Out to Brunch


Callum was leaning against the fence, waiting…. As usual.  He could’ve finished his daily chores by now, but no…. They told him to meet him in front of the main house precisely at 11am.  For some reason, he thinks the pair delighted in making his eyes roll.

Lo and behold, nearly thirty minutes later, there they were, strolling and chuckling as they made their way towards him down the dirt road.  He yelled out, holding his hands out to his sides, “What happened to 11am?!”

“We made it, didn’t we?” replied Ellisande, with a smirk tugging on the corners of her lips.  She waved a hand between herself and Lily, her shawl beginning to slip down her shoulders.  “We saw something delightful on the way down and simply had to have a look.”

Now he simply smiled adoringly at them, as he laid one of his one liners out there. “Did you both come across a mirror?”

Lily was quick with a comeback as she adjusted the flower in her hair.  “Oh we didn’t start laughing until we saw you.  You look so cute when you’re aggravated.”  Callum just rolled his eyes, offering them each their own arm.  “We’re late for lunch, ladies”

Adding this here to share a wonderful experience at River’s Song Restaurant, owned by Starr Wulluf.  Our afternoon was filled with a beautiful atmosphere, friendly staff, and a memorable brunch.


POSES (left to right):
Lily (Deva Westland): Glitter Poses – Back 4 Series 2 @ Current Round of Pose Lover
Callum (Broderick): KlubWerk Poses Homme 2 @ Current Round of Pose Lover
Ellisande (Ryanna Foxclaw): The Muse Poses – Elia 01 @ Current Round of Pose Lover

BRODERICK is wearing:
Top: *{Junbug}* .-. Heathcliff .-. Rake’s Waistcoat [Black]
Trousers: *{Junbug}* .-. Heathcliff .-. Rake’s Trousers [Grey Tweed]
Shoes: [Phunk] Vintage Wingtip Shoes

RYANNA is wearing (visit her blog too!):
Gown: *{Junbug}* Betty’s Gown [Vintage Floral Unicorn]
Wrap: *{Junbug}* Vintage Fur Wrap in Snow White
Hair: Magika [01] Habit
Necklace: Son!a Cabaret Jewlery Silver/Gold Onyx

DEVA is wearing:
Hair: Emotions Lottee @ Current Round of Cosmopolitan
Gown: *{Junbug}* Miss Evelyn [Pinstripe]

Beaumont Grove

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