Sometimes . . .


The path he took was sometimes familiar.  Other times, he barely recognized it.  It was always the same route, but the scenery could be different, like a stage.   He knew where he was heading each time though; where he was trying to go, and he knew when he reached that gate, it would once again be open for him.  Always his choice…. He could go in.  He could close it.  He could ignore it completely.  Stare at it.  The choice was his.

“Sometimes…,” he paused…. unsure if he wanted to give voice to the truth, for words, once spoken, cannot be repossessed.  “Sometimes, you’re…. so tempting,” he said out loud.

“Yesssss…. We know,” the spirit said, looking at him lasciviously, lust practically dripping off it’s opaque form.

He closed his eyes a moment, embracing the pleasures of his carnal desire mounting up within his soul. It felt good.  The illusion of comforting warmth crept over his body like a gentle wave, and his mouth salivated with desire for relief.

Opening his eyes back up slowly, he looked back down into the temptation that was before him.

He had a choice.

Sometimes, the choice to give in was the right one.

Halestorm – Familiar Taste of Poison

KaTink Tony 5 (Modified)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Vindicated
Jacket: [Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket – white
Shirt: [Deadwool] Hugo shirt – (dandy jacket add-on) – white
Pants: [Deadwool] The Dandy – formal trousers – white

Ice Cold

.PENUMBRA. SS16FW Contest - BroderickLogan Resident-4000

This week has been a…. I almost typed, ‘stressful week,’ but then I just laughed.

This week has been an eye opener for me.  My eyes have been opened to some things in both worlds I live in; my first life realm and second life.
Mainly, I need to take care of myself.

Both lives contain the common denominator that we’re all human beings, and bring ourselves to the table.  Our ideas. Our thoughts. Our morals.  Our baggage.  Our opinions.  Our stress…..  Above it all though, don’t use any of those things as excuses.
Take ownership!

I had a real life experience happen to me this week that was pretty frightening, if I’m honest, and solidified some choices I made, and need to continue to make.  They aren’t easy choices, but being a gentleman comes at a price sometimes, regardless of which realm we’re speaking about.  Some people just won’t like what I have to say, the boundaries I set, or even when I choose to smile.  There just comes a point boys and girls, when even a gentleman has the right to say, “Fuck ’em.”  Know what else?  Being a gentleman does not make me a doormat to wipe your shit on at the end of the day.
If you don’t even fake ask me, “How are you?,” don’t expect me to care about you.

“As I began to love myself I freed myself of anything that is no good for my health – food, people, things, situations, and everything that drew me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude a healthy egoism.  Today I know it is “Love of Oneself.”
— Charlie Chaplin —

Pose: KaTink Poses & More – Mike 1  (Jacket comes with arms posed)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jon – Black&Whites05Fade4
Jacket: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Andrew Jacket [Arctic] @ .Penumbra. SS16FW
Pants: Wicca’s Wardrobe Boston Jeans [Arctic] @ .Penumbra. SS16FW
Shoes: BlankLine Searcher Boots [Black]

.Penumbra. SS16FW Retail

Practice Makes Perfect


He exhaled, letting out a low growl only he’d hear before he quipped, “You said this was important.”  He looked around at the empty streets… Not a damn soul in sight.  No one to pick pocket.  No real expensive stores nearby.  He could think of a thousand and one ways to use his time better.

“Oh, it is,” said Ms. Fox.  She kept walking in front of him but she was strolling… Mr. Curtis pressed his lip together and let out some air between them, shoving his hands in his pockets.  He looked down at his feet, making exaggerated steps as he would swing his feet out to the side before planting it again.

Suddenly she snapped around and gave him an icy stare. She raised an eyebrow at him but her pretty grin was playing with a corner of her lips.  Stopping, Mr. Curtis held his hands up, rocked back and spun around on his heels, completing a full 360 degree turn.  “The importance of empty streets?”  He quirked an eyebrow right back at her… and raised her one.

“The businesses here are closed today,” Ms. Fox replied softly, while turning back, still trying to give him the stank eye.  She was being serious.

