What is it about the still of the night?
The quiet sound of the apartment breathing…
The air crisp and chill in the vacant loft.

Mostly darkness; just the city night lights and a soft glow.
No distractions here…
A visual haven from the bustle of your day.

The rain outside layering down like a blanket.
To sit, and watch, and listen, and feel, and breathe…
Quiet…  Shh…

Peace and serenity like a buzz hit you.
It’s okay…
Give in.  Relax.  Shh…

[PR] Poses – Hang Loose @ Pose Lover & Friends until Sept. 25th

BRODERICK is wearing:
Tattoo: UrbanStreet SoulFire Tattoo
Watch: [Deadwool] Nuvolari chronograph

{Why Not ?} Figurine Candle Stand White
Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – The Lofty Sky Apartment (Rare) (from past event)
DRD Chesterfield Couch Single

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