Hell’s Satire


“Dammit!” he growled out loud to himself.  The Devil was sitting at his large desk inside of his office with the door closed.  He was blowing on his coffee, trying to cool it off.  He kept peeking his head to the left, rolling in his overly large office chair, craning his neck to see if Ky’lar was watching him.  She couldn’t find out he enjoyed cold coffee, let alone, could somehow make it cold.  It started out hot… But one day he was so busy working he forgot to drink his coffee, only to take a sip from it hours later to find the magical nectar was…. cool!   Since then, he was addicted.  Or maybe just busy…

Half an hour later, The Devil got bored and decided he needed a break from doing nothing.  Time to harass his favorite prize, Ky’lar.  He delighted in the notoriety of having his very own succubus pet.  Daily, his haters grew from jealousy.  He was very popular and admired.  Many wanted to know his secret so they could be hated as much also.  The crazy thing was, although he tricked her, the fact that it worked surprised him as much as it did Ky’lar that beautiful blazing day.

Swinging the door open, he strut right over to her desk.  Oh… He knew he looked…. Hot.  “If you could get to work, that’d be great……,” The Devil said, pausing with a short bout of déjà vu.  “I got a quota to fill!”

Oooo… There it was.  That look she gave him.  It’d melt him, if he could melt.  It was a pointed glare, just for him. “There’s nothing happening up there.  The guys are bored.”

“Bored?” The Devil snorted.  “They’ve got to raise Hell.  That’s what we do.”  She was glancing at his cup of Joe, to which he moved away  from her.  He was pretty sure she was beginning to wonder why she wasn’t allowed to make or touch his coffee mug.  “You do remember how to do that, right?  My little  docile demon?”

The look on her face… She loved his quips.  Probably because he was always right.  Ky’lar pushed back from the desk, a sly little smile working on her lips.  She swayed her hips, walking around her desk towards him.  Thankfully she couldn’t see him gulp.  “You know… Devil…”  Her voice had changed to a hypnotic melody, and he wondered if she knew it worked a little bit.  “Remove my bonds, and I can bring you a wealth of souls.”

The tattoo markings on her body are what bound her to her home there with him.  Smiling coyly at her, turning into a mocking laugh, “How many other Devils, beside THE Devil, can say they have a succubus for a pet?”  He put his cup down, out of her reach.  “No, no, darling… This arrangement is too much fun.”


Photo 1: (Ryanna) [evoLove] – Secretary 1 @ Exposé
Photo 1: (Broderick) Poseidon Poses – Coffee M6
Photo 2: BAXE Poses – Our Style @ Miles of Memories

BRODERICK is wearing:
Mask: Noble Creations [NC] – The Witch King Hood and Mask
Shirt: [Deadwool] Hugo shirt – black
Jacket: [Deadwool] The Dandy – jacket – black
Pants: [Deadwool] The Dandy – formal trousers -black (w/ belt)
Cloak: FATEplay Cloak – Kollo – Midnight
Shoes:  REDGRAVE Blake Loafers – black

RYANNA is wearing: (Click here for her “version”) 😉
Dress: Asteria – Milena Asymmetric Drape Dress [ Black ]
Asteria – Milena Bra – Panties – Fabric Ivory
Skin / Wings / horns: // ABADDON ARTS \\ DEMON
Hair: Magika – Five Minutes
.ARISE. Blind Eyes / Aqua
.ARISE. Metallic Face Sticker / Silver
Tattoo: [Pin Up] Serena in White @ ReVamped September

PPK Medieval Desk
[Noble Creations] – Krampus Dark Desk
[Noble Creations] – Old Bookcase
Dragon Magick Wares Happy Dragon Statue @ SOS Festival

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