Rolling his eyes, exaggerating again, “I couldn’t tell by the lack of activity around us,” he smartassed back at her.  She knew he didn’t like surprises too often.  At least not the kind where he had to trail behind and wait for information to be released to him.  He was a patient man, but he was a doer and a planner, as well.  Sighing, he went back to enjoying the view, mindlessly asking, “So why are we here then, Ms. Fox?”

Suddenly she stopped, and he looked up quickly as not to bump into her, and to make sure she wasn’t giving him a dirty look, again.  He looked side to side, and she said, “On our last score you were not as light on your feet as you could have been.”

He dropped his jaw and furrowed his brows at her.  Stepping up behind her, he asked, “Excuse me?”

“I know you’re able to move with much more grace than you had,” she began to explain.  The sad thing is she was really being serious.  “We’re here to work on your groove.”  Ah…. That was it… She had some ‘creative’ way to help them fine tune a skill they’d need for another job.


He stepped forward again, now behind her, just as she turned her head and looked up at him.  Gently taking her waist in his hand, she raised a hand to pat his cheek.  He kept his eye roll that time… What was with her and patting his cheek?  Then, he leaned down as if anyone could hear him if he didn’t, and delivered a line he was sure would rock him back into the driver’s seat. “I’ve never gotten complaints about my groove before.”

Yep.  He won that round.  She blushed.  He kept his matter-of-fact face and let a light smirk settle on his face as she smiled up at him.  She cleared her throat and took a step away from him.  Now he grinned.  He made her feel flustered.

“So, we’re going to dance,” she said quickly.  “Separately.  Traipsing about the cobblestones with such languid movements, each step melds together and seems to be one.”  He watched her move gracefully between stones that made the old walkway.  At first he just enjoyed watching her with a soft smile on his lips, until his eyes focused, and he saw what she was doing.  The darker stones outlined the path that would need to be taken to get down the hallway of one of their jobs.  The hallway had high dollar artifacts and invisible lasers flanking towards a piece worth more than almost all the jobs they’ve done together, to date.  His thoughts were broken up as he heard her say, “Get it down, and you’ll be able to move in and out, among the crowds, the small places, without notice.”

Before Mr. Curtis joined her, he glanced up at the mansion on the hill with that very score.  Looking at her a moment before he joined in, he slowly slid his hands out of his pockets and smiled at her. “At least nobody’s watching.”


Photo 1: .Zuli Poses – Couples Poses – Sweet Nothins @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 2: .Zuli Poses – Couples Poses – Over The Moon @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 3: KaTink Poses & More – Dance To Your Own Beat

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hat: [Deadwool] Flat cap – grey – Gacha RARE
Jacket: Gabriel Drape Shirt and Jacket – White
Pants: Hoorenbeek Leather Pants – Black
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoes
Necklace: Gabriel Angel Wings Necklace (male) – Silver
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape

Thank you to my dear friend Ryanna, for posing with me! Click here for her awesome blog!
RYANNA is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Dream of Paradise
Dress: N-Uno – Vika Dress @ Uber
Shoes: R.icielli – LEXIE High Heels
Accessories: **RealEvil Industries**LUX  Kitty Watch

Beaumont Grove

*Press Release* LUMIPro 2016 is here!

I had the pleasure of being selected as a beta tester for the newest release, out TODAY, December 12th!  Here are some of the new features you will find in the updated LUMIPro HUD.  (Which, I might take the time to go ahead and add – you get lifetime updates on your HUD when you purchase their system!  Can’t-beat-that!!)

Lighting enhanced below using the LUMIPro Beta system, of my stunning girlfriend, Adalynne Reed.



