The Gentleman’s Basics

Stepping Out

A modern gentleman is a gentleman who recognizes that the traditions, customs, and manners of old are not obsolete.  A modern gentleman is sure of himself enough to know he can be comfortable in his own skin, even if that feeling is uncomfortable.

I could make a list of do’s and don’ts, rules, or standards to follow, but I believe every man must make his own conclusions.  A true gentleman is not fabricated.  He’s bred.  (Now, I’m not saying that future posts won’t mention some more specific topics).

A gentleman’s closet should reflect his personality.  I dare say, it should say something about himself, that speaks of him, without him having to utter a word.  A major piece to a gentleman’s wardrobe is his tuxedo.  I am asked quite often where I shop; 98% of the time by women.  (So men… take the hint!).

Gentleman, I’ll leave you with this.  Reflect on the outside, what is on the inside, but don’t you dare be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  I’ll kick your…. *clears his throat and straightens his tie, then smiles*

Hair – ::Exile:: High and Dry
Eyeglasses – Gudshu Glasses – Lauer
Tuxedo – [ Hoorenbeek ] Mesh Townsend Tuxedo – Loose Bowtie #1 w/ Vest
Shoes – Redgrave Classic Loafers – Black
Pose – KaTink Dylan #9


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