He stepped into her dressing room, and closed the door quietly.  He leaned against the door and crossed one foot over the other, then his arms, and studied her; smiling all the while.  She was oblivious to his presence right now.  He enjoyed the candid mannerisms he observed as she checked her dress, and slipped on a necklace; clasping it behind her neck.  He was about to speak up, when he realized she was now looking at her hand.  The hand bearing the ring he gave her about 24 hours ago.

“Can you see the future in that thing yet?” he joked, pushing off of his stance and walking towards her at the closet.  His eyes didn’t move from her.  He rather liked watching her skin flush.

“It’s just new.  I can look at it if I want,” she quipped at him with a beautiful grin; her eyes following him in the mirror.

He leaned against the closet now, his body mimicking his earlier position; just reflected.  She turned side to side, now presenting her complete outfit to him.  “What do you think?  Will this suffice for your next surprise, Sir?”


God she was beautiful…  He stepped closer, watching a blush rise to her cheeks again as she turned, leaning against the mirror.  He slowly picked up her hand with the ring, his eyes lifting to hers with a mischievous fire sparking.  She knew that look, and she began to giggle softly, shaking her head.  “Oh no…. No…. We have a schedule to keep!  You need to behave!”

He growled…. Turning to a moan as he regrettably turned and began to pull her towards the door.  “Yes. You’re right. You’re right.”

She gave him a soft smile; almost apologetic, but her words were full of sarcasm to tease.  “Time to work on your priorities…”

He had just opened the door to allow her to walk through, but he stopped…. Pausing… His eyes rolling up in his head.  He kicked the door closed and turned to her quickly, in time to hear her gasp.  He yanked her to him, and grinned wickedly.  Slowly, as he bent to kiss her bare shoulder, he told her, “Then allow me to show you the order of priority.”


Photo 1: Provided by Dutchie mid century mirror closet PG animation
Photo 2: Provided by Dutchie mid century mirror closet PG animation
Photo 3: [ evoLove ] – Wedding – Shoulder Kiss

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile:: High and Dry
Top: //Ascend// Ian Cardigan with Shirt @ Men Only Monthly until Oct. 15
Bottoms: //Ascend// Johny Casual Pants / Deep sea – Slink
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Allen Shoes Black w/ Sock HUD

RYANNA is wearing: (Click here to check out her blog, Trappings of a SecondLife!)
Dress: !:Lybra:! Joanie Babyblue @ Retro Rewing
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *SANDRA* @ Tres Chic
Shoes: *KC|Couture* –  MINA
Necklace: Spyralle Blossom Necklace  @ ReVamped {until  Oct 20 }

Dutchie mid century mirror closet PG
Dutchie mid century vanity L
Dutchie NIght in Shinagawa by Negoro Raizan
Dutchie Man and woman in green by Yo Sugano
Dutchie Man and woman in grey by Yo Sugano
Dutchie Make-up by Hashiguchi Goyo
Dutchie 2 paintings of the Shinobazu pond by Kasamatsu Shiro – Linked
Trompe Loeil – Josette Settee
07 Fancy Decor: Ramses Chandelier
LISP – Mesh – Faded Summer Rug – Cafe Cream
{anc} mannequin. paper 4Li
[Ginger Line] Tailor Mannequin

6 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Oh my goodness Broderick! Your writing just puts me into a spell and a romantic world all its own. I am so thrilled at this new happiness and future that awaits you both. I hope you find time to continue to write (winks, at your priorities!). But we the readers will totally understand! Just don’t make us wait TO long. All laughter aside, I sincerely with all my heart wish you both a blessed, and happy life ahead. Be kind to each other, communicate, have patience and above all…….be best friends! 🙂


    • Such wonderful and true words (all of them… *coughs*). 😉 Thank you very much for your lovely friendship Charly. You are a marvelous encourager and you always put a smile on my face…. Sometimes a grin!


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