That’s not the storm coming in…
That’s my spirit moving.

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dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree

Where I Am

Meeting people where they are sounds ideal in theory, but I have begun to wonder if most people truly understand what that means.  Then again, we as humans are so amazingly unique, that we’re synonym’d as “individuals.”  So, not only are we encouraged to accept people as they are/as they come (their baggage… their hangups… their experiences… their current realities… etc. etc. etc.), but we are also responsible for recognizing that people do… can… and will, think differently than us.  Furthermore, I wonder also if we REALIZE that it’s those very same people we’re asked to be tolerant of, that will be intolerant of us.  Is it at that point; that line; that we stick our noses up, and instead of being one of the few, say “If you can’t beat ’em… Join ’em,”?

If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because,
Everything I touch isn’t dark enough
If this problem lies in me
– Imagine Dragons / Monster –

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After 5 Somewhere


There’s something to alcohol…. Haha.

The enjoyment of creating your own concoction.  The measured amounts.  The various liquors.  Then you get to make up a name for it.


The funny thing is… The results of the liquor often break down OUR measured steps.  Our various tasks and stresses truly ebb away,
and we’re only left with the more poignant of them.

Then… If we’re lucky…. We don’t make a name for ourselves out of our inebriated antics *coughs* Facebook postings *coughs*


Sometimes, inhibitions are drawn down as well.  I believe that’s where “In vino veritas,” derived from.  “In wine, truth.”  We are aided by our beverage to simply speak without thinking, or at the very least, overthinking, usually.  After sobering, we find out if we feel more unhampered, or if we regret our admissions.

You know what though?  Nothing beats an un-aided feeling.


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CHEZ MOI Hakuna Beach Bar @ Tres Chic (until July 10th)



Stumbling down the stairs as he walked, hitting the banister with his hip, he walked into the kitchen and dining area scratching his head and yawning.  His lips curled up into a smile as he smelled some of his favorite things.  Coffee.  Bacon.  Orange Juice.  Bacon. Eggs.  Bacon.

Stretching, his arms above his head, his robe fell open some when she walked up beside him, shielding her eyes from the morning sunlight beaming into the house.  She smiled at him and began to say, “Good morning….” but he grabbed her fast interrupting her and pulling her to him.  Growling… Suddenly his appetite had changed to something else.

She placed her hand on his bare chest, meaning to grab the robe but instead only pushed it further back..  “Breakfast is waiting for you..”  He grinned and leaned into her, his eyes having changed from bleary eyed to alert and lustful.  His hand gripped her waist a little harder, and he turned into her now.  Walking her backwards, his lips on her neck as he nipped and kissed, his teeth grazing her skin until her body hit the table with a clang of the dishes being jolted.


With a deep breath her hands reached back and caught the table edge, her fingertips grazing against the silverware and gripping the table cloth as she inched it back further.  She closed her eyes and leaned her head back to the side, blocking out the smell of the food and taking him in instead. “I know what you want for breakfast…”

He pushed between her knees, parting her legs.  His left hand grabbed her leg, wrapping it around him to meet her other.  Sliding his hand up her thighs now, gripping and massaging her flesh along the way, he felt her legs wrap around the back of his thighs, using the leverage to pull him closer and keeping a steady gaze upon him as she moved.  Then her thumb traveled down the side of his face and brushed over his lips.  He bit at the pad of her thumb, and began to sink.  Grinning at her….. “Time to eat.”



Photo 1 Adalynne: Swirl Poses Spring Day 4 @ Pose Lover Round 5
Photo 1 Broderick: Luanes World Poses – Step Outside @ Pose Lover Round 5
Photo 2: String Me Up @ Pose Lover Round 5
hoto 3: Studio 15 – Take Me Now @ Pose Lover Round 5

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