The Journey of Exploring


I believe we as people go through seasons, and none are ever truly the same.  As each season of our life passes, it is it’s own journey.  Our backpack, carry on, luggage (whatever you use!) can be the wisdom that you learn from the prior journeys (keyword: “can”).

While exploring isn’t always about following a route; in fact, it’s usually quite random; we can still find ourselves lost, or in situations or areas that are not what we wanted to experience.  Sometimes, you can just back up and walk away the same way you approached it.  Other times, you can’t, and you have to work through the obstacles that are now on your path.

I’d like to think I’m continuously learning about myself.  If I’m the smartest man in the room, I’m in the wrong room, right? The more I learn about myself, the more I find out I need to accept that I will fail.  I will disappoint others.  Expecting perfection out of anyone, myself included, is simply unrealistic.

This week, I learned I’m almost as smart as I look. *grins*


Suit – [ Hoorenbeek ] Mesh Fitted Double Breasted Suit – White
Hat – Couture Chapeau Essex Fedora – White
Shoes – [Deadwool] Dandy Shoes – Black/Silver Wingtip – TMD April Round

Pose – Repose – Swagger #5 – The Pose Fair

Location – Venice

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