Lights, Camera, Focus.

To The Beat of Your Heart

The photographer was ready to catch their dance in motion, into a still image.  The music they put into motion was sought for by their fans each night.  Their stage was a shorter, confined area this time, but they used what they had to work with.  They kept their dance closer than normal.  Her body was always against his; her legs wrapping and twisting. Hips and backside grazing.  Her fingers were feather-like each time she touched him.  His hands were strong and assured her he had her.  His strength resulted in her being held high and caught securely.  She could rely on his graceful movements and fluidity to her own body.  They worked as one.  The lights came on, and they were ready.  The camera flashed, and they showed everything they had to give.  They focused, on each other.


Pose: Poseidon – Entangled Couples Pose @ Pose Lover Round 5

BRODERICK is wearing:
FATEwear Pants – Eddit (HUD)

ADALYNNE is wearing:
Hair: Truth – Harmony Bun
Jewelry – JCNY Bracelet Women’s Delicate Heart Bracelet
Dead Dollz Ballet Leotard Black #4, Skirt white #7, Leg warmers #10 RARE

Caught in a Downpour


He parked the bike, shutting off the engine as he kicked the kickstand down and reached to turn the ignition off. Turning to his left to look at her behind him, he smiled, “Go ahead and hop off baby.” As she slid off the bike, he watched her long legs stretch to stand up in her red stilettos. He rolled his eyes to physically chastise himself for his constant dirty thoughts.  Sometimes he felt like an adolescent teenager for his one track mind when he was around her.  Once she was off and smoothing out her dress, he twisted his body and threw his leg over the bike.

He slid the keys into his jacket pocket, and looked up at the sky, measuring the storm that was closing in. When his eyes looked back down and met her’s, she was already smiling coyly at him with her velvet red lips. Her chin was tucked down innocently while her eyes gave away her more wicked thoughts. His lips instantly parted, sucking in some are, and he closed the distance between them.

Logical questions he planned to ask evaporated quickly into growing desire. His left hand slid around her back to hold her close as his right hand moved up her arm, over her shoulder and neck until he was cupping her face. Leaning in, his lips captured her’s and tugged at her bottom lip. He pulled away quickly and inhaled sharply. She watched her own fingernails drag up his chest…… His neck….. Tracing up his jaw and cheek. Moving in again quickly, his tongue searched for hers urgently. Once his met hers, they danced together; teeth nipping.


His breath hitched, and he growled low as he exhaled. His eyes were intense and dark as he looked back and forth from her lips to her eyes. He sucked some air in just as her fingers curled into his hair behind his neck, and he leaned into her again, needing more of her, just as the rain began to fall.

“It’s raining baby. You ok?”

“It’ll only intensify what I feel for you,” she replied breathlessly. He crushed his lips onto her’s as the drops of rain grew. A downpour now, their kiss intensified and became hungrier; dark passion growing inside of him that the weight of the rain in his jacket couldn’t even extinguish. The clap of thunder just beyond them pushed her small body against his, breaking their kiss as she curled into him, which elicited a moan from deep inside her when she felt his strength against her.

He pulled her tighter against him and closed his eyes, pressing his lips to her forehead once he felt her body jump, then shiver slightly from the thunder clap. “Shhh baby I got you. Don’t pay attention to the thunder…. It’ll pass. Focus on me. Understand?”

Her breathing calmed and her eyes looked into his with love and respect. “Yes Sir.”


“Let me feel the raindrops fallin’ down all over my love”
– Jamie Foxx – Storm (Forecast)

!bang poses: Your Confession

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shape: Custom
Skin: Redgrave Chris DeepTan
Hands: SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair: MINA Josef – Dark brown
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

Top: BlankLine Blazer and tee-shirts – Denim
Pants: [Deadwool] The Dandy Formal Trousers – White
Shoes: Redgrave Blake Loafers – Black
Rings: [ kunst ] Magnus ring (on right hand) and [ kunst ] Allegiant ring (on left hand)
Watch: Real Evil Industries – ReVoX MVX Watch A Male
Glasses: Gudshu Glasses Lauer
Tattoo: Letis TattooKoi
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries – Piercing Lip B Male, Right Eye Double Male, Left Eye Male

