Get Off Your Derrière

Steps In Time

Steps In Time

“What counts more than luck is determination and perseverance. If the talent is there, it will come through. Don’t be too impatient. Stick at it. That’s my advice. You have to plug away, keep thinking up new ideas. If one doesn’t work, try another.”
― Fred Astaire

Such true words.  As a beginning blogger, I can understand  how the above quote was formed.  Just like starting any foreign project, there is that initial novice stage.  When you do anything, really, doubt can creep in.  You can question your ability.  Your wisdom.  Your gut.  Your talent.  Your motives.

I’m not so much a man that believes in ‘luck’ as much as I do ’cause and effect.’  However, there is that small amount of fate; that magical, unexplainable moment.  Most can relate this to falling in love.  It can also relate to instant or fast success.  Luck is not reliant though.  It comes out of nowhere and unannounced.  To be depend on luck is foolish.

Determination and perseverance are two qualities that have a pre-requisite.  Patience.  Mmmm… Everyone’s favorite word, right?  Obstacles will stand in your way.  Emergencies will pop up.  People may say negative things, and put doubt in your head.  That’s when you must replay in your mind; as a mantra if you must; WHY you are doing what you’re doing.  Then, on the way to accomplishing your task, or even dream, create realistic goals for yourself.  Checkpoints so you can gain momentum, and for those times when you begin to doubt, you can pause, look back, and see what you HAVE accomplished thus far.

Now…, get off your derrière, and put action to your thoughts and words!

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

“And that love that wrinkles your nose touches my foolish heart.” - Fred Astaire

“And that love that wrinkles your nose touches my foolish heart.” – Fred Astaire


Suit – .::Fascino::. Astair Suit (includes hat)
Shoes –  Redgrave Classic Loafers – Black
Hair – ::Exile:: High and Dry – Black
Glasses – Gudshu Glasses – Lauer


Dress – Morea – Delinda
Shoes – Shey – Eva Stilettos
Hair – Amacci Hair – Viola (Natural Brown)
Jewelry – Earthstones Diamond Tennis Set


[Captivity Co.] Poses – Just Dance
KaTink – This Moment

Location: Club Noir Jazz & Swing Club

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