An Angel on Earth


He slid into the booth at the diner and immediately began to wiggle his left foot back and forth nervously.  It was nearing closing time, and she was the only waitress on duty now.  That meant he would have to talk to her.

He heard the rolling of her skates nearing, and and the pop of her bubble gum as she approached his table.  “Hey sugar. Did’ja get ‘ta look ovah tha menu?”  He swallowed hard, his foot wiggling faster and he shook slightly as he stammered out, “Just… Just a cheeseburger, fries and malt please.”  She leaned down grinning at him, chewing the bubble gum in her mouth, and tilted her head to look at him.  “What’d you say cutie?”


He looked up slowly, and talked himself through each motion until he was confident enough to look in her green eyes.  “A cheeseburger, fries and chocolate malt please.”  She smiled warmly at him, popped her bubble gum and stood up straight again.  She was rolling in place on her skates as she wrote his order down.  She gave him an adorable grin and a wink before she rolled off behind the counter to slip the order to the chef.

When she rolled back with his malt, she heard him humming a tune, and asked, “What’s that you’re hummin’?”  He looked up a little startled, not knowing she was standing there listening to him.  “Oh… Just… a… um….”  As he kept stammering she saw the guitar pick in his fingers and gasped, “Oh my gosh!  Do you play?  How many songs do you know?  Do you write your own?  Can you play for me? I just love a guitar man!”


She scooted into the booth with him immediately, uninvited.  He sort of froze…. Shocked.  She picked up his hands and began to inspect his fingers. “Oh yeah… Definitely a guitar man…” Then she turned to him, her shoulder rolled and she bat her eyelashes.  “C’mon now Mr. Guitar Man….. Play me something?  Please?”  He was already smiling….. He would have laughed nervously too if music wasn’t the one area he felt the most confident.

“Okay…. Sure…. Let me grab my guitar.”  He dashed out the diner, practically tripping over himself out the door, and grabbed his guitar out of the trunk of his Chevy, and ran back inside.  Once through the doors, he almost slipped but caught himself, and tried to play it off cool.  She his her smile behind her hand and giggled at him, while he just grinned silly at her.  Propping the guitar between his arms, he began to strum the strings, followed by the smooth deep tones of his voice as he sang a well known song from the radio to her.  “Earth Angel…. Earth Angel… Will you be mine?  My darling dear… Love you all the time.  I’m just a fool… A fool in love…. With you….”


Her demeanor changed immediately as she stood from the booth, enchanted with his voice.  Their eyes never left each other’s until they were on the floor, curled up together.  Finishing the song, “I fell…. for you… And I knew… The vision of your love; loveliness.  I hope, and I pray, that someday I’ll be the vision of your happy…. happiness.”

The moment he finished the song, the jukebox began to play the same song, and they stood, staring into each other’s eyes.  They moved slowly together; her in his arms.  Turns out, sometimes the geeky, shy guy can be the man a woman wants afterall.

– The End –


Photo 1 & 2: Included in the Chez Moi Bench (at this round of
Photo 3: Nanika – Romance with Guitar – Round 4 of Pose Lover (Feb. 13-26)
Photo 4 & 5: Glamrus – Red – Round 4 of Pose Lover (Feb. 13-26)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shape: Custom
Body: SLink Physique Male Mesh Body
Ears: [Mandala] Simple Ears
Skin: Redgrave Chris DeepTan w/ SLink appliers
Hair: Truth – Jon – Black&Whites05
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

Cardigan: [MotiAme] Cardigan with Square End Tie
Pants: HauteMonde Couture – Summertime Chinos – Dust (I own these :D)
Shoes: Redgrave Blake Loafers – Camel
Glasses – Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape
Rings: [ kunst ] Allegiant (L) and Magnus (R) Rings

ADALYNNE is wearing:
Head: Genesis_Head_Emily_2.0 Blinker Rare.. Kustom9 August Round
Skin: Genesis_ Lab_Cream_Milk
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes- Forest
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sadie – gingers
Body: Maitreya Lara v3.4

Bubble Gum: Pink Fuel – Yum Bubblegum!
Bracelet – JCNY Womens, Delicate Heart Bracelet
Outfit: C&F Roacadollies Outfits Bundle 2 – Black
Skates: N-Core Scates “retro”

Chez Moi 50’s Glam Sofa Diner – Tres Chic (Beginning Feb 17th)

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