Seek Peace

Anxiety – Sadness – Tiredness – Burnout – Restlessness – Irritation – Trauma – Health – Loss
A very…. short list of stresses that can impact anyone.

Take yours.
Close your eyes.
Let the water fall down over your head; the place we think and overthink.
Feel each one fall down your body with the water.
That’s it… Every last one whether listed here or not.
Over and over again until it takes each one.
Let it wash right off of you…
And down the drain.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. – Buddha

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Little Branch Bamboo Cluster
Studio Skye Wild Grass


We Know . . .

Sitting there, listening to the call for boarding, he had to blink a couple of times.  Looking up at her, he was pretty sure she was thinking similar thoughts.  Flashbacks of the good and the bad.  She confirmed it when their eyes met.

“I think we both know what we need to do, don’t you?” he asked her.

He watched her throat tighten as she tried to keep herself composed.  Eventually, she decided to nod, and not risk her voice giving way to the emotions she held at bay.

It wasn’t until their row was called to board did he realize that he was holding his breath, and inhaled deeply as he stood.  Pulling on her elbow to bring her closer, his other hand sliding up along her cheek as he looked deep in her eyes, his thumb stroking her cheek softly.  It hurt like hell, but it felt right…. and he leaned in and kissed her lovingly.

Breaking the kiss, she squeezed his arm and bent to pick up her bag.  He watched her hand her ticket to the attendant, and then out of view down the ramp to board.  Looking down at the ground, his eyes traced the path she just walked until he reached right in front of his own boots…

STREAMING: Chris Brown ft. Ariana Grande – Don’t Be Gone Too Long

<K&S> ~Break~ pose 4

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Pseudo– Airport Scene RARE
Bazar Traveler-Bag 1


His eyes opened and he inhaled his first new breath at the sound of the sealed glass door releasing to open.  It wasn’t until the krypton gas from outside hit the warm steam inside his chamber did he shiver for the first time in…… a long time.

Picking up his hand, he flexed his fingers out, spreading them wide.  It wasn’t until he moved his arm up further that he could look past the mask on his face, and see the injectors that were installed on his arms.  He kept moving his arm around, then the other, trying to pinpoint what was different.

Continuing to check out his new devices, he realized he felt…. Heavier.  Suddenly, a bubbling sound was heard and he watched whatever was in those tubes in his arms inculcate inside of his body.  Stiffening, feeling his veins turn to concrete… his organs turn to concrete… like his eyes turned, also, to concrete, forcing him to look up through the small window near him at a pair of soft eyes.

He recognized her, but the feeling of turning to stone was blocking his memory.  Shaking slightly still with the tremors of what was being injected into his body through the device affixed to his back….  She…. She was doing this to him.  Why?

STREAMING: Emelie Sandé – Hurts

<K&S> ~Chipi~ pose 2

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{anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue]

When You Don’t Have Time

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.
– Unknown –

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Seek Light

No light is brighter than wisdom.  Wisdom is the light in the world.
– Buddha –

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Take Courage

To you, I am a sin – a dangerous hole in your heart that you never had the courage to fill.  – Rune Lazuli –

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