Score of a Lifetime


His face was trying not to scowl as he stood there waiting.  Ten minutes past 5pm and Ms. Fox still had not shown up.  “This will be the last time I trust ANYONE,” he growled to himself, before his face quickly lit up to smile at a gorgeous brunette walking into the foyer.  He was following the shift of her gown as her legs moved further towards the casino.  Glancing up, he smiled at her again when he noticed her head turned, still looking back at him.  Just then, he was considering moving in without her.  Time was being wasted and the doors would be closed soon.  Pushing off the banister with his foot, he looked up one more time before he would leave the spot, and there she was, descending the stairs.

The green silk kicked out with each step she made her way down, and he worked hard to suppress his eye roll.  “Are you ready, Mr. Curtis?” she asked, her expression playful.  She knew he was annoyed.  “What the hell happened to 5pm, on the dot?  Don’t be late?” he retorted.  She replied, “And you weren’t late,” patting his cheek as she reached the landing, and him.

He rolled his eyes in an attempt to keep them from popping out, turning away from her with a silent huff. He held up his arm for her to take, and as they walked into the casino, his mind quickly tried to think of his backup plans in case she wasn’t going to stick to the agreement.  The activity in the room was loud, already filled with thunderous cheers and dealers calling results of dice, roulette balls and various card games.  His eyes were quickly scanning tables and hands… gestures… facial expressions and even partners paired up at tables.  Once he felt he had sized up the room, he looked to Ms. Fox, nodded, adjusting his tie again and headed straight for the ten-thousand buy-in table.  It was time to perform.



Photo 1: Shi.S Rent a Gigolo @ Pose Lover Round 6
Photo 2: Shi.S Spectre Pose @ Pose Lover Round 6

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: Exile High & Dry Blacks
Jacket: Deadwool Peak Suit (wool) – light grey
Pants: Deadwool Peak suit (wool) – light grey
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant (L) and Magnus (R) Rings

RYANNA is wearing (Check out her blog!):
Dress: {Junbug} Instant Crush Olive
Jewelry : *LightStar-Tear Drops-Gold Sapphire @ FairPlay – April
Belt: Maxi Gossamer – Hip Chain – Liliane
Stole: GizzA – Fur Stole / Women [Brown
Hair: AD – molly – DARK BROWNS

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