After months and months of hard work Stefan and the LUMIPro team are happy to finally present LUMIPro 2016! We not only have all the features you have come to expect, but here is what is new:

• A whole new preset system! Not only can you save your favorite lighting presets, but you can also save your pose, your eye position, and your camera! Talk about possibilities!
• You can now pose up to 8 models, including yourself! It looks like it is time for some great group shots.
• The sit ball now has it’s very own control right from the hud! No more giving up that perfect angle to re position your model.
• The backup server has been completely reworked! Now you can choose what you want to save or restore whether it be presets, poses, or both.
• You can now turn off all your lights with just one click of the handy power button!
• We have 50 new animations from some of the best pose designers in Second Life!
• We also now have 28 gobos!
• And much more!

Stefan spent countless hours reworking, an already amazing hud, to give our users the best experience possible. We not only want LUMIPro to be your go to tool for amazing lighting control, but for all your photography needs. This release would not have been possible without the help of our amazing beta testers. We also had a great gobo designer, TexasRob McRae. Some of the best pose designers in Second Life have also allowed us to add 50 new poses! These designers include IMAGE ESSENTIALS, Katink, {NANTRA}, …: Something New :…, and Variposa.

So how can existing users get their hands on the newness, you ask. On December 12th just wear your hud and it should automatically send you the newest version. Are you not an owner yet? Don’t worry! You will be able to try a fully functioning demo in our sales gallery. Never forget updates are always free if you own LUMIPro!


Power Exchange


They crashed through the door to their home like a strong wind. Her hands were in his hair when he pushed her against the wall at the base of their stairs.  His left hand was pulling her leg up, splaying his fingers as he rode them up her muscular thigh, raising the skirt of her dress along the way.

“You shouldn’t have teased me at the party tonight. You’re going to have to pay for that now,” he snarled as his teeth hung on to her bottom lip.

Her breaths were short as she tried to catch the thought in her head to reply to him. “I just wore what you asked me to.” He recommended the dress, but she chose the heels…. The few pieces of lingerie…. The perfume and how to wear her hair.  She knew what he liked though. Now that she thought about it between his nipping and biting, she did plan to drive him crazy.  She liked to drive him mad.

“Upstairs….,” he growled as he let go of her and took a step back.  His eyes were on fire; dark, with an urgency.  She bit her lower lip and grinned at him slightly.  Using her hands to push herself off of the wall, she sauntered up the stairs, being sure to swing her hips for him.  She knew he was watching.

Behind her, he watched, his tongue between his teeth.  Her body move lithely up the staircase.  She was taunting him again.


Once inside their room she turned around to look at him.  His pulse quickened watching the intensity and longing in her eyes as she sunk slowly to her knees.  He crouched down to be face-to-face with her, grappling with that moment where he fought with adoration and lust.



First Photo: KaTink – My Everything
Second Photo: Quixotica – Kiss
Third Photo: Quixotica – Seduce

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shape: Custom
Skin: Redgrave Chris DeepTan
Hands: SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair: Exile – High & Dry
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

Tux: Hoorenbeek Classic Tuxedo White (closed jacket and closed tie)
Shoes: Redgrave Classic Loafers
Rings: [ kunst ] Magnus ring (on right hand) and [ kunst ] Allegiant ring (on left hand)
Watch: Real Evil Industries – ReVoX MVX Watch A Male
Glasses: Gudshu Glasses Lauer
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries – Piercing Lip B Male, Left Eye Male

ADALYNNE is wearing:
Head: Genesis Lab Head Emily 2.0 Blinker Rare.. August Round
Skin: Genesis Lab Cream Milk
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Forest
Hair: For truth Hair – Bexley (Ginger)
Body: Maitreya Lara v3.4

Dress: Neve dress – Athena Neutral
Shoes: [Gos] Isbella Sandal – Turbulence
Bracelet: JCNY – “Womens, Delicate Heart Bracelet
Necklace: Tiny Trinkets {T.T} Birthstone jewel set Limited 50 October


Lighting enhanced by the LumiPro Beta 5 System.


Tiny Insight


He slowly exhaled as his boots crunched through the remaining woods before the field clearing.  Pausing, he looked around.  “Said it was one of these…..,” he muttered to himself.  He began looking from tree to tree before taking strides to look around better.  As soon as he reached the middle of the field, he paused again, tilting his head at the sounds of…. a jingling of some sort.  He waited to hear the sound again, looked around cautiously, then went about finding the tree he needed again.

