Love You in a Different Way

So let me redefine you
And you can see the tide move
Just like tears in the eyes do
And when you’re feeling alone
Oh, baby, I’ll be right here
Between the sea and silence
So breathe easy my dear
You can find sunshine in the rain
I will come running when you call my name
Even a broken heart can beat again
Forget about the one who caused you pain
I swear I’ll love you in a different way

Broderick – <K&S> ~Aizen~ Pose 2
Ena – (One I made up really quick lol)

BRODERICK is wearing: 
Hair: Stealthic Reach
Glasses: [Z O O M] Dio’ho Glasses @ Men Only Monthly until June 15
Jeans: [Deadwool] Broberry jeans – peacock
Jacket: GABRIEL ::GB::Summer suit Jacket Gray @ Equal 10 until July 5
Keys: MUSCHI Car Key

RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Palm Springs RARE
[New Age Industries] R-Four “Revive”

Day 1

Soundtrack: Honne – Day 1

I got lucky finding you
I won big the day that I came across you
‘Cause when you’re with me, I don’t feel blue
Not a day goes by that I would not redo

When I first met you, it just felt right
It’s like I met a copy of myself that night
I don’t believe in fate as such
But we were meant to be together that’s my hunch

Ena: <K&S> Me, Myself & I – 2
Broderick: <K&S> ~Aizen~ Pose 2

ENA is wearing:
(She’s an incredible photographer – check out her flickr here!)
Dress: erratic / chelsea – dress / white
Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci Douai Sandal – Moonglow
Hair: DOUX – Alessia Hairstyle
Dog: JIAN Cheeky Chihuahuas 2. Pearly Collar Companion RARE

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Stealthic Like Lust
Suit: [Deadwool] The Dandy Suit (beige)
Shoes: L&B “Dress Shoe” Traditional
Dog: JIAN  ‘dorable Danes 5. Fawn Companion Pup

FAKEICON / shopping district / LIS backdrop
[New Age Industries] R-Four “Revive”

I’m a Bad Man

“Made my own playbook, got no rules in it.”
Pitbull: Lyrics in Bad Man

<K&S> Brian. pose 1 @ Men Only Monthly until Jan. 15

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shirt: Cold Ash TYLER Tank Top (Classic)
Pants: Cold Ash RILEY Straight Jeans
Shoes: Cold Ash JERICHO Desert Boot (Dark) – COLD ASH
Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop [Jungle King]
Cuffs: [ hoorenbeek ] Leather Cuff – Men

URBAN JUNGLE City Filler 4 & 5
URBAN JUNGLE Broken Chairs (for the smoke)
[New Age Industries] R-Four “Revive”
aa Build & Design Fire
Neotoy Mesh Gas Can Weathered


When you find a man who is wise in the ways of love,
understand he wasn’t born with that intuition.
He was taught.
– JM Storm –

<K&S> ~Leonard~ Pose 3

BRODERICK is wearing:
[Deadwool] Peak Tux (black)

CHEZ MOI Gazebo Fall  @ Deco(c)rate until Nov. 7
CHEZ MOI Fall Picnic Table  @ Deco(c)rate until Nov. 7
+Half-Deer+ Stringlights – Ceiling – Criss Cross
Bazar Stockholm-Bottle candles
[ keke ] champagne bubblissimo bucket – silver
[New Age Industries] R-Four “Revive”
Various trees by 3D Trees
*alirium* ItchyGrass

Take Courage

To you, I am a sin – a dangerous hole in your heart that you never had the courage to fill.  – Rune Lazuli –

STREAMING: Ansel Elgort – Thief

<K&S> ~I’m for You~ poseball 7 (limited edition) @ Limit 8 until August 13

BRODERICK is wearing: 
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Shirt: etham – Gregor Muscle Tank @ Men Only Monthly until August 15

Special thanks to Leylah for modeling with me. Check out her growing talent here!
LEYLAH is wearing: 
Hair: Entwined. Lexie @ The Epiphany until August 15
Dress: Dead Dollz – Presentation Dress – NEUTRAL @ The Epiphany until August 15

[New Age Industries] R-Four “Revive”
Pseudo– Parking Garrage Scene  @ The Epiphany until August 15



He liked the way she squealed when he downshifted to accelerate.  They had been traveling for a couple of hours now, and were close to their destination. The small sports car jolted forward as he downshifted again and he raced them up the dirt path nearing the house.

