Passage or Ruins


Bayde leaned over trying to catch his breath.  He dropped the staff on the ground for a moment as his hands braced themselves on his knees.  His heart was racing and his chest heaved as he tried to suck some air into his lungs.

Whatever was chasing him back there gave him a good run.  He was given explicit instructions not to kill anything.  His rite of passage trek was one most elves took 100 or so years to train for, but Bayde’s unusual circumstance pushed him into his without much elven wisdom behind him.  He was okay with that though.  He was a resolute man…. Elf…. – regardless of what species.  His character was still the same.  Determined. Dedicated. Loyal.

He stood up, sucking in a good amount of air as he looked up towards the sun, closing his eyes a moment to soak up some energy.  Picking up his staff again, he continued walking, knowing he had to be near the ruins with the final lantern.  The lanterns were his checkpoints, each one glowing brighter as he got closer to his destination.  He already knew where his trek ended though, as the oracle he was told to seek said so.  Part of his rite of passage was to find the oracle and discover his purpose.  The oracle itself was quite vague, while it told him exactly where to go…. The ruins.  To continue to follow the lanterns the rest of the way and he would find his purpose.

He arrived at the ruins and immediately saw a fountain.  He pulled his headpeice off of his head that he was given for his trek, and leaned over, wiping the paint from his face.  Feeling the cool water wash away his long day was refreshing.  Bayde had just splashed his face with water once more when he heard…. Ori’Ziya’s voice.  “Bayde?”

He knew her voice anywhere.  He lifted his head to look in her direction, stunned.  Swallowing, his brow furrowed, not sure what to make of her being at the ruins where the oracle told him to go.  Eventually, his face softened and he smiled at her. “Ori… I… What are… you… doing here?” Something in him told him not to share what the oracle told him for now.

Watching her face, he knew her well enough to see her switch emotions.  He watched her look around and followed her eyes each time.  “What about you?” she returned. “How did you find this place?  I didn’t know you knew about it.”  Then she noticed what he was wearing and he could tell she recognized why he was dressed as he was, and what he was doing.  But why were they both at the ruins?

Bayde tilted his head to the left slightly as he stood up to his full height and walked towards her.  His lips smiled at her, but she knew how to read his eyes… And he couldn’t hide the joy he had at seeing her, although he couldn’t shake his gut feeling.  He looked down a moment as he completed closing the space between them, reaching for her hands.  He looked down at hers in his, then back up at her, a small smirk playing his lips.  “I followed the lanterns.”

Ori’Zyia finally looked happy to see him; genuinely.  He warmed towards her sudden appearance also but he was still questioning everything in his mind.  He was pretty sure she was also.  She squeezed his hands, placing one of her small ones on top of his.  She was looking up at him… He felt his gut twinge again, almost as if it were whispering, ‘Don’t tell her why you’re here. The oracle said not to.’

“My father put you up to this, didn’t he?  Did he send you out to the wilds?”

Bayde’s face slowly fell.  What did she mean?  Why would her father put him up to anything.  He searched her face, trying to read her.  Usually they could speak to each other in utter silence, but something was different this time.  Bayde swallowed, and blinked a few times, and ended up looking out in the woods around them.  When he came to look back at her he spoke sternly.  Perhaps more so than he meant to.  Even accusingly, “I was told to search for and follow the lanterns.  To find the oracle and….. ” He was already saying too much, he felt, so he stopped talking and just looked at her.

Ori slowly shook her head, her eyes looking back into his.  She looked… joyous to see him, now. “Is it you?  Are you the one who’s going to help me with my dreams?”

Bayde furrowed his brows. “Dreams?  What dreams?”  He honestly wasn’t sure… But the oracle did just tell him he would find his purpose at the ruins.  It’s why he lit up when he saw her.  But help with dreams?  Just then he heard, out of nowhere, the squawks of dozens of ravens.  Where they came from so suddenly he was unsure, but he pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her.  Admittedly, he was hoping for something more to help him…. He was the one who had only been an elf for the past year; previously human until Ori’Ziya’s tear fell upon his dying body when she found him a year ago.  In fact, he was desperately desiring some guidance.  He kept an eye on the ravens above them.  Their sudden appearance sat in the back of his mind behind why the two of them were at the ruins at the same time.  He looked down at the woman he cared about.  She was unique; like no other person he had ever met; regardless of species.  He had no doubts they were destined to meet, but his purpose…..

He felt her push closer to him, which only made him hold her more securely.  Then he heard her say, “I’m glad it was you, Bayde, who I found here.”


Photo 1: oOo Studio Guy Four
Photo 2: Q Poses – The Protector

BRODERICK is wearing:
On Chest: [BODY FACTORY] Gladiator ArmouR (Brown) Gold @ We Love Roleplay until Oct. 31
Bottom: [BODY FACTORY] Roman Bottom (Brown) @ We Love Roleplay until Oct. 31
On Arm: [BODY FACTORY] Illusion Knife Bracelet (Brown)
On Head: Noble Creations [NC] – Nganga Mask – Male @ We Love Roleplay until Oct. 31
Holding: Noble Creations [NC] – Nganga Snake Staff @ We Love Roleplay until Oct. 31
Tattoo: Taox Tattoo – Cillian
Face Paint: Zombie Suicide :Z.S: War Paint #1

RYANNA is wearing: (Click here to read her side of the story!)
Outfit: .Una. Sofia  @ We Oct. 31}
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/   Kai
Shoes: =Zenith= Wood Elf Ranger Leather Long Boots (Begie)-Maitreya
Necklace: *May’s Soul* Africa necklace gold
Other Accessories: .Una. Elena Jewelry GoldRed (crown and shoulder piece)

Noble Creations [NC] – Oriental Lantern
Mushilu. – Forest ruins. @ We Oct. 31}
Little Branch LB HoneyMesquite.v2{Seasons}

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