A couple steps later, he heard the same jingling sound, and turned quickly, looking about.  “Hello?”  His eyes looked around for signs of movement…. Grass rustling.  Tree leaves moving more than others… He took his time searching the area about 10 yards in front of him, when he finally shook his head, turned around quickly, and suddenly was pushed down….. Followed by… giggling?


His face immediately wrinkling with rage, looking quickly for his offender.  As soon as his head reached above the meadow grass, he was face to face with….. He tilted his head, his face no longer enraged, but rather, perplexed.  He raised an eyebrow and found his voice.  “Hell….o…… Who…… What are you?”  The figure giggled again, and he wanted to be mad… He really did… But before he could even realize it, he was smiling… genuinely.


He thinks quickly, remembering his reason for traveling to this place, “Hey!  Perhaps you can help me…. If you can even understand me….” He trails off, realizing perhaps the fairy figure may not understand him.  He tries anyway.  “I’m looking for a tree.  It has wisdom… It… is…wisdom?  I’m not completely sure, but I MUST ask it something important.”

The fae never stopped smiling at him.  Her eyes twinkled, her very aura glittered and her smile eased the stress he was feeling from his day.  She was beginning to fly away, and he panicked.  Shuffling to his feet, he fell again as he reached for her.  She giggled at him again, and instead of his usual scowl he’d give someone for laughing at his plight, he found himself grinning.  She was moving higher again, and he went to grab her, easing his grip as soon as he realized how strongly he grasped for her.


She simply smiled, and poked him on his forehead gently with the tip of her forefinger.  “You need to let it go.”  She nodded at him, her face as serious as he had seen in their short meeting, and he found himself nodding in agreement.  As soon as his mind arrived at the conclusion of what she told him, she had slipped fully out of his grasp, and was fluttering away… giggling.


A very special thank you to my dear friend, Ryanna Foxclaw for inviting me to pose with her.  Please be sure to check out her amazing blog, Trappings of a SecondLife, for some more amazing photography and wonderful writing.


Shape – Custom
Skin – Redgrave Chris DeepTan
Hands – SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair – Truth Jon – Black&Whites05
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

(Clothes and Accessories)

Costume – Yasum Vintage Suit Size 2*Male*EPIC
Piercings – RealEvil Industries Male Box
Rings – [ kunst ] Allegiant Ring (on left hand) Magnus Ring (on right hand)


Dress: !gO! Meera dress
Hair : ””D!va“” Hair “Nene”
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Steel Blue


Wings: –AZUL– Pepeke Wing
[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Mellow Silver w/eyeshadows @ On9
Violent Seduction – Unicorn Shoes (White)


KaTink: Lifting You up

I Have News…


He folded the papers up again before sliding them inside his jacket, simultaneously taking a deep breath; the creases on the papers thinning from being opened and reopened often.  Before he headed into the diner, he straightened his uniform hat with both hands, then brushed his hands down the front of his jacket before he began walking to the door.

As he reached the door handle to pull it open, he caught his hand shaking.  He latched his other hand around his wrist to chastise it to behave.  After a couple of blinks, and a couple more breaths, he felt his resolve re-strengthen.

Closing his eyes a moment, reminding himself to be strong, he swung the door open, and his nostrils were immediately greeted with the smells of french fries and milkshakes.  The jukebox played a popular dance tune that inspired the light-hearted laughter from a group of dancing bodies to his right.  He stepped inside, his heels catching the attention of fellow patrons.  The dancing bodies glanced at him, carrying on without a second thought. A child nearby turned around in their seat completely to stare at him; particularly the decorations that shined and slightly clanked together on his jacket’s breast. The man behind the window into the kitchen watched and waited for the young man’s eye contact, before nodding respectfully.  He was sure a group of young ladies were smiling and giggling to his left from a booth, but that’s when he saw her…

She was serving a milkshake to a patron when her eyes found his. Their eyes finally having met, a thousand words were already inaudibly exchanged in that moment. The corners of his lips slowly lifted into a warm smile, until he could finally, fully, smile at the object that took his breaths. She was already smiling back. Her lips, eyes and the little tilt to her head were an invitation to him to tell her the world’s most priceless secrets. Her hair delicately framed her face and fell softly down her shoulders. As he reached the open seat at the counter, he thought he was keeping his face untroubled well, but she never needed to read his face…. She knew how to read his eyes. Her smile now was one of knowledge, and she turned to fetch him a cup of coffee.


