My Way


“I found out there weren’t too many limitations if I did it my way.”
– Johnny Cash –

BAXE Shoes Male6

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Vindicated
Glasses: [Steinwerk] – Alphabeat glasses
Jacket: BlankLine LeatherJacket [Black]
Pants: BlankLine Jeans002 [JetBlack]

LEA 27 – EVRE (until Dec. 31)

STREAMING – Frank Sinatra – My Way

Season’s… Thoughts


Well… We did it.  We didn’t have a choice, but we still got it done.  The checklist dwindled down and “as predicted,” Christmas is arriving.  Now it’s time to say, “Where did 2016 go?”

This past year has been quite a ride for me.  I’ve traveled some low valleys and ridden some high altitudes.  I’ve smiled up at sunshine and embraced storms with my arms wide open.  Not one regret.  Just a lot to be thankful for.

This crazy woman though… *smiles*


To everyone who has been a part of my life, past and present:
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
May the spirit of the season bring you happiness and a warm smile to your lips.
– Broderick –

Photo 1: Pose provided by animation from CHEZ MOI Iron Patio – Holiday
Ryanna Photo 2: BAXE Casual Chic Female 7b
Broderick Photo 2: BAXE Shoes Male 10

BRODERICK is wearing:
BlankLine Cardie with Shirts
BlankLine ColorPants [White] v1.1

RYANNA is wearing:
Shirt: [American Bazzar]  Oversized Sweater From Women’s Only Hunt {Until Dec. 24}
Pants: Blueberry  – Cake – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Cream
Hair: Magika –   Sparkle
Accessories: -SECRETS-  Sleeping Mask – Cat Pink (gacha)

Iron Patio – Holiday
Nana’s Nook – Christmas Party Trolley
Zen Creations Wooden Holiday Tree 1 and 3 @ Peace on Earth Hunt until Dec. 31
JIAN Holiday Huskies :: Adult Companion RARE @ Arcade Dec. 2016
.:TBOHome:. Twigs with Red Berries bottled lamp
[we’re CLOSED] log candles light
LISP – Mesh – Charlotte Nerd Chocolate Tea Tray with steam
Trompe Loeil – Odette Planter Corner Brown
DaD DESIGN “Sweet Dreams post” deck (custom design)

When It Comes Down To It. . .


The holidays are here!  Time to give and receive gifts!!  Wait… What?

You know it’s true though.  It’s not even a bad thing, but… What are you giving?  I’m not going to lie.  I do love gifts. *grins!*  BUT – as lovely as the unwrapped tangible item may be, what really means the most to me is that someone spent time to think about me and select something specifically.

Time… I think it comes down to time.  It’s the most expensive gift you can give someone. You can’t purchase more.  You can’t get a refund.  It can come in the form of a prayer or good thought sent out for you.  Physically spending time with you.
Listening to you.  Even putting thought into a gift for you to unwrap.

Time is precious my friends.  Waste it wisely.

Happy holidays to you and yours!!

“We have so much time and so little to do.  Strike that, reverse it.” – Roald Dahl –


Photo 1 Ryanna: BAXE Poses Casual Chic Female8
Photo 1 Broderick: Q Poses The Blues (store relocating inworld)
Photo 2: RK Poses Daydreaming

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Better Days
Shirt: A&D Shirt ~Sam~ for SLINK
Pants: REDGRAVE Navy Jeans LQM – ClassicCut
Socks: [Deadwool] Dandy socks (gift)

RYANNA is wearing: Click here to check out her blog!
Hair: Truth Ami
Outfit: Egoisme Elisa Sweater & Pants
Boots: ISON girl panic boots (black)

CHEZ MOI Xmas Potted Bushes (gacha)
CHEZ MOI Please Snuggle Box (gacha)
CHEZ MOI Cozy Christmas Rug MultiPoses
CHEZ MOI Cozy Christmas Tree w Songs
Noble Creations [NC] – Wild Rug (Beige)
JIAN Kitten Scratching Post
JIAN :: Fox
[ zerkalo ] Letters – Wall

Breathless Dance


Standing there, having just picked up his saxophone five minutes ago, he was merely running scales and simple warm-up melodies.  His own music lately seemed flat in spirit.  Since he was a young man he had come to this garden, and for some reason, good fortune, inspiration, or even clarity on life decisions came his way when he visited that spot.

