Man’s Best Friend


The humidity was fierce when he landed.  That half an hour in the air felt good as he flew to a small town to gather supplies.  He traveled there at least once a week to stock up on the few things he didn’t have growing in some way or able to be made around his home. that was nestled in the rainforest just outside of Alter do Chao, Brazil.

Sliding out of his glider, he leaned back in to unstrap the backpack that held his purchases.  Broderick slung the backpack over his head and walked around the plane towards his front porch.  He smiled proudly once he saw his dog Hugo sitting there.  Hugo was his year old Great Dane, and his best friend.


Hugo stayed sitting, but his eyes and tail betrayed his play-it-cool exterior.  He was excited to see his human; tail wagging frantically showing he was ready to properly greet his owner, by dog standards.  Hugo’s eyes tried not to look at Broderick because it was just too tempting to leap for him.  If he didn’t make eye contact, he could contain some of his excitement until his owner gave him the command.

Broderick grinned at his dog, and reached behind him into his backpack where he had packed away a special capybara bone for his boy.  It was neatly wrapped, but he could see a bit of roasted meat still on the large bone.  Smirking at his clever friend, he began to unwrap the bone.  He watched Hugo pretend to not be interested.  The dog even turned his head away, but his eyes kept looking back at his owner and the bone; drool beginning to drip from his large jowls.



Once the bone was unwrapped, he waved it in the air some, filling the air with the aroma of the roasted capybara bone.  “Let’s see Hugo…. You happier to see me?  Or, the bone?” and then Broderick quickly turned, and threw the bone towards the water and dock.  He grinned big watching his dog change his mind about what he wanted more as Hugo shot past him after the bone. Chuckling as he walked, lighting a cigarette he pulled form his shirt pocket, he saw his Great Dane get lost in the grass as he dove for his treat.  Popping his head up above the grass again, he trotted back to his owner.  Broderick leaned down patting his dog on the side of his chest a few times as they continued to walk to the dock.  Hugo stopped at the bottom of the stairs and dropped the bone.  Sitting down with his dog, wanting to be close to his best friend, he patted Hugo’s chest again and looked out across the water past the dock.

“See out there Hugo?  Past where you can see, there’s a bunch of shit we ain’t gotta deal with.”


Photo 1: Aerial Poses & Props – His Poses 2 – Pose 11 (modified)
Photo 2: Aerial Poses & Props – His poses 2 – Pose 20
Photo 3 & 4: Serendipity Poses Serene 2 @ Current Round 9 of Pose Lover

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jon – Black&Whites05
Shirt: Sabotage – ..S..: Desert Jacket – Camo @ Current Round TMD
Pants: Redgrave Rider Jeans – Used
Boots: Redgrave Rider Boots Men – Brown
Hat: Noble Creations – [NC] Aviator Hat – Brown
Backpack: Noble Creations – [NC] Adventure Backpack
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries Left Eye Male

House: DaD DESIGN “Sun Forest Cottage” @ Current Round Shiny Shabby
Plane: Chez Moi Wearable Ultralight Planes Gacha – Army RARE @ Current Round The Gacha Garden
Tool Boxes: Garbaggio // Rolling Tool Box – Red (Prior Arcade Gacha)
Air Pump: Consignment – [Con.] The Garage Collection – Air Inflator – Red (Prior Arcade Gacha)
Gas Pump: Consignment – [Con.] The Garage Collection – Gas Pump – Red (Prior Arcade Gacha)
Deck: DaD DESIGN “Sweet Dreams Modular Dock & Pier” @ Current Round FaMESHed
Lawn Chairs: MOoH! Lawn chair broken Red flower and Weave Sun @ Current Round The Clubhouse Gacha
Dog: My Dog…. Hugo 😉

4 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. Has to be my fave story to date. If the world could love the way a dog does, it would truly be paradise! Extremely well written……….tissues, I need tissues!


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