I Work Alone


Landing on the rooftop; stealth, the only sound the folding of his cape as gravity pulled it back down.  His eyes scanned the area in an instant, and although he didn’t see her yet, he knew she was already there and could see him.  “I told you I didn’t need your help,” he bellowed to the darkness.

Suddenly, the darkness moved gracefully, eventually forming the outline of a lithe cat-like woman.  “Who said you needed to ask?” she sung back to him as she revealed herself next to him.  The duo sized each other up a moment, before his jaw unclenched some finally, and she gave a swing of her hips, resting her hand on top as she smiled at him.


“I’ve told you before… I work alone,” he growled at her.  He began to move past her but she caught his arm.  His eyes sharply cut over to look at her sternly, but softened as soon as he saw her expression.  “Sometimes, you have to realize the hero needs help too.”  His gaze saddened, and she could feel his stance wane under her hand too.  She didn’t want to let go of his arm.  She marveled in the fact that he was still letting her.  They both knew he could quite easily brush her off.

“There’s no reason for you to endanger yourself too.  Leave me be,” he replied as he moved again, jumping on top of the ledge and perched himself on atop a gargoyle statue.  He hunched over, surveying the city he protected.

She knew his mind could not be changed with further words, and she slinked back into shadows.  She also knew that he knew she would always be there for him, whether he wanted her to be or not.  Sometimes, the hero needed a hero.

“There cannot be true despair without hope.”
– The Dark Knight Rises –


POSES for Broderick:
Photo 1: An Lar Poses The Dapper Series – One
Photo 2: ::Poseidon:: Lady D1

BRODERICK is wearing:
Costume: -TK- Batman Dark Knight

HANIA AMIDST is wearing: (Special thanks to my friend for the idea concept and inspiration! Check out her FLickr!)
Altamura Stefany body and skin
Eyes: IKON Triumph Silverleaf
Hat: NS:: Miau Girl Outfit
Body Suit, guns and shoes are from [ADN] CATWOMAN 2 (MESH OUTFIT)
Hair: *ARGRACE* TAMAKI – Dark Browns

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