After playing for over an hour, he felt the same.  No change.  Dropping his sax abruptly, he growled a moment into the space around him.  Trying not to grit his teeth at his frustration, he stared hard at his case on the ground near his feet, ready to throw his saxophone into it and pack up for home.  His thoughts, however, kept getting pulled, and in his anger he didn’t recognize what was happening.

He heard it…. A sound he couldn’t recognize and without thinking the reed touched his lips again.  Wetting it first, he felt a melody rise from deep inside of him.  He even began to sway and rock back and forth, his dance partner in his hands.  His fingers fluttered the keys, unlocking a rhythm that began to climb.  He opened his eyes, and that’s the first time he saw her, ever, but he wasn’t surprised.  She had already picked up on his cadence, and her body shivered and flowed with the song.  She was the closest she could be to his saxophone when their eyes locked.  The finale of the tune resonated in the air around them until all they were left with was the heavy breathing of their eminent longing.

Ryanna: BAXE Poses Boho Chic @ Pose Lover & Friends until Nov. 27
Broderick: Q Poses Soule Music – Mainstore Release

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hat: Couture Chapeau Stingy Brim Fedora: Blue & Brown Leather @ Menstuff Hunt until Nov. 30
Shirt: [Deadwool] Hugo shirt – black
Pants: [Deadwool] The Dandy – formal trousers -black (w/ belt)

RYANNA is wearing: Click here to check out her great blog, Trappings of a SecondLife
Dress: [Kenny Rolands]  SANA Dress -BLACK- @ Cosmopolitan
Hair:  TRUTH hair
Accessories: [evoLove] – Vintage Headpiece @ Tres Chic
[MANDALA] pearl rain jewelry set/white

CHEZ MOI Pergola Wrought Iron *Seed of Inspiration* @ The Gacha Garden until Nov. 30
CHEZ MOI Vintage Wrought Iron Table @ The Gacha Garden until Nov. 30
CHEZ MOI Vintage Wrought Iron Chair (Right) @ The Gacha Garden until Nov. 30
Noble Creations [NC] – Baroque Wall Fountain


‘Ere Reflection


“The next time you go out to a smoking party, young feller,
fill your pipe with that ‘ere reflection.”
-Charles Dickens-

BAXE Poses Just Walk Male Poses 3

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: *ARGRACE*  Gaku
Skin: -NIVARO- Norman Catwa & Slink Body Appliers 04. Lion Tone @ Men Only Monthly until Nov. 15
Suit: Zanze [ZE-Men] Drake Suit & Fur Collar @ Penumbra Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Week
Pipe: [ kunst ] – Norman pipe / polished

Good Memories

Eyes on the Prize


Having just come off his train, he was concentrating on stacking his luggage and packages.  They kept sliding off, but right when he seemed to have gotten them settled, and set the roses he bought as he stepped off of the train on top, he caught sight of long, strong legs encased in black stilettos.  They stopped about ten feet away from him, but he eyed them out of the corner of his eyes.

She sighed, and before any words could be exchanged, he looked up at her and strode right for her.  Closing the gap in three or four steps, his right hand around her waist, left up in her hair, he grabbed her hair and turned her head towards him.

BAXE Poses Just Walk Male 1

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Cheveux MO93 Hair @ Men Only Monthly until Nov. 15
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape
Suit: PRISM for MEN Leroy Outfit @ Penumbra Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Week

Truman Station at Time Portal

Not Today


He was sitting in a comfortable wing-back at the Calendar Club, puffing on a fat Cuban cigar.  He didn’t own the place, but… He owned the place.  If you were looking at him, and didn’t see the other man lean down to whisper something in his ear, you would have never known he even received any news.  Certainly not any news needing his immediate attention.

Folding the newspaper he was reading and casually leaning forward to put out his cigar, he stood up, brushing his suit straight.  He turned on his heel and flipped his Bogart style hat in his hand from off the back of his chair, before situating it on his head.  Giving a nod, no words, to his fellas, he strode towards the exit of the club.

