His demons welcomed him with open arms made of blades and smiles dripping of acid once he let go of what he never held on to.  He stood out from the others in line for their next assignment.  Reading his mission, he inhaled sharply, holding his breath as he stared at the words a moment.  He knew it would be this.  There were easier tasks…. But what would be the point in that?  Picking up the .45 off of the table full of more creative weapons, he flew off.  He went as far as he could.


Once he arrived, his wings shifted the debris on the ground next to him in a gust of air.  He looked up in the direction of the harsh caw of the crows flying away, thinking to himself, “Even they didn’t want to be around me.”  Just as he began to sigh and roll his eyes, he heard laughing right behind him.  Turning quickly, he saw the figure and target of his mission.  His eyes widened and he lept to his right once he caught glimpse of what looked like shining shurikens coming for him.  He pulled the trigger of his weapon as he lept, his wings taking him up higher.  Once he blinked, his target was gone, but the blades of the stars going past him snickered with a cold hissing sound, cutting into him.

There was no PA system, but he heard as loudly as if there was one, “Mission Target Failed…… AGAIN.”  There was no punishment doled out.  It was implemented from within like a serum injection that started in his head, and ate his heart.  He winced and convulsed as his thoughts branded him in a slow persecution that spelled out his name.

All that was left was his staggered breathing and the weight of his identity.
How much does worthlessness weigh?


Photo 1: Nanika – Pose Man with Gun from Pose Lover Event (round 3 – runs until Feb. 3)
Photo 2: Zipi Poses – Feelings Pose 1 –  from Pose Lover Event (round 3 – runs until Feb. 3)
Photo 3: String Me Up – Travis Pose 3 from Pose Lover Event (round 3 – runs until Feb. 3)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shape: Custom
Body: SLink Physique Male Mesh Body
Ears: [Mandala] Simple Ears
Skin: Redgrave Chris DeepTan w/ SLink appliers
Hair: Exile Traveler – Black
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

Jacket: FashionNatic – Norman Spiked Jacket
Pants: Zed – Mesh Lace-Up Black Leather Stovepipe Pants
Boots: Hoorenbeek Mesh Military Boots – Black
Rings: Formanails – Design – PUNK
Watch: Real Evil Industries – ReVoX MVX Watch A Male
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries – Left Eye Male, Lip B, Nose A, Undereye L and R
Cigarette: [ kunst ] Cigarette
Face Tattoo 1: Corvus: Murder Face Tattoo
Face Tattoo 2: Corvus Bullet Hole Tattoo
Gun: Okari IMI Desert Eagle 1.2
Wings: Corvus Mesh Wings Bloody Black

On Location:
Lost Town – La Citta’ Perduta – Land of Glory

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