouse mesh glitter Fiesta  @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16 
Pants: Glitter Loose pants mesh glitter silver @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Tattoo:  .::Nanika::. Rose tattoo
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kasimire [Light Browns]

Playa Flamingo

Out to Brunch


Callum was leaning against the fence, waiting…. As usual.  He could’ve finished his daily chores by now, but no…. They told him to meet him in front of the main house precisely at 11am.  For some reason, he thinks the pair delighted in making his eyes roll.

Lo and behold, nearly thirty minutes later, there they were, strolling and chuckling as they made their way towards him down the dirt road.  He yelled out, holding his hands out to his sides, “What happened to 11am?!”

“We made it, didn’t we?” replied Ellisande, with a smirk tugging on the corners of her lips.  She waved a hand between herself and Lily, her shawl beginning to slip down her shoulders.  “We saw something delightful on the way down and simply had to have a look.”

Now he simply smiled adoringly at them, as he laid one of his one liners out there. “Did you both come across a mirror?”

Lily was quick with a comeback as she adjusted the flower in her hair.  “Oh we didn’t start laughing until we saw you.  You look so cute when you’re aggravated.”  Callum just rolled his eyes, offering them each their own arm.  “We’re late for lunch, ladies”

Adding this here to share a wonderful experience at River’s Song Restaurant, owned by Starr Wulluf.  Our afternoon was filled with a beautiful atmosphere, friendly staff, and a memorable brunch.


POSES (left to right):
Lily (Deva Westland): Glitter Poses – Back 4 Series 2 @ Current Round of Pose Lover
Callum (Broderick): KlubWerk Poses Homme 2 @ Current Round of Pose Lover
Ellisande (Ryanna Foxclaw): The Muse Poses – Elia 01 @ Current Round of Pose Lover

BRODERICK is wearing:
Top: *{Junbug}* .-. Heathcliff .-. Rake’s Waistcoat [Black]
Trousers: *{Junbug}* .-. Heathcliff .-. Rake’s Trousers [Grey Tweed]
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoes

RYANNA is wearing (visit her blog too!):
Gown: *{Junbug}* Betty’s Gown [Vintage Floral Unicorn]
Wrap: *{Junbug}* Vintage Fur Wrap in Snow White
Hair: Magika [01] Habit
Necklace: Son!a Cabaret Jewlery Silver/Gold Onyx

DEVA is wearing:
Hair: Emotions Lottee @ Current Round of Cosmopolitan
Gown: *{Junbug}* Miss Evelyn [Pinstripe]

Beaumont Grove

Man Cave


He carefully backed his brand new Forty-Eight into his garage, nearly snagging his jeans on the front bumper of his Jeep Wrangler that was literally being held together by rope.  Kicking the kickstand down and leaning the bike to support itself, he grabbed his helmet and began to walk out of the garage, but stopped himself as he looked at the largest object in the garage.  That old jeep looked like a hunk of junk to those that looked inside of his cave, but to him, it stood for freedom , was something to be proud of (since he fixed it more than he drove it lately), and held memories like a photograph.

Sometimes a man’s just gotta get in his cave, and tinker about.  His cave could be a garage with “junk,” or it could be a completely decked out, complete surround sound garage turned sports-bar.  Whatever, or wherever it is, it’s a space for a man to walk into and literally feel weight lifted and hung up at the door.  More importantly, it’s okay to want to go there.

KlubWerk Poses Homme 3 @ Current Round of Pose Lover

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry
Jacket: PRISM for MEN Arnold Jackets V.1 @ Current Round of Sir Monthly
Pants: Redgrave Classic Cut LQM Jeans – navy
Boots: Redgrave Rider Boots – black
Helmet: Turlaccor Custombike Helmet Air Dragon

Turlaccor Forty Eight 2.0
Apt B // Old side of London – Jeep RARE @ 6 Republic
:BAMSE: Brooklyn – Front Grill @ 6 Republic
:BAMSE: Brooklyn – License Plates @ 6 Republic
:BAMSE: Brooklyn – Premium Pilsner @ 6 Republic
:BAMSE: Brooklyn – Tyre Table @ 6 Republic
Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – Old American Flag @ 6 Republic

Don’t Make Me Suffer


Here we go, go again.
It’s like I’m caught under your spell.
You’re, wearing black, black magic.
Oh baby don’t wear nothing else.
When… I open up this door….
Don’t you play.
Ain’t no other man gonna make you feel the same.
I wanna make, wanna make love.
Girl I can’t lie……

I’m just a sucker
For a cold hearted lover
You make me suffer….
Don’t keep me waiting.
You should come over.
Don’t make me suffer….