After the car rolled to a quiet stop, he shut off the engine and looked at her.  Her eyes were excited for the weekend away and he smiled, patting her thigh.  Reaching for the door handle and beginning to get out, he said, “Looks like rain.”

Right when he pulled the handle up on her door to help her out, thunder cracked in the clouds and she rushed to stand up and be close to him.  His arms went around her naturally and he smiled at her again.  “Gosh… Can’t you wait to at least be inside before you start that again?”

Just as he got her underneath the patio, the rain came down like a blanket. “Oh shit!  The luggage!” and he ran back out, leaving her dry and covered by the house’s patio.  His feet avoided huge puddles already being made, popped the trunk, grabbed the suitcase and danced his way back to the patio.  He took a moment to stand there, dripping wet.  He held his elbows out and away from him as his shirt suddenly felt like it turned to ice, and clung heavily to his sides.  He heard her giggling at him, and he raised his eyes up to look through one of the tall floor to ceiling windows.  Inside, and dry, she had the nerve to laugh at him.

Walking in, he sat the suitcase down on the floor, and kept taking strides for her.  Eventually, the smile on her face slowly disappeared as she held her hands out towards him, “No… No no no.  No you don’t.” She was grinning and giggling again, and he ignored her pleas.  Backing her up to the seat in front of the window he grabbed her about her waist with his arms, and pulled her body close to his.

Twisting on his heels, he plopped them both down on the seat and smiled at her, pulling her up into his lap.  He shivered a moment as the cool, indoor air hit him, and he began to pull his right shoulder forward, shrugging out of his outer shirt… “I guess I only have one choice now…. ”


Photo 1: [evoLove] – Dreamweaver 2 Exclusive @ The Liaison Collaborative
Photo 2: [evoLove]– Romance

BRODERICK is wearing:
Necklace: Gabriel ::GB::Angel wings necklace( Male) / Silver
Shirt: L&B Swear Patrol Denim Shirt w/ Tee @ TMD July 2016 Round
Pants: Redgrave Navy Jeans LQM – ClassicCut
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoe

RYANNA is wearing: (Click here to check out her blog!)
Top: Storybook – Covet – Red – @ Indie Teepee 2016
Pants: Blueberry – Tink – Midnight
Hair: AD – molly – dark browns
Jewelry: {Indyra} Heirloom Color Change necklace: Gold
Kibitz – Eliza jewelry set (earrings) – steel

[CIRCA] – “Dreamer Light Art” – Glitter Trail – Blue @ Indie Teepee 2016
dust bunny . storybook living . suitcase stack
[evoLove] – dreamweaver pillows – cool Exclusive @ The Liaison Collaborative
[evoLove] – dreamweaver pillows – warm Exclusive @ The Liaison Collaborative
floorplan. photo box – Indee Teepee Gift @ Indie Teepee 2016
floorplan. wire raincloud / long @ Indie Teepee 2016
Knick Knacks ::KKs:: boho life – mandala pillows (no pose) @ Indie Teepee 2016
Knick Knacks ::KKs:: boho life – mandala carpet @ Indie Teepee 2016
[PM]Pixel Mode – Hanging Star Candle COMMON @ Indie Teepee 2016
SSP Anywhere But Here suitcase prop
[Toiz] 1. Raindrop bed @ Indie Teepee 2016
[Toiz] 4. raindrop rug @ Indie Teepee 2016
[Toiz] 5. 10:24 clock @ Indie Teepee 2016
[Toiz] 3. bed table @ Indie Teepee 2016
[Toiz] 2. 10:51 frame @ Indie Teepee 2016
[Toiz] 8. rain cube rare @ Indie Teepee 2016
Trompe Loeil – Odette Topiary 12 Tri-Square Scripted
Trompe Loeil – Odette Planter Square White
unKindness uK – In Tuned Bench Blanket Celestial @ Indie Teepee 2016
New Age Industries NAI // Italia GT // 2014 // v1