Once outside, he popped the trunk on his La Salle, picked up his Tommy, and headed to his Deusenberg. Looking up at the blue skies as he got into the car, he thought about how he had been waiting for this opportunity for a while now.  He knew they wanted him.  His business.  His success.  Not their own, but his.

Pushing the car into drive, and speaking to the men already in his car, “Not today fellas.  Not today.”

BAXE Poses Shoes Editorial Male 3 @ Designer Showcase until Oct. 31

BRODERICK is wearing:
Suit: Egoisme ESSENTIAL – Modus Vivendi
Hat: [Deadwool] Fedora hat – black
Gun: <F-F> Tommygun

Calendar Club – 1920s, 30s and 40s Themed Art Deco Night Club

A Tall Drink


He dropped his keys in the tray by the front door, smiling and petting his dog on the head as he looked around for his greeting from the lady of the house.  Usually, a bright-eyed and warm smile was waiting for him either at the door already, or coming around the corner towards him.  Looking up from the dog, that’s when he saw a yellow post-it note stuck to the door frame, and grinned.

Walking towards it, shifting his work satchel in his right hand, he plucked the note off and read it.  “A tall drink awaits you.”  His face lit up and his eyebrows raised.  He growled a little as he stuck the note back where it was and moved to loosen his tie… You know… To relax.

Rounding the corner, there she was.  She was hunched down, almost to her knees, and…. albeit from what he could tell, quite stunning.  He watched her curves stand back up, following the graceful way her body moved as she turned, her expression obviously in thought as she tried to choose a wine for the evening.

The right corner of his mouth curled up into a small grin, watching with pride as he tried to slow his thoughts of his plans for the evening, down.  She looked like she had made a definite decision on a wine for their night, when he spoke huskily, “You look gorgeous.”  He instantly smiled, watching her place her hand on her chest a moment, startled.

“I didn’t even see you!”

He was already closing the distance between them, placing his bag on the barstool next to her purse.  She began to giggle and blush, seeing the look in his eyes, taking a step back.  She really couldn’t go anywhere, seeing as she was surrounded by glass and their piano.  Placing a hand on the bar to steady herself, she tried to compose herself.  “We have dinner plans out tonight.  You best behave.”

He walked past her, admiring the dress she had chosen for the night. “How much time do we have?” he asked firmly, standing directly behind her now, tracing his middle fingers down her arms.

There it was… The hitch in her breathing he was going for.  She tried to answer him steadily, but it came out in a breathless reply.  “An hour and a half…”

Immediately after she answered, he pulled her body to his fast and hard.  He used the top of his head to move hers to the side, exposing more of her neck.  He parted his lips to place on her, but barely did so.  His warm breath moved up from the small of her neck to behind her ear as he spoke low, holding her body in his arms now.  “Plenty of time, darling.  I’m thirsty for something tall.”


Photo 1: (Broderick) BAXE Poses Handbag Male 10 @ Pose Lover & Friends until Sept. 25th
Photo 1: (Ryanna) 8+ [octoplus] – Sexy Girl @ Pose Lover & Friends until Sept. 25th
Photo 2: :Q: Poses – Love Bite @ Pose Lover & Friends until Sept. 25th

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile:: High and Dry
Suit: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Fitted Suit – Dark Grey
Bag: -David Heather-Iman Purse/A2/Sienna – MadPeas The Interview Silver Prize

RYANNA is wearing: (Click here to visit her blog, Trappings of a SecondLife!)
Dress: TRS Design – Milly Dress Cream @ Pose Lover & Friends until Sept. 25th
Hair: *ARGRACE* AZAMI – Dark Browns
BlueMoon enterprise:  Fur Stole
necklace: Maitreya Vintage Pearl Necklace (no longer sold)

{Why Not ?} Arisaig Wine Bar
Chez Moi Fancy White Piano Multiposes
ROOST – Wine Shelf1 (Wine Cellar Set)
02 –INIA– Tik Tok GACHA -Shoulder Purse- (RARE) @ Pose Lover & Friends until Sept. 25th
Cozy Essentials {CE} Gear Clock
Howl – Wood cart 1
20aisling. Rugs
NOMAD // Silver Sphere Chandelier