Tiny Insight


He slowly exhaled as his boots crunched through the remaining woods before the field clearing.  Pausing, he looked around.  “Said it was one of these…..,” he muttered to himself.  He began looking from tree to tree before taking strides to look around better.  As soon as he reached the middle of the field, he paused again, tilting his head at the sounds of…. a jingling of some sort.  He waited to hear the sound again, looked around cautiously, then went about finding the tree he needed again.

A couple steps later, he heard the same jingling sound, and turned quickly, looking about.  “Hello?”  His eyes looked around for signs of movement…. Grass rustling.  Tree leaves moving more than others… He took his time searching the area about 10 yards in front of him, when he finally shook his head, turned around quickly, and suddenly was pushed down….. Followed by… giggling?


His face immediately wrinkling with rage, looking quickly for his offender.  As soon as his head reached above the meadow grass, he was face to face with….. He tilted his head, his face no longer enraged, but rather, perplexed.  He raised an eyebrow and found his voice.  “Hell….o…… Who…… What are you?”  The figure giggled again, and he wanted to be mad… He really did… But before he could even realize it, he was smiling… genuinely.


He thinks quickly, remembering his reason for traveling to this place, “Hey!  Perhaps you can help me…. If you can even understand me….” He trails off, realizing perhaps the fairy figure may not understand him.  He tries anyway.  “I’m looking for a tree.  It has wisdom… It… is…wisdom?  I’m not completely sure, but I MUST ask it something important.”

The fae never stopped smiling at him.  Her eyes twinkled, her very aura glittered and her smile eased the stress he was feeling from his day.  She was beginning to fly away, and he panicked.  Shuffling to his feet, he fell again as he reached for her.  She giggled at him again, and instead of his usual scowl he’d give someone for laughing at his plight, he found himself grinning.  She was moving higher again, and he went to grab her, easing his grip as soon as he realized how strongly he grasped for her.


She simply smiled, and poked him on his forehead gently with the tip of her forefinger.  “You need to let it go.”  She nodded at him, her face as serious as he had seen in their short meeting, and he found himself nodding in agreement.  As soon as his mind arrived at the conclusion of what she told him, she had slipped fully out of his grasp, and was fluttering away… giggling.


A very special thank you to my dear friend, Ryanna Foxclaw for inviting me to pose with her.  Please be sure to check out her amazing blog, Trappings of a SecondLife, for some more amazing photography and wonderful writing.


Shape – Custom
Skin – Redgrave Chris DeepTan
Hands – SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair – Truth Jon – Black&Whites05
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

(Clothes and Accessories)

Costume – Yasum Vintage Suit Size 2*Male*EPIC
Piercings – RealEvil Industries Male Box
Rings – [ kunst ] Allegiant Ring (on left hand) Magnus Ring (on right hand)


Dress: !gO! Meera dress
Hair : ””D!va“” Hair “Nene”
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Steel Blue


Wings: –AZUL– Pepeke Wing
[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Mellow Silver w/eyeshadows @ On9
Violent Seduction – Unicorn Shoes (White)


KaTink: Lifting You up

One thought on “Tiny Insight

  1. You do not know me………I have seen u many times in the past but not so much anymore but i do look at your work often. I had no idea that you also write stories or maybe they are self reflection. I would love to talk to you about taking photographs of my little girl Olivia and I.

    Second Life …………..Dawn OHanlon


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