But First, After . . .


She had done exactly what he asked.  When they finally decided they had stuff to do that day, and responsibilities to acknowledge, she got out of bed and sauntered into the kitchen to make him some coffee.  He hated it when she had to go, but he loved to watch her leave.

Now he was sitting at the table, sipping his, for now, hot coffee while he went over his to-do list and quotas to meet.  Suddenly, he noticed an extra shadow appear on the table next to his.

“Like what you see, ma’am?”

She was peering over the bench, trying to sneak up behind him, but ended up giggling when he obviously noticed her presence.  Walking around to the end of the bench, she crawled over the arm and up towards him like a cat.  His eyes widened and he set his coffee mug down, turning his body to face her.

Grinning now, his hands making their way around her waistline to hold her, he asked, “We already disobeyed the sign my love.  Coffee was indeed, not first this morning.”

She purred at him as her hands made their way up his chest, reaching his face.  She held him tenderly, and replied, “But first, coffee….. after…”


Photo 1: Animation provided by CHEZ MOI Industrial Kitchen @ BUY NOW – Online Event until Nov. 30
Photo 2: Q Poses Never Let Me Go (Mainstore Release)

BRODERICK is wearing:
…… well

Thank you to my beautiful wife, Ryanna, for posing with me.  Check out her blog here!

CHEZ MOI Industrial Kitchen @ BUY NOW – Online Event until Nov. 30
SAYO – Syndey Cafe Gacha – But First, Coffee COMMON

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