When he walked into the coffee shop the door chimed his arrival.  “Be right out!” called the barista.  Grinning, he took a seat at the counter, and waited with his heart pounding in his ears for her to return from the back room.  He could hear her melodious voice getting closer again, and looked down at the counter to try to control his grin from growing too much.  He was here.  No turning back.

Suddenly… Instantly…. She stepped out from the back room and as if their eyes had no other choice, they locked onto each other.  He watched her breath catch, and heard the small crate she was carrying hit the floor.  Only one man would know how to look at her like that, even if the first time ever.

He tried to find his own lost breath.  Eyes still locked on hers, he let out the only thing that dared to puff out of his lungs.  “………… Hi.”

“…… Hi.”

STREAMING: Jack & Jack – Flights

<K&S> ~No problem~ pose 2

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: ::Exile:: Jackson
Clothes: Luxe Dot-be Fashion – Mondrian Gentle Suit @ Spoonful of Sugar until Oct. 1

SOS UPDATE: Over L$1.2 million has been donated so far!  Keep goinggggg!

R2-Fashion Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo

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