Wanting Her to Misbehave


He arrived home a little later than expected, kicking off his shoes at the door.  But that was okay…. He knew that if she wanted what she desired, she’d be waiting for him just as he instructed.   As he ascended the stairs, he caught glimpse of her in the bedroom, not as he told her to be waiting.  She was on the bed, lounging around, and he rolled his eyes.  She’d have to pay for that…..

Quietly dropping the bag at the top of the stairs, he unzipped it and reached in, pulling out the new crop.  The new leather smell filled his nostrils and he walked to the door frame, pulling his t-shirt over his shoulder and head, dropping it near the bag and quietly observing….. Mmmm… Naughty girl…. He grinned as he closed his eyes, inhaling, and opening his eyes as he exhaled.  Time to teach her a lesson that they’d both enjoy.



Tattoo: Taox Tattoo and Cloth – CillianSLink Applier at The Jewelry and Accessories Expo 2/26 – 3/3
Necklace: Urban Wealth Cross/Circle Charm Necklace – Silver at The Jewelry and Accessories Expo 2/26 – 3/3

Location: Southern Paradise







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