Wait a Minute


They had already traveled about a hundred miles, and the time now was about 4pm.  It was a lazy weekend day and they took their time waking up, making breakfast, and getting back out of the bed.  She had been hinting to the little list of things she enjoyed doing with him.  Riding with him was one.

He took her to the middle of nowhere, showing her random sights that they didn’t normally see in their city life.  The quiet stillness of an old barn and the stories that once upon a time ran through the deserted gas station, to name a few.

As they sat on the warm dirt road they talked.  No agenda.  Nothing and no one pursuing their time at that moment.  He asked her questions she would normally be too tense to answer, making her blush.  She shared random stories about herself and he divulged those small secrets about himself to her that he figured were insignificant to anyone.

It wasn’t until they realized how hungry they were; their stomachs seeming to start their own conversation, that they rose up off the ground and brushed themselves off to head back into town.

“Wait a minute,” she said from behind him.  He was about to swing his leg over the bike but he turned around and leaned against the bike instead.  She moved closer to him, her hand raising to run her fingers into his hair.  His right hand slid around her waist without a thought and he looked up at her.  No more words were exchanged.   They simply looked into each other’s eyes and said everything they needed to for that moment, last week, and later that day.


POSES (both):
Q Poses Harley @ 2nd Level until Dec. 30

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Vindicated
Rings: [MANDALA]SINRA  Rings Season3
Top: ColdAsh CHILTON Leather Jacket (Classic)
Pants: REDGRAVE Navy Jeans LQM – ClassicCut
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoe

RYANNA is wearing:
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Skirt: Petite Mort- Black Distressed denim  @ Winter Trend { Until Dec. 23rd }
Coat: Petite Mort- Leopard Fur coat @ Winter Trend { Until Dec. 23rd }
Hair: Truth Hair – Sugar
Shoes: !Rebel Hope – Gossip Mesh Platform Boots @ FaMESHed December

[we’re CLOSED] power poles
Consignment [Con.] The Garage Collection – Garage RARE (older gacha)
Consignment [Con.] The Garage Collection – Gas Pump – Red (older gacha)
Timo’s Creations Speed 25
Studio Skye Wild Grass Type 6 brown
Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Barn (old gacha)
Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Barrel Display (old gacha)
Persnickety-Broke My Wagon of Flowers!!

My Reason


Everyone has their reasons…
Mine are you.

From the cardboard boxes, and what they represent,
to the clock on the wall, and the time it keeps…


Artis – My Cool Half @ Pose Lover & Friends until Sept. 25th

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: *ARGRACE* SHUN – Ebony
Top: BlankLine Cardie with shirts [Gray]
Bottoms: BlankLine ColorPants [White]
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoe

RYANNA is wearing:  (For her blog, click here!)
Outfit: Emerald Couture –  Sexy In the Fall (Burgundy) /with boots @ ReVamped September
Hair: .Entwined. Dani @ The Book of Daniel (until Sept. 20)
Jewelry: ~Tantalum~ Mila (necklace and ring) @ ReVamped September


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Cozy Essentials {CE} Gear Clock
Cozy Essentials {CE} Leafy Plant ~ TC
Cozy Essentials {CE} Music Corner
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Resort to the usual… Routine.
OCD ticking…. But it’s broke… Just ticking….
Relentless repeat…. Cycling.  Can’t exit.
Just do what works, Broderick…. Don’t veer.

Quickened pulse…
Accelerated breathing…
Eyes unsettled; unfocused.
Express yourself?
Be ready for extremes, and be ready for platitudes.

Don’t let go….  Don’t lose control.
Those that say they’ll understand, won’t.
Stay the course…. Walk the line.  It’s easier than the alternative.

Ready for your uninvited critique? Here it comes.
We’ll say be who you want to be.
Do what makes you happy.
What we say to your face….

Like coming down from a high.
Here it is. The letdown.
Ready?  Ready?  Ready?
Game face. Mask. Do it again.

It’s good.  It’s good.
Great job.
Good for you.

Baxe Just Walk male Pose 2 @ Pose Lover & Friends Event (August 12-28th)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: *ARGRACE* SHUN – Ebony
Outfit: [Phunk] Gothic Outfit @ LoveFest 2016 (until August 24th)

Out to Brunch


Callum was leaning against the fence, waiting…. As usual.  He could’ve finished his daily chores by now, but no…. They told him to meet him in front of the main house precisely at 11am.  For some reason, he thinks the pair delighted in making his eyes roll.

