The deep frown on his brow gave away the fact that his thoughts had weight.  The kind that begins to weigh on you physically despite no amount of sleep that you get.

It was like he was a branch on a Christmas tree… One by one an ornament was being hung on his stem.  Eventually, each ornament made the branch sag.  Some of the ornaments were older ones with history and memories.  Some needed repair.  Some were brand new and shiny.  Others were heavier than others.  It was like being adorned with baggage.  It was supposed to look beautiful, but the branch couldn’t hold it all up.

He pressed the dial button on his phone and got the voicemail again.  Same greeting message, and he left pretty much the same message as well.  Each one he tried to word differently.  Say it differently.  Sound different.  Maybe being different would get through this time.

Closing his eyes, he saw himself.  He saw himself as all the words that echoed in his head.  Stimulants smoothed the image out if he let it, but he could still always feel what the image had to say like a branding on his soul.  Can’t he just try again?  Would his soul let him?

His conscience was laced with regret and longing.  The unspoken of his heart thumping on his brain.  Being misunderstood was beginning to feel like his sealed fate.


Photo 1: .Swirl Poses – Dude 2 @ Sir Monthly (May)
Photo 2: .Swirl Poses – Dude 1 @ Sir Monthly (May)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry
Shirt: American Bazaar [AB] Mike Polo Plum @ Sir Monthly (May)
Pants: Redgrave Classic Cut LQM Jeans – navy
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots (black)
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Watch: [ kunst ] – Sentinel cuff & watch
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Left Eye Male
Phone: [Studio 15] iPhone6s

Mystical Falls


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