Cleaning Up


He spent the day landscaping.  New house. New place.  New landscaping.  It was a warm day.  He was tired and the use of his new outdoor tub and shower put a smile on his face.

Reaching behind his head, he pulled his shirt over and off, tossing it on a nearby rock.  He leaned over the tub to turn on the water to fill the tub.  The salt and sand from the beach he was working on earlier that day was resting on top of his skin, and he felt the fatigue of the sun set in.  He wasn’t a bath guy, but something about soaking in his new, polished tub with his newest espionage book sounded relaxing at the moment.

The moment he felt the wind gently blow across the water he jolted awake.  Having dozed off, now sitting in much cooler water, he shivered a moment and picked up his soggy book.  Pulling his lips to the corner of his mouth, he tossed it over by his towel, and turned on the shower.


Sighing as he pulled the plug on the tub, he stood to step under the shower head and rubbed the water over his face, feeling the grit from the salt and sand wash away, and his body re-awaken.  He leaned against the wall and dropped his head, closing his eyes and letting the water wash over him.  He couldn’t help but think that it was like stress….. The beads of water droplets rolling off of his back.  If only it were that easy.

Turning around and washing the rest of him down, he looked about.  There’s something in the freedom of being out in the open.  Especially on a bright day with the sun shining.  Even in the shadows though, you can still see, or at the very least, detect the presence of something there.  The sun may hide behind the clouds for a time too, providing temporary shade to things…. But the clouds move, always.  Things come to light.


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BRODERICK is wearing:
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CHEZ MOI Rock Garden Bath Fancy – EXCLUSIVE @ BUY NOW Event
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4 thoughts on “Cleaning Up

  1. Im glad to hear your clouds are moving and the sun is shining brightly down. Now if I was ever rich, (don’t want to be, but…..) I would so love to have an outdoor bath with shower like that one! Ohhh bliss. Guess ill have to surfice with a plastic kiddy pool and my always trusted hose! Grins. Love this story, and again love that sun is shining down on you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you my friend! Sorry it got a little bumpy there but that’s just the way this ride gets. Haha. And I’d love an outdoor bath like this too! No shame in the kiddy pool! Thank you again Charly. 😉


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