Lo and behold, nearly thirty minutes later, there they were, strolling and chuckling as they made their way towards him down the dirt road.  He yelled out, holding his hands out to his sides, “What happened to 11am?!”

“We made it, didn’t we?” replied Ellisande, with a smirk tugging on the corners of her lips.  She waved a hand between herself and Lily, her shawl beginning to slip down her shoulders.  “We saw something delightful on the way down and simply had to have a look.”

Now he simply smiled adoringly at them, as he laid one of his one liners out there. “Did you both come across a mirror?”

Lily was quick with a comeback as she adjusted the flower in her hair.  “Oh we didn’t start laughing until we saw you.  You look so cute when you’re aggravated.”  Callum just rolled his eyes, offering them each their own arm.  “We’re late for lunch, ladies”

Adding this here to share a wonderful experience at River’s Song Restaurant, owned by Starr Wulluf.  Our afternoon was filled with a beautiful atmosphere, friendly staff, and a memorable brunch.


POSES (left to right):
Lily (Deva Westland): Glitter Poses – Back 4 Series 2 @ Current Round of Pose Lover
Callum (Broderick): KlubWerk Poses Homme 2 @ Current Round of Pose Lover
Ellisande (Ryanna Foxclaw): The Muse Poses – Elia 01 @ Current Round of Pose Lover

BRODERICK is wearing:
Top: *{Junbug}* .-. Heathcliff .-. Rake’s Waistcoat [Black]
Trousers: *{Junbug}* .-. Heathcliff .-. Rake’s Trousers [Grey Tweed]
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoes

RYANNA is wearing (visit her blog too!):
Gown: *{Junbug}* Betty’s Gown [Vintage Floral Unicorn]
Wrap: *{Junbug}* Vintage Fur Wrap in Snow White
Hair: Magika [01] Habit
Necklace: Son!a Cabaret Jewlery Silver/Gold Onyx

DEVA is wearing:
Hair: Emotions Lottee @ Current Round of Cosmopolitan
Gown: *{Junbug}* Miss Evelyn [Pinstripe]

Beaumont Grove

Practice Makes Perfect


He exhaled, letting out a low growl only he’d hear before he quipped, “You said this was important.”  He looked around at the empty streets… Not a damn soul in sight.  No one to pick pocket.  No real expensive stores nearby.  He could think of a thousand and one ways to use his time better.

“Oh, it is,” said Ms. Fox.  She kept walking in front of him but she was strolling… Mr. Curtis pressed his lip together and let out some air between them, shoving his hands in his pockets.  He looked down at his feet, making exaggerated steps as he would swing his feet out to the side before planting it again.

Suddenly she snapped around and gave him an icy stare. She raised an eyebrow at him but her pretty grin was playing with a corner of her lips.  Stopping, Mr. Curtis held his hands up, rocked back and spun around on his heels, completing a full 360 degree turn.  “The importance of empty streets?”  He quirked an eyebrow right back at her… and raised her one.

“The businesses here are closed today,” Ms. Fox replied softly, while turning back, still trying to give him the stank eye.  She was being serious.

Rolling his eyes, exaggerating again, “I couldn’t tell by the lack of activity around us,” he smartassed back at her.  She knew he didn’t like surprises too often.  At least not the kind where he had to trail behind and wait for information to be released to him.  He was a patient man, but he was a doer and a planner, as well.  Sighing, he went back to enjoying the view, mindlessly asking, “So why are we here then, Ms. Fox?”

Suddenly she stopped, and he looked up quickly as not to bump into her, and to make sure she wasn’t giving him a dirty look, again.  He looked side to side, and she said, “On our last score you were not as light on your feet as you could have been.”

He dropped his jaw and furrowed his brows at her.  Stepping up behind her, he asked, “Excuse me?”

“I know you’re able to move with much more grace than you had,” she began to explain.  The sad thing is she was really being serious.  “We’re here to work on your groove.”  Ah…. That was it… She had some ‘creative’ way to help them fine tune a skill they’d need for another job.


He stepped forward again, now behind her, just as she turned her head and looked up at him.  Gently taking her waist in his hand, she raised a hand to pat his cheek.  He kept his eye roll that time… What was with her and patting his cheek?  Then, he leaned down as if anyone could hear him if he didn’t, and delivered a line he was sure would rock him back into the driver’s seat. “I’ve never gotten complaints about my groove before.”

Yep.  He won that round.  She blushed.  He kept his matter-of-fact face and let a light smirk settle on his face as she smiled up at him.  She cleared her throat and took a step away from him.  Now he grinned.  He made her feel flustered.

