A Night to Last


She felt led… She was at the benefit gala for the preservation of such a fine piece of history that evening, and felt inclined to peruse the artifacts on display.  The room that the artifacts were in was empty of guests at the moment.  The guests were all participating in the steady flow of champagne and the unspoken contest of who brought the most money to donate to be silently crowned “most generous.”

She was interested in the ship; sure.  The rich history and sadness of it’s passengers fate enthralled many across the world for a century now.  Tonight though, she couldn’t explain what she felt.  It was like her heart was impressed with a radar heartbeat, and since arriving to the gala, it was turned on.

The tale of the man who showed people their heart’s desire sounded like a fairtytale to her when she was younger.  Now that she was grown up, it seemed a publicity stunt to keep interested investors excited about the preservation.  Yet, here she was.

Surprised by her own quickened footsteps as she rounded one corner, then turned another.  Suddenly, right after turning around yet another, she halted.  Eyes wide, then squinting straight in front of her.  She swore…. She swore she saw…. No…. She shook her head in disbelief and almost turned right then and there to head back for more champagne, until she heard the whistling.

Four even steps until she was able to round the corner, and her heart pressed against the front of her chest to the internal sound of a music box halting to stop.  There he stood!  She saw him!  That had to be the man from the stories.


Smiling at her, she even  heard him. “Hello…. I’ve been waiting for you.  This way please,” and he turned around to head up the stairs.  She hadn’t moved, and he noticed, looking back at her again.  Even though she was shocked, she felt eerily at ease.  He smiled warmly at her again, “Come…. I have great things to show you.”

Taking a deep breath, and before her brain clicked to think a functional thought, she was walking towards him.  He only walked ahead of her to encourage her journey up the stairs, but when they reached the first landing, he stepped to the side and waited for her.

When she reached where he stood, their eyes met.  His eyes were inviting, and a beautiful glacier blue hue.  Any part of him she tried to stare at for any length of time though seemed to fade until she averted her eyes; then he would reappear in his transparent presence again.  His tuxedo glistened with the pearlescent scales of the sea, and she swore she felt the wetness of the shore washing across her shoes.  She tried to look at him again, because she caught something…. He exuded sincere encouragement towards the sole, or soul, purpose of the entire mystery, but something was…. forlorn…

… No one ever looked at him like that.  Did she see him?  There was no way.  No one has ever looked at him with unglazed eyes before.  This was what he thought was his monotonous destiny.  Something on the second landing caught his attention, and for once…. For once in a century, now, he saw his own heart’s desire.  Quickly his eyes flitted back to hers, and he realized…  Realized he felt… Like his heart was beating inside of his chest and was being beckoned.  His lips twitched at the right corner of his mouth until he could smile warmly at her, his shoulders rising and falling with a renewed beat.  He raised his left hand before them both, and repeated, his voice filled with familiarity that they both recognized, “Come… I have great things to show you.”


Photo 1 & 2 Baxe Just Walk male Pose 8 @ Pose Lover & Friends Event (August 12-28th):
Photo 3: (Ryanna) an lar [poses] The Kayelle Series @ Shiny Shabby (until Sept. 15th)
Photo 3: (Broderick) Baxe Just Walk male Pose 10 @ Pose Lover & Friends Event (August 12-28th)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: *ARGRACE* SHUN – Ebony
Outfit: Cog & Fleur Shipwrecked Ghost Tuxedo @ LoveFest 2016 (until August 24th)

RYANNA is wearing: (Check out her blog! Trappings Of A SecondLife)
Dress: Petite Mort– Merlot Cabaret velvet dress @ LoveFest 2016 (until August 24th)
Hair: Analog Dog – deborah – LIGHT BROWNS

A Night to Remember
AMAZING inworld museum experience!  Don’t miss this!!  ESPECIALLY if you’re a Titanic geek

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