Who Was . . . ?

Standing there, one in front of the other.  Who was guarding who?

Boy Epic – Hopeless

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His right shoulder hit the cement wall, then his left on the opposite one.  Again, twice more down the hallway as he turned down the corridor, abruptly leaning his hip and side into the crossbar handle to open the heavy metal door.

The door swung open, tapping against the metal railing, swinging back to close just as his body made it outside.  Each step down the stairs made the metal reverberate until his shoes reached the wet concrete.  His arms were still lifted up, hands near his ears trying to control the thickness of the memories in his head.

No more pain.  No more blame.  No more anger.  No more smiles.  Just…. No more.

Rag’N’Bone – Guilty

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Extent of Concern

What can I say?
When I’ve already said a lot of nothing?
Oh that’s right…
You wanted something…


“I’m moving on
I’m getting paid
I’m on my own
I had some space to deal with it
I’m moving on
It’s getting late
Go and grab someone and find a place to deal with it

Yeah, don’t even try
Can’t fuck up my vibe
Double cuppin’ in the ride
Motherfucker, don’t play with me”

Halsey: Don’t Play

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Versace On the Floor

The anticipation that they purposely prolonged between them was almost audible.  Well, it was… In the way they breathed, and the way they didn’t.  It was palpable in the the slight touches and gentle caresses.  His hand brushing her bare back as he led her up the stairs, and the way her manicured hand grazed his jaw while red lips curled into an invitation as she took the first few steps upstairs.

When they reached the landing, she simply pulled her hair up, turning her face to look at him over her slender shoulder.  No words were spoken…. They were both too afraid to utter a sound… The air may break if they did.

His hands boldly took hold of the zipper, pulling it taught with one hand and slowly lowering it with the other.  Inch by inch, her porcelain complexion displayed itself all the more.  The gown hit the floor and she wasted no time stepping out of it.  The piece she was left in, formally a clever part of the gown she wore tonight, now transformed into a lure to worship the flesh it held.

And that’s what he did, as he slid his hands around her from behind, and they sank to the floor.

STREAMING: Bruno Mars – Versace On the Floor

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Finishing both sandwiches off with his favorite honey mustard, a slice of tomato and crisp lettuce on each, he quickly resealed the jar, putting it back in the fridge and shutting it with his foot as he turned around, singing his made-up song.  Tossing the knife into the sink quickly, he stacked and grabbed the sandwiches, a folded napkin between.  He half laughed half yelled as he set the chilled bottles of water under his arm, heading back upstairs.

The wet chill touching his skin made him smirk with an idea for later.  Once he landed on the loft level, he looked at her, sitting on his bed clutching the sheet to her chest.  He just hoped the sandwiches had enough calories.

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