ADALYNNE is wearing:
Head: Genesis Lab Head Emily 2.0 Blinker Rare.. August Round
Skin: Genesis Lab Cream Milk
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Forest
Hair: Truth Hair – Delphine – Ginger
Body: Maitreya Lara v3.4

Top: -tres blah Collins Top – Crimson
Bottom: -tres blah Lovett Skirt – Black
Shoes: .:KC:. Firenze for Maitrya / Fatpack
Bracelet: JCNY – “Womens, Delicate Heart Bracelet
Earrings: **RE** Anya’s Pearls Earrings
Necklace: Tiny Trinkets {T.T} Birthstone jewel set

The Boardwalk at Southern Paradise

Lighting enhanced by the LumiPro Beta 4 System.

I Have News…


He folded the papers up again before sliding them inside his jacket, simultaneously taking a deep breath; the creases on the papers thinning from being opened and reopened often.  Before he headed into the diner, he straightened his uniform hat with both hands, then brushed his hands down the front of his jacket before he began walking to the door.

As he reached the door handle to pull it open, he caught his hand shaking.  He latched his other hand around his wrist to chastise it to behave.  After a couple of blinks, and a couple more breaths, he felt his resolve re-strengthen.

Closing his eyes a moment, reminding himself to be strong, he swung the door open, and his nostrils were immediately greeted with the smells of french fries and milkshakes.  The jukebox played a popular dance tune that inspired the light-hearted laughter from a group of dancing bodies to his right.  He stepped inside, his heels catching the attention of fellow patrons.  The dancing bodies glanced at him, carrying on without a second thought. A child nearby turned around in their seat completely to stare at him; particularly the decorations that shined and slightly clanked together on his jacket’s breast. The man behind the window into the kitchen watched and waited for the young man’s eye contact, before nodding respectfully.  He was sure a group of young ladies were smiling and giggling to his left from a booth, but that’s when he saw her…

She was serving a milkshake to a patron when her eyes found his. Their eyes finally having met, a thousand words were already inaudibly exchanged in that moment. The corners of his lips slowly lifted into a warm smile, until he could finally, fully, smile at the object that took his breaths. She was already smiling back. Her lips, eyes and the little tilt to her head were an invitation to him to tell her the world’s most priceless secrets. Her hair delicately framed her face and fell softly down her shoulders. As he reached the open seat at the counter, he thought he was keeping his face untroubled well, but she never needed to read his face…. She knew how to read his eyes. Her smile now was one of knowledge, and she turned to fetch him a cup of coffee.


A special thank you to the beautiful Adalynne Celeste Reed for posing with me 🙂

Shape – Custom
Skin – Redgrave Chris DeepTan
Hands – SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair – Redgrave Chris Hairbase
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

(Clothes and Accessories)

Uniform – Howl Military Uniform Male RARE (from Sept. 2015 Arcade)
Hat – Howl Soldier Cap RARE (from Sept. 2015 Arcade)
Medals – Howl – Medal 1, 2, 3, and 4 – common (from Sept. 2015 Arcade)
Shoes – Redgrave Blake Loafers (black)
Watch – RealEvil Industries ReVoX MVX Watch
Rings – [ kunst ] Allegiant Ring (on left hand) Magnus Ring (on right hand)

Head: Genesis_Head_Emily_2.0 Blinker Rare from August Kustom9
Skin: Genesis_ Lab_Cream_Skin from August Kustom9
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes- Forest
Hair: Clawtooth: Ruby Starlight Prize 22 Rare –Arcade
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands Casual
Tattoo: +Half-Deer+ Music Notes

Bracelet: JCNY – “Womens, Delicate Heart Bracelet
Earrings: **RE** Anya’s Pearls Earrings
Dress: -Pixicat- Bastet.Dress- White – Arcade
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique – Carrie Pumps – Crimson

(Top) KaTink – Pinned Back
(Bottom) Diesel Works – Zachary SetA7 and SetB9

(Top) – Cape Juniper
(Bottom) – Logan Studios