It’s a Date


As he slid down the hill for a second time that day, he thought back to the note in his pocket. Yesterday he had checked the mailbox they began using as a playful way to communicate together at their special spot in the woods. He smiled when he reached into the mailbox, reopening the piece of paper to see she had answered his question.

“Meet me here for lunch tomorrow? Check yes or no.”  Her small check had ticked the square next to the word ‘yes.’

The sled stopped in the thick snow at the bottom of the hill, and he began to unload the tied down basket carrying some blankets and their lunch. He kept the hot chocolate, soup, and his famous, homemade, gooey butter cookies in the basket for when she arrived.


Once he had everything set up, he sat down on the sled to relax.  Breathing in the cold air, he looked around….  His face slowly curved into a grin, and he leaned forward, scooping some snow into his gloved hands; packing it into a tight snowball.  Looking up, he felt the cool air hit his eyes as he blinked, and smiled, waiting for the woman who captured his heart to receive his “present.”

Just then, he could hear the soft crunch of snow being pressed down in rhythmic steps.  Smirking, he pulled his right arm back…. As soon as she rounded the corner…. *SPLAT!*…. Right on the side of her neck.  His grin was instant; proud of himself… Then he saw the look on her face, and his grin slowly sank….. And braced himself.  Why didn’t he think ahead enough to know she wasn’t going to just laugh too, but get him back?  Oh how he grinned…. This was going to be a fun game.


Sled Poses: Provided in the Chez Moi Sleigh
Standing Pose: Provided by the LUMIPro HUD

BRODERICK is wearing:
Shape: Custom
Skin: Redgrave Chris DeepTan
Hair: Included with Hat by [INK] Chino Cadet Cap – Mocha-1 (Gacha) @TMD Current Dec. Round
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

Top: BlankLine Winter Coat [Black] @ TMD Current Dec. Round
Pants: BlankLine Fitted Jeans Pants [Dark] @ TMD Current Dec. Round
Shoes: BlankLine Searcher Boots (Gacha – RARE) @ TMD Current Dec. Round
Gloves: JD Gloves Man – Olive (Gacha) @ TMD Current Dec. Round
Watch: Real Evil Industries – ReVoX MVX Watch A Male
Glasses: Gudshu Glasses Lauer
Facial Piercings: Real Evil Industries – Piercing Lip B Male, Right Eye Double Male, Left Eye Male

Chez Moi Sleigh
Chez Moi Winter Mailbox Gift – Free Group Gift this month!
Chez Moi Please Snuggle Box (XMas Gacha)
Chez Moi Snowball Fight Sign (XMas Gacha)
Chez Moi XMas Rug RARE (XMas Gacha)

Location:  Barn at Southern Paradise
Lighting enhanced by the LumiPro 2016

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