A special thank you to the beautiful Adalynne Celeste Reed for posing with me 🙂

Shape – Custom
Skin – Redgrave Chris DeepTan
Hands – SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair – Redgrave Chris Hairbase
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

(Clothes and Accessories)

Uniform – Howl Military Uniform Male RARE (from Sept. 2015 Arcade)
Hat – Howl Soldier Cap RARE (from Sept. 2015 Arcade)
Medals – Howl – Medal 1, 2, 3, and 4 – common (from Sept. 2015 Arcade)
Shoes – Redgrave Blake Loafers (black)
Watch – RealEvil Industries ReVoX MVX Watch
Rings – [ kunst ] Allegiant Ring (on left hand) Magnus Ring (on right hand)

Head: Genesis_Head_Emily_2.0 Blinker Rare from August Kustom9
Skin: Genesis_ Lab_Cream_Skin from August Kustom9
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes- Forest
Hair: Clawtooth: Ruby Starlight Prize 22 Rare –Arcade
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands Casual
Tattoo: +Half-Deer+ Music Notes

Bracelet: JCNY – “Womens, Delicate Heart Bracelet
Earrings: **RE** Anya’s Pearls Earrings
Dress: -Pixicat- Bastet.Dress- White – Arcade
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique – Carrie Pumps – Crimson

(Top) KaTink – Pinned Back
(Bottom) Diesel Works – Zachary SetA7 and SetB9

(Top) – Cape Juniper
(Bottom) – Logan Studios

Unmasking a Man


“I’ve never been the kind to ever let my feelings show
And I thought that bein’ strong meant never losin’ your self-control”
– Keith Urban “Tonight I Wanna Cry” –

I have resisted this ugly topic for a couple of weeks now.  I’ve gone from “eh just let me get my thoughts down and it’ll probably be one I never publish,” to “I need to get this post perfect.  It’s important, for personal reasons, as well as speaking up for men everywhere.”

This post is a jumble of thoughts and a collection of opinions spread across two weeks time.  Thanks for bearing with me this far.

Soft. Pansy. Unmanly. Grow a pair. Weak. Those are just some things that are easily told to a guy for shedding a tear and exposing his softer side. Heaven forbid he not be made of stone, and care.

With that said, I’ll just admit it right now…  I AM a typical male when I’m honest about the topic of expressing emotions as a man.  I’m entirely capable of expressing myself if….. I want to.  Perhaps it’s the Scorpio in me. Maybe I’m selective, or I am not in a position to express myself freely, or maybe it’s the fact that I simply just don’t want to lose the respect I have earned and the credibility of being a dependable man. 


So you know what us guys do? We wear a mask until we feel in control again.  This doesn’t mean that guys only wear masks to hide from crying, but it does mean that they are keeping some sort of emotion under wraps.  Wearing a mask all of the time can get heavy.  Carrying around suitcases of pain, anger and doubt eventually wears you out.  “Be strong… Don’t show your anguish.  Smile to complete the facade.”

Behind that mask though is a man burying sorrows.  He may be burying them on top of things already buried, creating a stockpile of nothing but suffering and tormenting demons.

It actually shows strength gentlemen, to allow the invisible wall to come down temporarily, and let that vulnerability be exposed for a time. It takes more courage to allow it to happen with dignity than to continue to allow pain to fester inside until it’s plagued with the disease of bitterness.

