Odd Fellow


Flipping his silk top hat in the air, he tucked it back under his arm, continuing to stroll down the street.  The click of his cane hitting the pavement every other step would give way to the gadgetry inside if an expert of….. whatever…. were to listen closely.  He never wore his top hat on his head either.  He would, however, flip it back up in his hand to pretend to lift it off his head as he greeted a passerby.

Nonchalantly, he rounded the corner of a gate, entering a small park area.  When he arrived for some reason, pigeons didn’t leave the area like they would with others.  He studied the pigeons pecking at the paper on ground a moment.  Suddenly, the placid smile that was on his face slowly faded, but his eyes grew wider.  He bent on the ground, but just with his hands and the toes of his spotless shoes. Tilting his head, he brushed a pigeon to the side, his eyebrows shooting up once again. “No shit….,” he exclaimed, leaving off the rest of the saying.  The picture in the black and white newsprint that the pigeon’s claw was tapping at, in an un-pigeonlike manner, showed his client’s alibi to be sound, according to the date on the paper.  What a newspaper print, with this exact information on it, from 7 years ago, was doing in his path…. He never questioned that.  Things just fell in his lap like that sometimes.  Standing up again, he folded the newspaper page neatly, slipping it inside the silken pocket of his new suit.  He smiled at a pretty young lady as she passed by, once again, raising his top hat to her and tucking it back under his arm.  He greeted her with “Pip pip cheerio!” He wasn’t English.  He wasn’t even in England.  Strange fellow.

“Never theorize before you have data.
Invariably, you end up twisting facts to suit theories,
instead of theories to suit facts.”
– Sherlock Holmes –


Photo 1: Le Poppycock *Coxcomb* (gacha)
Photo 2: Le Poppycock *Discriminating Taste* (gacha)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile Traveler (blacks)
Suit: [KR] Kenny Rolands Manfredi Costume Silk (light blue)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek Mesh Allen Shoes – Black
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant (L) and Magnus (R) Rings
Monocle: TBF Monocle
Hat: A&A Top Hat Basic

Paris Je T’aime

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