Time to Get Up and Move


“I’m feeling like a star, you can’t stop my shine
I’m loving cloud nine, my head’s in the sky.
I’m solo, I’m riding solo”
– Jason Derulo – Solo –

Yeesh…. What a….. When was the last time I posted?  It’s been a while; and a lot of changes in my SL.

Moving along has meant several things to me recently.  It’s meant “One day at a time,” “Time heals all wounds,” as well as “Move along Broderick… Keep your mouth shut, and move along.”

When a gentleman is faced with decisions regarding his own heart, he may act in ways that don’t make sense to those around him.  (I’m sure you ladies could weigh in on this as well, but… I’m just going to speak on behalf of…. myself).  Then there are times a gentleman is faced with an option to speak truth; blunt, cold, hard, truth.  At that point, he has to weigh it….. (After… he’s cooled off; trust me).  Who benefits from it?  Does it accomplish the end result he TRULY desires?  Is he acting out of reaction, or pain, even?  Good questions to ask, gentleman.

In the end, remember who YOU are, my friends.  Walk through every emotion you have to, and take…. your…. time, on the things concerning your heart, gentlemen.  Stand for something.  Live by the words you say and speak to others.  Most of all…. Have some f’in fun.

And thank and be thankful for those who stood by you, unconditionally.


Skin – Redgrave Chris DeepTan/03 unshaved
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord
Shape – Custom
Hands – SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair – Redgrave CHRIS – Black (edited to fit fedora)
Hat – Couture Chapeau Essex Linen Fedora (white)
Shoes & Socks – Hoorenbeek Mesh Allen Shoes (black) w/Foot
Pants & Belt – Hoorenbeek Mesh Fitted Suits Pants (grey) Regular Buckle
Shirt – Redgrave Tank Top – Salt
Watch – RealEvil Industries ReVoX MVX Watch – Male
Piercings – RealEvil Industries – Piercing Lip A Male, Piercing Lip B Male, Piercings Right Eye Double Male, Piercing Left Eye Male
Tattoos – [Arms] Bohocomo. sleeves tattoo [Chest] Letis Tattoo ::Koi:: 75%

Poses: DenimAtions MJ1 and MJ6

Location: Logan Studios

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