“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”
– André Berthiaume –


Shape – Custom
Skin – Redgrave Chris DeepTan
Hands – SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair – Exile – High & Dry
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

(Clothes and Accessories)
Suit – Hoorenbeek Mesh Fitted Suit w/ plain color shirt and tie
Shoes – Hoorenbeek Mesh Allen Shoes – Black
Ring – [ Kunst ] Magnus Ring
Lip Ring – RealEvil Industries – Piercing Lip B
Mask – daVal Masks – Quilt Blue

Tabou Irresistible – Thinker (sitting pose)
KaTink – Portia 2 Editorial Pose
HISpose – HISwindowPAIN – Pose 2

Location: Bellefleurs – The House of Sakura

SPECIAL THANKS to the Owner and Residents of Bellefleurs – The House of Sakura.  Amazing, beautiful sim and helpful, friendly and intriguing staff.  Be sure to visit their sim and join the subscriber for information of their events such as Sundays @ 7:30pmSLT in the Salon, Mondays @ 8:30pmSLT En Garde, Thursdays @ 8:00pmSLT Dance (This week is Steampunk themed).

Relax…. (Huh?)


“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” – Chinese Proverb

R&R?  Rest and Relaxation… What the hell is that?

I’m one of those types who can’t seem to relax until my to-do list is crossed off completely.  COMPLETELY.  (There was even a period in my life when I wrote “Wake up”
as a to-do list item just to feel good about crossing it off.  Don’t judge me).


From things I’ve read, R&R is a good idea for personal mental health. You can make wiser and more careful decisions.  You’re in a better mood.  You physically look better.  Even better physical health.
So isn’t it crazy that I have to FORCE myself to do this?

Have you ever had someone you work with at a professional level make a comment about your personality when you cut loose?  Have you ever had others notice you are almost like two different people when you’re in one situation, and completely different in another?  Why do you think that is?

No… I do not believe we’re promised tomorrow; shoot… Even the next minute.  What gain do we get when we worry about it though?  So relax friends… The to do list will be around.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Your real life, and your second life.  Enjoy YOURSELF.

“There is more to life than increasing it’s speed.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Broderick is Wearing:
Hat – Couture Chapeau Essex Linen Fedora {Tan}
Shirt – Redgrave – T-Shirt LQMesh (white)
Pants – .:]HMC[:. Summertime Chinos (blue) – (Ok… I made them)
Skin – Redgrave – Chris Deep Tan/02 beardshadow
Tattoo – Letis Tattoo ::Koi::
Feet – SLink Male Feet – Flat
Hands – SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) Relax
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

(Special thanks to SaraJane Logan for posing with me).
SaraJane is Wearing:

Hair: Truth – Damaris [Browns/Yellow Hibi] – The Arcade
Top: ::{u.f.o.}:: – ruffle top – skyblue – The Arcade
Shorts: ::{u.f.o.}:: – highwaist – denim B – The Arcade
Shoes: Adam n Eve – Foot Beads Blue White Thong
Skin: League – Isla Sunkiss – Champagne Brunette
Feet: Slink – AvEnhance Feet Female Flat
Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant
Nails: Jamman – Slink Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails and Toes Nail Add On

KaTink – Having a Chat (New Release!)
KaTink – Won’t Let Go (June Group Gift!)
Sitting pose – Animation in Zaara mattress (The Arcade)

Props: (All found at The Arcade)
Zaara : Palolem beach shack RARE
Zaara [Goa party] : Patchwork mattress *fuschia*
Zaara [Goa party] : Patchwork mattress *indigo*
MudHoney Gale Firepit – The Arcade
Soy. OSC- RUG – Mandala
Soy. OSC- RUG – Orange
Sari-Sari – BBQ Party – Veggie Grill RARE
Sari-Sari – BBQ Party – Beer Crate
{what next} ‘Seafarer’ Wearable Row Boat (wear)
dust bunny . life ring
dust bunny . lounging chair
Ariskea  [ Porcelain] Stack of SurfBoard

On Location: Our Home….. Shhhh.