Smoke Fantasies [ Adult Content ]


The scent of us lingered in the air as I sat up and read through the paper.  There was a myriad of other things going on in the world around us, but all I was consumed with was what had been going on in that one room cottage for the last couple hours.

With my eyes closed, and the paper forgotten, my mind wandered to visions and glimpses of earlier.  The cigarette smoke that rose up through the air carried the frustration that was building within me… Again.  Reopening my eyes, I inhaled through the cigarette once more, but my mind replaced the smoke with graphic reminders of the taste and feel of your pert nub between my lips; my tongue tortuously… barely… gliding across the tip.

My body drops back down on the bed and my vision blurs with reverie of you on top of me.  Your body.  My hands.  Our Lips.  The sound of breathes being held and let out.  Steady movements that prolong sensation and touch.  Fast, rough, hard jerks from holding your body down as we slam together… Craving… Closer… Deeper… Needing more.

Suddenly, the fantasy sparks, like a match stricken, and my vision refocuses.  Gazing down my body, I grin slowly. “Welcome back.  I’ve been thinking of you.”



Photo 1: Del May – Let It Happen male (modified)
Photo 2: Del May – Bed Snacks male

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile::Vindicated
Glasses: [Steinwerk] – Alphabeat glasses
Tattoo: Taox Tattoo – Cillian

2 thoughts on “Smoke Fantasies [ Adult Content ]

  1. OMG Broderick! Geez!! I am going thru a rather painful break up, so this is not what I should be reading, like three times now! Stop it…….I need something sweet, nice, innocent, puppies…you get the idea………THIS is 100 Shades of Grey!! Whew…………..wowzers

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