“So, we’re going to dance,” she said quickly.  “Separately.  Traipsing about the cobblestones with such languid movements, each step melds together and seems to be one.”  He watched her move gracefully between stones that made the old walkway.  At first he just enjoyed watching her with a soft smile on his lips, until his eyes focused, and he saw what she was doing.  The darker stones outlined the path that would need to be taken to get down the hallway of one of their jobs.  The hallway had high dollar artifacts and invisible lasers flanking towards a piece worth more than almost all the jobs they’ve done together, to date.  His thoughts were broken up as he heard her say, “Get it down, and you’ll be able to move in and out, among the crowds, the small places, without notice.”

Before Mr. Curtis joined her, he glanced up at the mansion on the hill with that very score.  Looking at her a moment before he joined in, he slowly slid his hands out of his pockets and smiled at her. “At least nobody’s watching.”


Photo 1: .Zuli Poses – Couples Poses – Sweet Nothins @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 2: .Zuli Poses – Couples Poses – Over The Moon @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 3: KaTink Poses & More – Dance To Your Own Beat

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hat: [Deadwool] Flat cap – grey – Gacha RARE
Jacket: Gabriel Drape Shirt and Jacket – White
Pants: Hoorenbeek Leather Pants – Black
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoes
Necklace: Gabriel Angel Wings Necklace (male) – Silver
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape

Thank you to my dear friend Ryanna, for posing with me! Click here for her awesome blog!
RYANNA is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Dream of Paradise
Dress: N-Uno – Vika Dress @ Uber
Shoes: R.icielli – LEXIE High Heels
Accessories: **RealEvil Industries**LUX  Kitty Watch

Beaumont Grove

Rained On


Trudging down the street, he tried to step past the larger puddles as not to soil his oxfords and socks.  He did pick up speed though as he saw the rain coming down harder.  His surprise for her was probably going to be completely ruined if it got any wetter.  His feet came to a sliding stop in the mud of the street right in front of her doorway.

Looking at his feet, he frowned slightly.  He heard the click of the door close, and raised his eyes up.  His breath caught and he just stared at her.  She hadn’t noticed him yet, as she looked down the road and out at the rain, opening her umbrella.  When she saw him she smiled, and spoke as she already expected him. “Well, you didn’t have to bring the rain,” she stated playfully.

“Trust me… It was the last thing I wanted.  For today, especially,” he said, rolling his eyes.  She smiled at him like he was being goofy, “Oh come now.  It’s not that bad.  The walk to town is not  bad either.”  She stepped past him out to the road, beginning to head towards town when he gently took her wrist in his hand and forced her to look at him.  Lowering his umbrella he smiled, a little wickedly… A bit shyly.


“I got something to show you first.  Please?”  His blue eyes were sure of his task, and they smiled at her, lulling her to trust him.  “Yes, but…” She began to look behind her towards town but quickly turned back to face him, even taking a step with him, in the opposite direction of where they needed to go.

Thankfully, the area he took her too was still dry.  It was funny how the rain could begin and end in an instant.  Walking her gently through the dry, tall grass, he smiled again as they walked to the small basket he prepared with wine, glasses, and some small hors d’oeuvres.  Turning, he gave her one of his winning grins and pulled her down into the grass with him.  She only looked around, worried about soiling her clothes for a second, before she smiled back at him and rested on the ground as he poured them both a glass of wine.


Photo 1: (Broderick) Baxe Umbrella Men 8 w/ black umbrella (Rozen) Baxe Umbrella Woman 7 @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 2: (Broderick) Baxe Umbrella Men (Rozen) Baxe Umbrella Woman 5 @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 3: Nanika Romantic Picnic Pose @ Round 7 of Pose Lover

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hat: Deadwool Flat Cap – brown (Gacha in-store)
Suit: Kauna XIV Tweed Suit – Twill Brown
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoes

Thank you to my dear friend Rozen, for posing with me! Check out her great blog!
ROZEN is wearing:
Hair: Noela Hiar by +ELUA+
Dress: Mrs. Darcy Dress/Coat Floral by *{JUNBUG}* 
Shoes: Mon Cher Pumps Ivory by *{JUNBUG}*  
Necklace: Arabella Wild Pearls Set by MAXI GOSSAMER
Ring: Karina Court Jewelry Set by MAXI GOSSAMER
Umbrella: Umbrella by ~DREAM.

Beaumont Grove