By Charlie Puth


Photo 1: Nanika Girl with Roses Pose 1 @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 2: Nanika Girl with Roses Pose 4 @ Round 7 of Pose Lover

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry
Shirt: [Deadwool] Ed Shirt + Suspenders – black
Pants: [Deadwool] Peak Suit (wool) Trousers – grey
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings

Beaumont Grove

Practice Makes Perfect


He exhaled, letting out a low growl only he’d hear before he quipped, “You said this was important.”  He looked around at the empty streets… Not a damn soul in sight.  No one to pick pocket.  No real expensive stores nearby.  He could think of a thousand and one ways to use his time better.

“Oh, it is,” said Ms. Fox.  She kept walking in front of him but she was strolling… Mr. Curtis pressed his lip together and let out some air between them, shoving his hands in his pockets.  He looked down at his feet, making exaggerated steps as he would swing his feet out to the side before planting it again.

Suddenly she snapped around and gave him an icy stare. She raised an eyebrow at him but her pretty grin was playing with a corner of her lips.  Stopping, Mr. Curtis held his hands up, rocked back and spun around on his heels, completing a full 360 degree turn.  “The importance of empty streets?”  He quirked an eyebrow right back at her… and raised her one.

“The businesses here are closed today,” Ms. Fox replied softly, while turning back, still trying to give him the stank eye.  She was being serious.

Rolling his eyes, exaggerating again, “I couldn’t tell by the lack of activity around us,” he smartassed back at her.  She knew he didn’t like surprises too often.  At least not the kind where he had to trail behind and wait for information to be released to him.  He was a patient man, but he was a doer and a planner, as well.  Sighing, he went back to enjoying the view, mindlessly asking, “So why are we here then, Ms. Fox?”

Suddenly she stopped, and he looked up quickly as not to bump into her, and to make sure she wasn’t giving him a dirty look, again.  He looked side to side, and she said, “On our last score you were not as light on your feet as you could have been.”

He dropped his jaw and furrowed his brows at her.  Stepping up behind her, he asked, “Excuse me?”

“I know you’re able to move with much more grace than you had,” she began to explain.  The sad thing is she was really being serious.  “We’re here to work on your groove.”  Ah…. That was it… She had some ‘creative’ way to help them fine tune a skill they’d need for another job.


He stepped forward again, now behind her, just as she turned her head and looked up at him.  Gently taking her waist in his hand, she raised a hand to pat his cheek.  He kept his eye roll that time… What was with her and patting his cheek?  Then, he leaned down as if anyone could hear him if he didn’t, and delivered a line he was sure would rock him back into the driver’s seat. “I’ve never gotten complaints about my groove before.”

Yep.  He won that round.  She blushed.  He kept his matter-of-fact face and let a light smirk settle on his face as she smiled up at him.  She cleared her throat and took a step away from him.  Now he grinned.  He made her feel flustered.

“So, we’re going to dance,” she said quickly.  “Separately.  Traipsing about the cobblestones with such languid movements, each step melds together and seems to be one.”  He watched her move gracefully between stones that made the old walkway.  At first he just enjoyed watching her with a soft smile on his lips, until his eyes focused, and he saw what she was doing.  The darker stones outlined the path that would need to be taken to get down the hallway of one of their jobs.  The hallway had high dollar artifacts and invisible lasers flanking towards a piece worth more than almost all the jobs they’ve done together, to date.  His thoughts were broken up as he heard her say, “Get it down, and you’ll be able to move in and out, among the crowds, the small places, without notice.”

Before Mr. Curtis joined her, he glanced up at the mansion on the hill with that very score.  Looking at her a moment before he joined in, he slowly slid his hands out of his pockets and smiled at her. “At least nobody’s watching.”


Photo 1: .Zuli Poses – Couples Poses – Sweet Nothins @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 2: .Zuli Poses – Couples Poses – Over The Moon @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 3: KaTink Poses & More – Dance To Your Own Beat

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hat: [Deadwool] Flat cap – grey – Gacha RARE
Jacket: Gabriel Drape Shirt and Jacket – White
Pants: Hoorenbeek Leather Pants – Black
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoes
Necklace: Gabriel Angel Wings Necklace (male) – Silver
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape

Thank you to my dear friend Ryanna, for posing with me! Click here for her awesome blog!
RYANNA is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Dream of Paradise
Dress: N-Uno – Vika Dress @ Uber
Shoes: R.icielli – LEXIE High Heels
Accessories: **RealEvil Industries**LUX  Kitty Watch

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