Pushing Limits


He stretched; arms extended above his head as his legs jutted out like they were stiff to wake his muscles up.  Once he got that initial stretch out he relaxed, lazily, on the bed; his hand rested on his abdomen through the open shirt.  Turning his head, he looked out the open door of the cabin, and realized he had no idea what time it was, but it had to be close…

When he had arrived at the cabin initially, he was so exhausted he dropped to the bed mid-undress, and ended up falling asleep as was for hours.  Raising his torso to sit up on the edge of the bed, he rubbed down his face a moment to wake up.  The air was crisp, and the temperature obviously dropped some as there was now a chill in the air.  Yawning, he stood up, and stretched again.

Making his way to the doorway, he looked outside to find any sign of  her.  His gaze fell into more of a daydream, staring in one single spot as he envisioned her walking towards him.  His eyes closed eventually and he saw her completely….. Her shapely legs coming towards him in heeled sandals… a short cotton dress.  She was classic then, despite her corporate world norm.  His mouth began to water as his eyes roamed further up… Watching her hips saunter towards him.


His vision fast-fowarded, and she was there… In his arms…. His hands in her hair, cradling her face as their lips crushed together.  His entire body stirred.  She lit him up from his core, and the wave reverberated straight to the edge of his skin.  He didn’t even have to think about it.  He had her pinned against the door frame.  Her breath caught and her eyes filled with excitement.  That familiar rush surging through her body, making her crave his touch.  His hands pulled her wrists behind her back where he clutched them in his left hand alone. When he pulled down, her shoulders fell back and opened her neck up to him, which he quickly took advantage of. She pushed her body against his, leg pushing between his own. His lips closed around the small of her neck…. When he heard her moan, he felt his body respond and he leaned into her more.

Nearly tipping over, he woke out of his reverie….. He blinked some….. And moaned…. Realizing… Coming to…. His eyes rolled as he gained his wits, thankful for the loose clothing…. He looked back at the bed, and grinned.  She better fucking hurry.  Every passing minute earned a count…. If he could keep her mind close enough to keep count.


Photo 1: Aerial – His Poses 2 – Pose 14 @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 2: Aerial – His Poses 2 – Pose 15 @ Round 7 of Pose Lover
Photo 3: Aerial – His Poses 2 – Pose 12 @ Round 7 of Pose Lover

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry Blacks
Shirt: Gabriel Pants in Denim Shirt – white
Pants: Gabriel Loose Belt Pants (for shirt) – black
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant (L) and Magnus (R) Rings


4 thoughts on “Pushing Limits

  1. Whew……..runs to the bathroom and quickly splashes COLD water on my face! is there a continued story somewhere! You know us girls and all this lovey romance stuff………..ice I need ice. Images are fantastic, writing is excellence! Now where is that ice!


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