Trippin’ (to Indie Teepee)


Been a busy day today… Shoot, a busy week!  But the time is finally here for an event that many of us have been looking forward to since the last one ended.

Indie Teepee!

I had the privilege to sneak in with my early access pass,
and have a sneak peak for you though.

Why is Indie Teepee something to get excited about?
Usually, we get excited about the sale events when creators put out exclusives.
Indie Teepee is different though because it’s an ACTUAL event!  I swear I felt like I was on a RL festival ground  while I was there.
Could even smell the turkey legs and powdered sugar.

Indie Teepee will showcase creators for shopping, live music, theater, improv performances, a game show, a fashion show and even the Guerilla Burlesque dancers!

Where can you find the information at? – Definitely visit. Schedule. Map. Sponsors, and more! – Share your photos and see what others have done! – Another great resource to check out the happenings!

When does it open?  July 8 at MIDNIGHT SLT.
When you land, be sure to pick up your Map HUD, and free gifts!

Had a take a shot of me floating around on my Hippy Beetle Balloon by Poisoned Diamond (sold at the event), next to one of my favorite things so far at the sim…
Signage!  The event is organized!

As for the LM – Gotta wait! Coming soon, but you just be ready.
(NOW you can have it 😉 )


Poisoned Diamond – Beetle Ballon Blue @ Indie Teepee 2016

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