Back Room

[– adult content –]

The loud bass from the party’s speakers made it hard for anyone to hear, which is why when he stepped behind her, cupping her round ass in his hands, he pressed his face in close to her ear before speaking.  Squeezing her voluptuous curves in his palms…  “Meet me in the back room.”  Now she practically heard his grin.  “The walls are see-through.  Slip out of that tight cocktail dress.  Wait for me.  You know what position I want you in.” Before he left her, leaving her with just the scent of his cologne, his fingertips dug in and raked her flesh through her beautiful dress as his teeth sank into her neck, sucking on her supple skin until his lips finally parted with her body.

She was dressed to please him, as his plus one to this business function. As she turned the corner and stepped into the back room, her hands were already bent behind her reaching for her zipper and pulling, pushing her dress down the lingerie he also requested for tonight.  She hadn’t even seen his face yet tonight, so this certainly took her by surprise.  Smirking to herself, she thought, “Then again…. Not really.”

Mood: Beyoncé – Partition (Explicit Video)

<K&S> U want me. 3 @ Mainstore Burning Desire Room

BRODERICK is wearing:
[Deadwool] Peak suit (royal) – black pin

LEYLAH is wearing:
erratic / christina lingerie


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