*Press Release* LUMIPro 2016 is here!

I had the pleasure of being selected as a beta tester for the newest release, out TODAY, December 12th!  Here are some of the new features you will find in the updated LUMIPro HUD.  (Which, I might take the time to go ahead and add – you get lifetime updates on your HUD when you purchase their system!  Can’t-beat-that!!)

Lighting enhanced below using the LUMIPro Beta system, of my stunning girlfriend, Adalynne Reed.



After months and months of hard work Stefan and the LUMIPro team are happy to finally present LUMIPro 2016! We not only have all the features you have come to expect, but here is what is new:

• A whole new preset system! Not only can you save your favorite lighting presets, but you can also save your pose, your eye position, and your camera! Talk about possibilities!
• You can now pose up to 8 models, including yourself! It looks like it is time for some great group shots.
• The sit ball now has it’s very own control right from the hud! No more giving up that perfect angle to re position your model.
• The backup server has been completely reworked! Now you can choose what you want to save or restore whether it be presets, poses, or both.
• You can now turn off all your lights with just one click of the handy power button!
• We have 50 new animations from some of the best pose designers in Second Life!
• We also now have 28 gobos!
• And much more!

Stefan spent countless hours reworking, an already amazing hud, to give our users the best experience possible. We not only want LUMIPro to be your go to tool for amazing lighting control, but for all your photography needs. This release would not have been possible without the help of our amazing beta testers. We also had a great gobo designer, TexasRob McRae. Some of the best pose designers in Second Life have also allowed us to add 50 new poses! These designers include IMAGE ESSENTIALS, Katink, {NANTRA}, …: Something New :…, and Variposa.

So how can existing users get their hands on the newness, you ask. On December 12th just wear your hud and it should automatically send you the newest version. Are you not an owner yet? Don’t worry! You will be able to try a fully functioning demo in our sales gallery. Never forget updates are always free if you own LUMIPro!


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